Corporate profile genzee solutions 2013


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Corporate profile genzee solutions 2013

  1. 1. enabling people th Executive Office, 4 Floor, Saeed Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.Cell: +92 341 513 1011, + 92 333 426 4786 Email:
  2. 2. We enable you & your organization to understand & implementmanagement processes to generate economic rents through valuemaximization. We are excited to coach if you are naïve yet delighted totake up the challenges if you are an aficionado and help you toconsolidate and compete. In order to comply with your individualrequirements, we have developed our capacity to extend customizedend-to-end solutions in our areas of interest and expertise. We enable you! We remain deeply familiar with the tools and concept we use and make a scientific effort to tailor them according to your industry requirements, organizational culture, geographical business environment and era. International organizations and gurus in our areas of expertise feel happy to share their intellectual capacity in order to find better answers to your questions. We empower you to adopt and benefit from what has been tried and tested across the world. Feel free to ask what we can do for you.
  3. 3. Strategy Development Mission statements Visioning Values Strategy Strategy schools Strategic choices We develop your capacity through processes Strategy Maps Incorporating vision, mission, values into strategy Translating strategy into financial, customer, process and learning & growth perspective Constructing strategy maps Defining strategic objectives Knitting everyone in strategy
  4. 4. Balanced Scorecard Derive “objectives” from strategy maps Designing “measures” for all tangible and intangible objectives Setting “targets” for every objective Defining strategic initiatives Balancing and linking actions through alignment Cascading for empowerment and strategy execution We make strategy everyone’s everyday job Measuring Strategic Readiness Defining strategic readiness Identifying strategic job families Measuring human capital readiness Defining culture, leadership, alignment & teamwork Measuring organizational capital readiness Actions to reach optimum strategic readiness
  5. 5. Blue Ocean Strategy Creating uncontested market space Reconstruct market boundaries Making competition irrelevant Break the value-cost trade-off Creating & capturing new demand Overcoming strategic hurdles to execution We coach you on recipe’s for success Scenario Planning Exploring plausible pathways into future Approaching issues from multi disciplinary perspectives Learning how to develop and interpret scenarios Inculcating long term thinking Resolving strategic issues by ‘maverick’ thinking Robust strategizing
  6. 6. Strategy Execution Implementation fundamentals Right actions for the right results We stand by Changing competencies your side throughout Organizational alignment delivery Cultures & processes in implementation The six stage execution premium cycle
  7. 7. Competency Frameworks and Metrics Competency dictionaries and frameworks Leadership competencies Role specific competencies Competency measurement scales (metrics) Competency assessment using behavioral event interviewing Distinguish performers through demonstrated competencies We measure anything Competency based Hiring and Interviewing State, align and measure activities of vacant positions Recognize and validate key competencies that are greatest predictors of job success Identify competencies and behavioral indicators of prospective applicants Prepare interview guides and questions for interviews to assess desired competencies Find the best fit between competencies of vacant position and those of applicants Hire the right person, not the resume
  8. 8. Competency based Performance Measurement Define the work and competencies required to perform Assess employee competencies Identify and document competency gaps Prioritize employee development needs Establish work goals, plans and standards with the employees Implement competency development activities We change behaviors Competency based Employee Development Identify present to future competency needs Assess competencies for targeted employees Identify employee competency development needs and preferences Develop a frame work for the employee development process Outline and implement the competency based development system Institutionalize and evaluate the process
  9. 9. Assessment Centers Design and Delivery AVENUE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE Objective and unbiased assessment processes Assessment against pre-defined competencies Variety of tools for robust assessment Develop in-house assessor capability Deliver assessment centers with skilled and experienced people Reliable, replicable and consistent decisions Greater the challenge, stronger the response National and International Collaborations Aronagh Ltd. UK 2 GC, UK Avenue International College, UK Pakistan Institute of Entrepreneurship Falcon Consulting In’Ovative Consulting
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