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  1. 1. If you are considering the purchase of new décor, there are excellent reasons to buy American antique furniture. Antiques provide a charm and uniqueness that is truly unsurpassable by contemporary designs. The benefits of buying an antique are that they are very affordable and reduce negative impacts on the environment. Not to mention that the experience of purchasing American antique furniture can be more memorable than a Saturday afternoon visit to the nearest chain-store. Antiques are becoming a popular way to decorate the home and its no surprise as to why this market is trending.green furniture
  2. 2. Antiques are Affordable In this economy many consumers are trying to cutcosts Even though antiques are less expensive than their contemporarycounterparts, buying antique furniture really does not come at any sacrificeAntiques furnishings have been created with durable, quality craftsmanshipSome antiques that are available from 100-300 years ago include: •Bookcases • Sofas • Bed Sets • Armoires • Cabinets Not only areantiques cost-effective but they can offer a piece of history and a story forevery room in the home
  3. 3. Guests will want to know their country of origin and how old they are This isan excellent way to engage visitors in interesting conversation TheEnvironmentally Friendly Choice Antique furnishings reduce the consumerscarbon footprint This is made possible by reducing waste in the landfills
  4. 4. The production of new furniture drains the Earth of energy, whilemanufacturing facilities release toxic fumes and waste products into the soil,water and air Any type of chemical that these warehouses emit contributes toworldwide environmental issues such as global warming and the destruction ofthe ozone layer Antique furniture uses two of the foundations of eco-friendlybehavior; reducing and reusing Why buy another mass-manufactured productthat will break and be on the curb in less than a decade when there arebeautiful pieces of art and history available for even less money? Antiqueshave character, class and add elegance to the home
  5. 5. They are not only the environmentally friendly choice but the stylish alternative Consider the Experience When visiting a chain store, the employees morethan likely will not care what piece of furniture you select, and they all have thesame story; they came from a manufacturing plant An online antique store orshowroom is an entirely different experience
  6. 6. When the owner has taken the time to pick out furniture and knows wherethey have come from and a bit about their history, the buyer can truly feel asense of connection with green furniture their new antique Whether thefurniture is one or two-hundred years old, or has been made in the US orFrance, it will have character, history and this provides a one-of-a-kindexperience that cannot be replicated with modern products Buying antiques todecorate the home is an advantageous decision as it provides affordability,greener choices and a memorable purchasing experience
  7. 7. Dunleith Designs sells French and American antique furniture online and intheir showroom located in Metairie, Louisiana For more information visit,DunleithDesigns
  8. 8. green furniture