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  1. 1. Real estate of India is experiencing massivegrowth and it is amazing that foreign investors have also selected properties of India toinvest in. Punjab is a renowned state and it isone of the most industrialized states of India. Due to mushrooming of various commercialestablishments, Mohali has become the most preferred destinations for those who want to work in a peaceful location. It has developed a lot in recent past years. Chandigarh is awell-planned city with excellent infrastructure. Mohali is well-connected to various locations of Punjab. Real estate builders have created commercial and residential complexes in Chandigarh and Mohali. Apart fromChandigarh, Mohali also offers wide range ofaccommodation starting from lower prices up to higher ones. Internet is an ideal source ifanyone wants to look for properties in Mohali and Chandigarh. Multinational companies, KPOs, BPOs and automobile companies have targeted these two places for their
  2. 2. operational offices. Distance between thesetwo location is short and it takes few minutes to reach Mohali from Chandigarh and likewise. Due to increase in population, demand of residential areas has remarkably increased in Mohali and Chandigarh.cercacasa
  3. 3. Although there are limitless means of transportation such as buses,rickshaws, autos, taxis and many more, Metro train project is expected tostart in upcoming time Through that, every person will be allowed toroamwithin three places of tricity i e Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula
  4. 4. Chandigarh has reputed hotels such as Taj, Mount view, cercacasa JWMarriot, Shivalik and these hotels have world-class and high-qualityamenities for tourists Areas such as Mohali and Chandigarh are freefrom pollution Investors purchase houses which are in poor condition,they invest some money in fixing, repairing and maintaining and sellthese houses at high rates
  5. 5. In this way, they are earning lot of money Citizens of Mohali andChandigarh take help from real estate agents for selling or buying houses Realtors of Chandigarh and Mohali are capable in making theprocess of home selling or buying simple and uncomplicated
  6. 6. They believe in providing efficient and satisfactory services to clientsDuring a trip to Chandigarh, one can enjoy by watching the most beautifuland prominent sites like Rose garden, Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, etcThere is no dearth of colleges and schools in Chandigarh and that is whyoverseas students come there to study and furthermore, it has tranquilenvironment which is suitable for every individual
  7. 7. Several politicians and business tycoons have chosen Chandigarh andMohali to live permanently as they get an opportunity to live hassle-freelives in serene areas Both these locations have multiple BHKapartments, villas, bungalows, penthouses and independent houseswhich combine luxury and comfort Living in these locations is proving tobe blissful experience for large number of people
  8. 8. Real estate agents of Mohali and Chandigarh are reliable and they haveimmense knowledge about real estate market of surrounding areas Ifsomeone wants to take full pleasure of his life by living in serene location, would be a stupendous option
  9. 9. cercacasa