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  1. 1. A body with no skeleton would look kind of funny. As would a car with no frame. Or a building with no steel. Just as these things need a good base to function properly, so does an essay. Whether youare writing a school paper, a newspaper article, or a business white paper, itÂ’s important to come up with a general outline to act as the framework for your finished product.write my essay
  2. 2. Surprisingly, very few people utilize the outline Those who do, however,tend to be professional writers who understand the importance of anoutline They know that you cannot jump into an article haphazardly andhope that you will be able to make all your points clearly and convincingly Fiction writers in particular use outlines They establish the characters,setting, and general timeline of a plot The outline helps them guide thestory so it is logical and able to be understood by the reader This smallstep of outlining a story typically separates many professional writersfrom amateur writers Renowned horror writer Stephen King is aproponent of outlines
  3. 3. While a writer may never know where his story will lead, the outline stillserves as a guide, or a roadmap, to that unknown ending Without it,characters may come and go, it may be hard to keep track of time, andother story elements can get lost Article writers who work fornewspapers, magazines, and Web sites also utilize outlines These serveas the basic skeleton of the article, allow them to flesh out their ideaschronologically, and also detail when and where they will insert certainfacts and figures So, what should be included in an outline? For thestandard essay, you will want to create main headings, with subheadingsbeneath each: 1 Intro a Make notes on how you will "hook" your reader b
  4. 4. Give yourself several options of "hooks" and choose the best, once theessay is complete 2 Body a Note which themes or subjects you willaddress b Provide research or arguments to support the theme cPerhaps include anecdotes or success stories as proof
  5. 5. 3 Conclusion a Encapsulate your theme b Tie the conclusion back toyour intro Writers who fail to use outlines often spend quite a bit of timerevising their work They will read the finished product and realize theymissed a point or that the write my essay flow was not quite right And ifyou are working with an editor or teacher, these mistakes will be veryevident to them
  6. 6. Outlines also allow writers to avoid redundancy That is, once a point ismade, it neednt be made over and over again within the piece Theoutline will clearly identify your main points, or plot elements, allowing youthe creativity to expand upon your ideas It sounds strange, but outlinesactually allow a writer more creativity than writing free-form For example,if in your outline, you refer to "a road leading to a castle," you can thenfocus on the smells and sounds of the trip, rather than worry about whichway the road will lead Overall, the time it takes to make an outline isminimal, but the time it saves you in the long run is astronomical
  7. 7. write my essay