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Teaching writing


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teaching writing for senior high school

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Teaching writing

  1. 1. Unit 8ListeningExplanation Text:Life Cycle of Animals
  2. 2. Pre Teaching:1. Teacher asks students some questions aboutlife cycle of mosquito. For examples:• Have you been biten by the mosquitoes?• Do you know how the life cycle of them?3. The teachers will show a video life cycle ofmosquito.4. Before the teacher shows the video, theteacher gives some information about thevideo and tell them to answer somequestions.
  3. 3. To know more about exlanation text,let’s watch this audio!
  4. 4. Let’s discuss the question below!1. What does the video talk about?2. How many stages that the butterfly has intheir live cycle?3. Where does the mother mosquito float theeggs?4. Why does the larva live in the water?5. What is the pupal stage?
  5. 5. Generic Structure• General statementMosquito Life CycleThe mosquito goes through four separateand distinct stages of its life cycle and they areas follows: Egg, Larva, pupa, and adult. Each ofthese stages can be easily recognized by theirspecial appearance.
  6. 6. • Sequenced explanationThe first stage of mosquito life cycle is egg. The eggsare laid one at a time and they float on the surface of thewater. Most eggs hatch into larvae within 48 hours. Theneggs change into larva that live in the water and come to thesurface to breathe. It eats micro-organisms and organic matterin the water. Larva becomes pupa where it is resting and thetime the mosquito turns into an adult. When development iscomplete, the pupa skin splits and the mosquito emerges asan adult. The newly emerged adult rests on the surface of thewater for a short time to allow itself to dry and all its partsto harden. Also, the wings have to spread out and dryproperly before it can fly.Adapted from
  7. 7. To get more understanding about thegeneric structure, let’s listen the firstparagraph of “Butterfly life cycle”. This isthe general statement of explanation text!
  8. 8. Questions: 1. How many life cycle do butterfly have?  2.  What are the colors of butterfly wings?3.  What is metamorphosis?
  9. 9. Listen to the recording aboutthe second paragraphof “Butterfly Life Cycle”. This is sequencedexplanation of explanation text!
  10. 10. Questions: 1. What is the first stage of butterfly life cycle?  2. How do the butterfly eggs look like?3. Why do females lay their eggs on or near water?
  11. 11. Listen carefully to the first paragraph of“Dragonfly Life Cycle” and choose the bestanswer for the question 1 to 5.Activity 1
  12. 12. Questions1. What is recording about?    a.  Frog Life Cycle     b. Butterfly Life Cycle     c.  Dragonfly Life Cycle     d. Mosquito life Cycle     e. Ant Life Cycle2. How many does the butterfly have life span a year?     a. One     b. Two     c. Three     d. Four     e. Five
  13. 13. 3. How many stages of life cycle does the dragonfly have?     a. 7    b. 6    c. 5    d. 4    e. 34. What are the stages of dragonfly life cycle?    a. Pupa, egg, adult    b. Egg, larva, adult    c. Larva, nymph, adult    d. Egg, adult, larva    e. adult, larva, egg5. What is the stage   where dragonfly live most?      a. Egg     b. Nymph     c. Pupa     d. Adult     e. Larva    
  14. 14. Listen carefully to the second paragraph of“The Dragonfly Life Cycle” and choose thebest answer for the question 6 to 11.
  15. 15. 6. Where do female and male dragonfly mate?       a. In the air       b. In the water       c. In the beach       d. In the pool       e. In the ricefield7. When does female dragonfly lay her egg?      a. Before two dragonflies matew      b. After two dragonflies mate      c. Before female dragonfly mates      d. After female dragonfly mates      e. After male dragonflies mates8. Where does female dragonfly lay her egg?       a. On a plant in the water      b. In the water      c. In the pool      d. On the leave in the water      e. In the air9. When does dragonfly larva begin as a nymph?     a. Dragonfly pupa hatch     b. dragonfly eggs hatch     c. dragonfly larva hatch     d. dragonfly nymph hatch     e. dragonfly adult hatch10. Where does nymph live?     a. In the air     b. In the beach     c. In the water     d. In the mountain     e. In the hill11. What is eaten by nymph?     a. Larva     b. Pupa     c. Adult dragonfly     d. Smaller nymph     e. egg
  16. 16. Listen carefully to the last paragraph of“The Dragonfly Life Cycle” and choose the bestanswer for the question 12 to 15.
  17. 17. 12. When does the metamorphosiscomplete into dragonfly?a. The nymph is grownb. The weather is badc. The weather is rightd. The nymph is grown and theweather is righte. The pupa dies13. When does the life cycle begin again?a. When finding calm waterb. When finding good waterc. When finding cool waterd. When finding hot watere. When finding cold water14. How long does the adult dragonflylive?a. 6 monthsb. 5 monthsc. 4 monthsd. 3 monthse. 2 months15.What are the stages of dragonflylife cycle?a. Adult, egg, pupab. Adult egg, larvac. Adult, egg, nymphd. Egg, larva, nymphe. Egg, nymph, adult
  18. 18. Listen carefully to the first paragraph of“The Frog Life Cycle”and answer the question 1 to 3.Activity 2
  19. 19. 1. What is amplexus?a. The female in an embraceb. The female underneath in anembracec. The male underneath in anembraced. The male in an embracee. The male and femaleunderneath in an embrace2. Where does the male frog fertilizethe eggs?a. In the waterb. In the airc. In the amplexus positiond. In the oxyus positione. In the oxypus position3. Where do toods usually lay theeggs?a. In long chairsb. In long tablec. In long chainsd. In long chancese. In long chases
