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The Value of Requesting Client Reviews [Tips, Research, and Walk-throughs for Attorneys]


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This guide is intended to help you better manage the client reviews component of your practice, because we get it – they aren’t the most comfortable thing to ask for, or respond to.

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The Value of Requesting Client Reviews [Tips, Research, and Walk-throughs for Attorneys]

  1. 1. This isn’t a fluffy list of “tips” like the ones you can find all over the internet. We compiled our research, surveyed our users, and found 3rd party insights all in an effort to help you understand the value of client reviews and provide the information and tools you need to take action with them Why are you reading this?
  2. 2. What should you expect from this guide? Our research Quantifying the value of requesting and receiving reviews Industry research Just in case you didn’t believe ours Requesting a review on Avvo Your step-by-step guide Negative reviews What to do about them Email template We’re giving you a pre-written email to use Getting started Actionable tips you can use right away
  3. 3. Requesting and receiving reviews on Avvo is another way we help you: So what? Connect with relevant, potential clients Good exposure can often lead to good results. Grow and market your practice And of course, more contacts can lead to more clients. Create and manage your online reputation They’ll search you online eventually – best to make a good first impression.
  4. 4. Request a review now by clicking the button below. And if you’re ready Request a review on Avvo
  5. 5. But if not… Read on. We have lots to share with you.
  6. 6. Reviews matter
  7. 7. Reviews matter “ You know this.
  8. 8. Reviews matter It’s not the most comfortable thing to ask for. You might even despise asking for them. We get that. But client reviews can often be the tipping point for a consumer’s decision. “
  9. 9. What our research says of consumers said reviews matter in helping decide which attorney to hire 95% Avvo's behavioral research has found participants almost always read reviews before choosing which attorney to contact. Source: “How to adapt to the new legal consumer,” 2016, Avvo
  10. 10. In fact… Attorneys on Avvo with at least 3 client reviews… …average 15x more connections from potential clients 15x3
  11. 11. Monthly visitors seeking legal help on Avvo That’s good news 8M Participating attorneys on Avvo 300K+ Connections occurring between attorneys and potential clients each month 650K
  12. 12. What the industry research says of people check lawyer reviews as the first step to finding an attorney. Source: “83 percent of Clients Now Look at Lawyer Reviews,” 83% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 85% of consumers left a local business review when asked – with 74% having been asked for feedback. 68% Sources: “Local Consumer Review Survey,”
  13. 13. Your digital word of mouth
  14. 14. Yes, referrals are still popular … of consumers get referrals from friends and family. Source: “2017 Legal Trends Report,” Clio 62%
  15. 15. But, remember… of people who get a lawyer referral from friends or family also research lawyers online. 45% Even if you’re a referral-based attorney, you can fully expect legal consumers to look you up online. And when they do… Source: “How to adapt to the new legal consumer,” 2016, Avvo
  16. 16. Reviews are your “digital word of mouth” Thus, you can’t rely on or expect your resume alone to speak for itself The 3rd party validation and endorsement from others can be as effective online as it is in person – if not more – given its potential to reach anyone with an internet connection. