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  1. 1. The following includes over forty weight loss tips forshedding pounds. If you can add as many of these tips to your daily agenda as possible, you will certainly be well on the way to a slimmer, more healthy you.lower ping tweaks
  2. 2. Getting fat does not happen quickly, so you need to give weight loss time Bepatient and persistent and you should notice a difference fairly quick, if youdont give up Dispense with one big spoon of fat a day and youll lose tenpounds within a year Pay particular attention to how hungry you are when youhave a coffee break Aerobic means any exercise that boosts your respiringand heart rate Walking is great! Its probably best to start slow and work yourway up to more strenuous exericse
  3. 3. Bit by bit increase the frequency and length of the exercise routines Giveyourself a non-food reward for each five pounds lost Take longer eating sothat meals are taking 20 minutes at the minimum You might try sipping waterbetween bites or eating with your left hand (if you are right handed) Ratherthan eating out for lunch during the work week, carry your food from home aminimum of three times a week Begin to strength train two times a week asyour fitness develops
  4. 4. Cut back on carbs and stick to fish and lean meat, and you can noticemassive enhancements here Stop gorging yourself while watching TV Havesomebody else put away leftovers Invest in a good fat free, low-caloriecookery book or mag subscription Try two new reduced-calorie recipes amonth Vital - Eat breakfast every day
  5. 5. This quells the hunger for the majority of the day lower ping tweaks and givesfuel for the brain while at the office or taking care of the kids! Eating cerealmade of reduced fat for breakfast will help you feel better and give youincreased energy for the entire day Try not to read while eating If you prefer,have a sweet treat once every week Confine your cheese consumption tolower fat and saturated fat Buy cheese and lunch meat with less than 5 gramsof fat per ounce Eat smaller meals more frequently, and dont eat just beforebedtime
  6. 6. Add calorie counting or fat-gram counting to your food diary for two weeks ifyour weight loss is lagging Perhaps you are not seeing something Substitutespices and herbs for salt Dont avoid the protein in your diet, but find a leanerreplacement Eat 3 vegetables a day Ask that that your friends and familyrespect your effort to lose weight and get fit
  7. 7. Increase your fiber intake and choose whole-grain bread, cereals and pastaproducts, legumes, and uncooked veggies and fruit Ask how the food is madewhen ordering in an cafe Select reduced fat frozen yogurt or frozen juice barsrather than ice cream If you travel, take a jump rope or pair of walking shoesin order to continue with your exercises Buy frozen diet dinners with 10 gramsof fat or less and eight hundred mg of sodium or less
  8. 8. Use 2 whites of the eggs in baking rather than one full egg Stretch during TVcommercials, doing circles, leg lifts, head leans, and so on Discontinue usingbutter on your popcorn or rolls Learn how to say no gracefully when a pal orrelative offers you a 2nd helping Request less cheese
  9. 9. If you make a mistake and slip up, dont feel guilty Instead, next time choosethe healthy alternative As long as you live with these you will lose weightStart with a couple or more and keep adding the rest of these tips to your dailylife and do not give up
  10. 10. lower ping tweaks