  20. 20. Listen carefully to the second paragraph of“The Frog Life Cycle”and answer the question 4 to 12.
  21. 21. 4. What is the first stage of FrogLife Cycle?a. Adultb. Larvac. Pupad. Nymphe. Egg5. Why do the frogs and toodstend to lay their eggs?a. Because there are manyenemiesb. Because there are manyhazardsc. Because there are manycompetitorsd. Because there are manysnakese. Because there are many frogs6. When will the eggs hatch?a. 6-11 days after beingfertilizedb. 5-11 days after beingfertilizedc. 6-21 days after beingfertilizedd. 8-21 days after beingfertillizede. 10-21 days after beingfertilized7. Where will the egg hatch?a. In dynamic waterb. In hot waterc. In warm waterd. In static watere. In cool water
  22. 22. 8. What are the second stage of frog lifecycle?a. Tadpoleb. Eggc. Foamd. Adult froge. Nymph9. When does the foam change intotadpole?a. When the sun shinesb. When the moon comes alongc. When the star comes alongd. When the cloud comes alonge. When the rain comes along10. What does the tadpole consist of?a. poorly developed a mouth, and a tailb. poorly developed gills, and a tailc. poorly developed gills, a mouth, anda taild. poorly developed gills and a mouthe. poorly developed kills, a mouth, anda tail.11. When will the tadpole hatch?a. 7-10 daysb. 8-10 daysc. 9-10 daysd. 6-10 dayse. 5-10 days12. What are the food of tadpole?a. fishb. snakec. eggd. foame. algae
  23. 23. Listen carefully to the last paragraph of“The Frog Life Cycle” and answer the question13 to 15.
  24. 24. 13. When will the body of frog appear?a. After 5-9 weeksb. After 6-9 weeksc. After 7-9 weeksd. After 8-9 weekse. After 9 weeks14. What are the diet of tadpole withlegs?a. Plantsb. Insects and plantsc. Dead insects and plantsd. Insectse. Dead insects and plans15. When does the tadpole start the lifecycle again?a. After 12 weeksb. 11-12 weeksc. Before 12 weeksd 10-12 weekse. By 12 weeks
  25. 25. TranscriptButterfly Life CycleEvery butterfly goes through four stages in its life. Each stage is verydifferent from the others. Butterflies have life cycle are egg, larva, pupa, and adult.Butterflies have body; appear of antennas, and beautiful wings. The wings ofbutterflies usually have many color like green, purple, blue, etc.The cycle of stages iscalled metamorphosis.The egg is the first stage in the butterfly life cycle. Butterfly eggs are verysmall and round, oval or cylindrical. Many have ribs or other tiny features. Females laytheir eggs on or near the plants that will later become caterpillar food.The larva hatches from the egg. Butterfly is usually called caterpillars. Caterpillarsspend most of their time eating. Butterflies do all of their growing when theyrecaterpillars, and food gives them the energy and body-building materials they need.Larva changes into caterpillar so finiished growing and become pupa. When the pupahas finished changing, it changes into adult. The adult emerges with its wings foldedup against its body. The butterfly pumps blood into the wings to expand them. Theadult is the stage when butterflies mate and reproduce. Females lay their eggs on plantsor other surfaces, and the cycle starts all over again.Adapted from
  26. 26. The Dragonfly Life CycleA dragonfly has a life span of more than a year, but very littleof that life is actually as an adult dragonfly. There are three stagesof the dragonfly life cycle, the egg, the nymph, and the adultdragonfly. Most of the life cycle of a dragonfly is lived out in thenymph stage.A male and a female dragonfly will mate while they are flyingin the air. After two dragonflies mate, the female dragonfly will layher eggs on a plant in the water. Once the dragonfly eggs hatch, thelife cycle of a dragonfly larva begins as a nymph. A nymph looks likea little alien creature that hasn’t grown its wings yet. It lives in thewater and eat smaller dragonfly nymphs as they develop.Once the nymph is fully grown, and the weather is right, it willcomplete the metamorphosis into a dragonfly by crawling out ofthe water up the stem of a plant. The dragonfly will hunt for foodand begin to look for a mate. Once the dragonfly finds a mate, thefemale will find a body of calm water that will be a good place tolay her eggs, and the life cycle of the dragonfly begins all over again.Adult dragonflies only live about two months.Adapted from
  27. 27. Life Cycle of a FrogWhen Frogs mate, the male frog tends to clasp the female underneath in anembrace called amplexus. While in the amplexus position, the male frog fertilizesthe eggs as they get are laid. Frogs tend to lay eggs single eggs in masses, whereastoads usually lay eggs in long chains.The first stage is egg where Frogs and toads tend to lay many eggs becausethere are many hazards between fertalization and full grown frogness.Usually, about 6-21 days after being fertilized, the egg will hatch and can be foundin calm or static waters. Afte that,the foam sometimes cakes dry in the sun. Whenthe rain comes along, after developement of 7 to 9 days, the foam drips down,dropping tiny tadpoles into the river. Shortly after hatching, the tadpole still feedson the remaining yolk. The tadpole at this point consists of poorly developed gills,a mouth, and a tail. Then, 7 to 10 days after the tadpole has hatched, it will beginto swim around and feed on algae.After about 6 to 9 weeks, the body of frog will appear. By now the diet maygrow to include larger items like dead insects and even plants. After about 9weeks, the tadpole looks more like a teeny frog with a really long tail. By 12 weeks,the tadpole will leave the water, only to return again to laymore eggs and start theprocess all over again.Adapted from