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Competency based leadership genzee solutions


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Leadership Capacity Development, Strategic Leadership Competencies, Leadership Behaviors, Leadership Development

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Competency based leadership genzee solutions

  1. 1. 1STEP1• Defining “Leadership” for a specific OrganizationSTEP2• Linking Leadership to Organizational Mission, Vision, Values and StrategySTEP3• Understand the different facets of Leadership competency using authentic modelsSTEP4• Reach a common definition and desired ‘level’ of Leadership for each positionSTEP5• Assess the current status of Leadership of each individual using BEI* TechniqueSTEP6• Identify the gaps in current status and desired statusSTEP7• Learn techniques of developing Leadership skillsSTEP8• Prepare a “Leadership” development strategy and action plan for each gapSTEP9• Reassess competency gaps to check effectiveness of the programSTEP10• Award/Reward/Reprimand or continue with the action planCourse Outline (Customized Only)Competency based Leadership*Behavioral Event Interviewing
  2. 2. Dr. Awais e Siraj2Dr. Awais is an international trainer, learning facilitator andmanaging director of Genzee Solutions. About 14 yearsearlier, he joined pharmaceutical industry after doing hisMBA from Strathclyde Graduate Business School in Glasgow,UK. He has more than a decade of experience in Marketingand Sales in addition to Medical and Regulatory Affairs. Hislast industry assignment was with Boston Scientifics’ regionaloffice in Beirut, Lebanon as Country Sales Manager. An all-time learner, Awais has been enlightened by training andeducation in Pakistan, United Kingdom, USA, France,Germany, Lebanon, Malaysia and Singapore.He has a proven record of a successful manager, team leaderand a professional with winning mind-set. In his role ascoach, facilitator, and consultant he has groomed peoplefrom Micronet Broadband and Nayatel, Abbott, Amson,Ferozsons, Roche, British High Commission, Action Aid, BBraun, Bayer – Schering, Pourateb (Iran), Khushali Bank, UFone, PTCL, Air Weapons Complex, Sukhi, DOVE, IYF, HabibBank, Amgomed, UNDP, Ericsson, National Commission ofBiotechnology, Clough, Nestle, Schering Plough, Mobilink,Ministry of Information Technology, Fauji Fertilizer Company,PSO, Getz Pharma, Reko Pharmacal, PARCO, Ministry ofTourism, HHRD, Digital Prodigy Pvt. Ltd. PharmEvo,GlaxoSmithKline, ICI, CCL, Chas a. Mendoza and others.His involvement in academic research, teaching, training andpeople development connected him initially to CIIT,Islamabad, and later with Bahria University, Islamabad, asAssistant Professor in the Department of ManagementSciences.Dr. Awais has been a speaker at LUMS, University of Punjab,NUST, PIMSAT, Marketing Association of Pakistan, NationalDefense University, Thames Business School, Quaid e AzamUniversity, National Commission on Rural Development,COMSTECH, HEC, and COMSATS. Dr. Awais spearheaded theestablishment of Leadership Development Center (CorporateTraining Initiative) at Bahria University, Islamabad.He is the author of a book “The Art of Pharmaceutical Selling”which is now available on He is also ascholar of PhD at University of Leicester, United Kingdom.Please access his detailed CV