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BIO1000H-2019_Information source types and evaluating them


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Brief guide to information resource types and key points to evaluate information sources.

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BIO1000H-2019_Information source types and evaluating them

  2. 2. Information resource types POPULAR INFORMATION SOURCE Audience: general public Purpose: ◦ Entertain ◦ Inform ◦ Persuade Not peer reviewed / not checked by experts SCHOLARLY INFORMATION SOURCE Audience: researching community Purpose: ◦ To advance knowledge ◦ To report on research findings Checked by experts for the research field Reliable, authoritative
  3. 3. Information resource types … Books … ◦ Comprehensive coverage of a topic ◦ Bibliographic elements ◦ Author/s, title, year and place of publication, publisher ◦ Reference materials: ◦ concise and authoritative information ◦ A good place to start when exploring on new topic
  4. 4. Information resource types … Books … ◦ Reference materials … ◦ Dictionaries: Henderson's dictionary of biology, ◦ Encyclopaedias Access Science, Encyclopaedia of cell biology, Oxford Reference
  5. 5. Information resource types … Journal Articles ◦ Report of current research findings compiled in a journal ◦ Most journals are checked by subject experts before publishing: peer reviewed ◦ Bibliographic elements ◦ Author/s, year, article title, journal title, volume, issues/parts, page numbers / article numbers, permanent identifier
  6. 6. Evaluating Information Resources
  7. 7. Evaluating information sources Basic criteria ◦ Authority: Who is the author? Who published it? ◦ Accuracy or Quality: is the information research based? Peer reviewed? ◦ Objectivity: What is the purpose? Who are the intended audience? ◦ Currency: How current is the source? ◦ Coverage: what is the scope of the content: time period, geography? …
  8. 8. Thank You For more information Library guides: BIO1004F - Biological Diversity or Biological Sciences Library guide For consultation & specific query: email me at or use Ask a Librarian facility