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  1. 1. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a termgiven by hosting companies and it refers to a virtual machine. Today it’s the best alternative to a dedicated server and you can avail all the features and services thatof a dedicated server with very low price. As we all know public always demands the best features and service with low price. There are thousands of companies online but you need to be wise in selecting a hosting provider for your website. Choosing a good hosting provider is an extremely important decision that you willmake, but before that you need to consider many factors that are crucial prior to choosing a good hosting solution online. Just by choosing a cheap VPS server hosting is not enough, it may create many trouble for you in future. Therefore, points that are needed to be considered are
  2. 2. security, Level of management, datatransfer, and price. All should be considered as whenever choosing your hosting provider. VPS is for those persons who wants to make their online presence, expansion of business with high traffic and are not ready to pay high price. VPS means a physical server is distributed into several virtually partitioned servers. Each server is in a physical server has its own operating system. It may be Linux or Windows. Normally public buy windows for GUI interface. As we know each server is separate from each other therefore it may be rebooted easily and at your wish. Owing to this advantage hosting companies are selling VPS to clients at extremely cheap prices. And also the clients are benefiting a lot from this.unix hosting
  3. 3. Some good features of the cheapest VPS hosting: •Perhaps thebest feature is the low cost of setup Three cheap VPS server hosting canbe set up with the price of a dedicated unix hosting server With samefeatures and services •Several websites may be hosted on the sameserver
  4. 4. It cannot be done in a shared hosting and shall be costlier if it is on adedicated server •Higher control and better management whencompared to shared hosting •As according to your requirements youmay customize your server and also you can download and installapplications as and when you need them •The uptime you get isextremely important, never compromise on your uptime otherwise it’sof no use to take a cheap VPS server
  5. 5. •To prevent downtime VPS hosting maintains a level of isolation•As on demand of the user a VPS may be scaled up and down•A cheap VPS server hosting offers a rapid access to recover fromdisaster when compared to a dedicated server Because of the fact that aVPS can be backed up into an image
  6. 6. A VPS server hosting is more robust and much more flexible incomparisons to a dedicated hosting or shared hosting services Choose atrusted and a cheap VPS hosting provider with your required servicesand according to your future needs About Author A is requiredfor hosting your websites and to get high traffic along with proper growthof your business cheap-vps-hostin-g
  7. 7. com is a VPS hosting company in India provides every possible supportto your server and free consulting on any information regarding the Tostay ahead in the competition and to get a reliable and a cheap VPShosting get in touch with us: http://www cheap-vps-hostin-g com/
  8. 8. unix hosting