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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. RESULT
  2. 2. According to the graphs, the no. of people that has takenthe survey altogether is 266 people which can besimplified by 54% of female and 46% male.It is seen that the main problems in Brunei Darussalamare drugs, unwanted pregnancy, smoking and corruptedmoral.Majority, the female thought that the highest problem isabusing drugs use gaining 35% of females’ opinion. Theleast problem thought is unwanted pregnancy gaining19%.As for the male, 41% of the male participants thoughtthat the biggest problem was smoking while the leastproblem is unwanted pregnancy of 14%.Both gender viewed that the age group that is more proneto social problems is between 11-20 years old.
  4. 4. • The government of Brunei should take more actions on how to restrict the youths from getting involve in moral destructions.• Community campaign is also required in order to convince the public the bad consequences of thesocial issues. For example, making awareness using posters with motivational words.
  6. 6. We have finally come to the end of theslides, we have concluded that apart fromdrugs abuse, unwanted pregnancy andcorrupted moral are the main issues still,smoking is the top problem amongBruneian youths. It is seen that 29%male and 4% female that participate hadadmitted smoking. So obviously male ismore prone to smoke.
  7. 7. The frequency of people smoking in a week49% of male smokers consumed 1-5 pieces ofcigarettes in a week while 27% consumedmore than 2 packets and 24% of themsmoking 1 packet each week.As for female smokers, 62% consumed 1-5pieces of cigarettes and only 25% consumedmore than 2 packets while the remainingpercent consumed 1 packet each week.
  8. 8. MONEY SPENT ON CIGARETTESMost of our Bruneian youths spent their money oncigarettes.Majority of male spent about $10-$20 and thisrange of spending gaining 50% out of 100% while33% spend $31 above for the cigarettes. The restof them spending 17% of $21-30 on cigarettes.Whereas, majority of the female spent about $10-$20 and this gain 75% out of 100%. The rest ofthem spend about $21-$30 and this gain 12%.Thismake a huge difference compared to male sincemale are more prone to buying cigarettes.