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Educational Application of Excel


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Educational Application of Excel

  1. 1. Educational Application of Excel Students’ practice reading graphs and charts can increase their scores on standardized tests such as the MEAP, as well as support cross-curricular success in Math and Sciences classes. Students’ ability to predict and compare give them practice with higher order thinking skills. The assignment for students to complete asks them to analyze data and patterns across a two year span. Some questions ask students to seek and find specific data, others ask them to count occurrences, and others ask them to predict based on patterns or other data provided which could create subjective answers. The benefit of this activity from a Life Skills point of view, is that students are presented with a realistic view of a monthly responsibility. After viewing and analyzing the data, we could have multiple discussions such as: • What kind of things could help Ms. Stark be more green?/save energy? • What could happen if Ms. Stark had a family or roommates? • Does the cost of energy rise in the two year time period? Student work would be assessed through discussion and completion of the assignment. Students would first work with a partner to analyze data and question. Then the class would verbally discuss each answer to ensure that all students can see that some data is absolute, some is subjective. Subjective answers can be right or wrong but students can find logical support for their point and receive credit for their answer.