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The Industrial Pull N


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The Industrial Pull N

  1. 1. The Industrial Pull NBlankets of excellent skiing conditions include industrialbanks that include nothing at all.Soot insures banking institutions of riverthat moves dim as well as dirty ,through smoke included banking institutions.that wind round industrial plant life.empty of individuals engrossed in smoke.Filling all banking institutions broke and alone.Smoky, metal riveted containers lazy withmesh barbequed house windows flap turn.Speckled concrete grows crazy carrot,chicory pokes through also.Long walls swing roundabandoned out there source ,stoppingdoorlessporchlessboxes from access.Gold enamel pimp person sways thinlyon Joker club wall structure.Picks tooth cleanwith black-eyed womansdoor important.Blankets of excellent skiing conditions includeindustrial banking institutions.Banks which cover nothing at all butempty riveted containers withmesh barbequed house windows flap turn..Poetry selection by simply Makwawai 2010
  2. 2. East part -- Flint, mi -- the state of hawaii roadsdumpdump