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  1. 1. With all of the options out there on the market, it is tough to decide what is the best Android tablet currently out there for consumers. However, the results are in, and the best Android powered tablet currently out there on the market is the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle Fire is more affordable, lightweight, and smaller than all other Android powered tablets on the market.Android tablets
  2. 2. Building on what made it a household name, the Kindle Fire has thousandsupon thousands of books, childrens stories, magazines, and graphic novelsavailable for purchase and download The difference from the oldergenerations of Kindles, however, is that they are now all available in glorious,vibrant color Gone is the plain black and white style, the Kindle Fire now has ahigh-definition display on par with the most expensive tablets on the market todate
  3. 3. No longer is the Kindle brand synonymous with just reading books With thistablet, you can download all of your favorite apps right to the tablet with easeThousands of popular apps and games, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, andPandora have never looked or played better on the tablets color display
  4. 4. The app marketplace has something for everyone Unlike most other tabletsavailable to consumers, it is one of the cheapest Android powered devices youwill find Priced at just $199, this tablet is within the price range of manyconsumers, as opposed to other tablets such as the iPad 3, whose highest endmodel is priced at $899
  5. 5. It is hard to find such an affordable and reliable tablet that can match up tothis one One of the biggest selling points of the Kindle Fire is the ability tostore all of your purchased apps, movies, television shows, books and otherreading material on the Amazon Cloud The very best part of this feature isthat it comes absolutely free and is packaged in with the tablet
  6. 6. Unlike other companies that make you pay for cloud storage, you wont haveto pay an extra cent for this feature Those who are willing to spend the extramoney and become Amazon Prime Members will certainly get their moneysworth By signing up to become an Amazon Prime Member, you will be able toenjoy unlimited, instant streaming on thousands of popular movies and TVshows
  7. 7. Additionally, Prime Members have the ability to choose from over a hundredthousand books to borrow, absolutely free The best part is that the money yousave from purchasing the super affordable tablet can certainly go towards anAmazon Prime membership if you are interested Overall, there is no betterAndroid powered tablet available on the market than the Amazon Kindle Fire
  8. 8. Featuring an amazing color display, thousands of great apps, a veryaffordable price, cloud storage, and great additional options for PrimeMembers; it will give you the most bang for your buck, without a doubt If youare looking to purchase an Android tablet, look no further than the AmazonKindle Fire for all of your needs
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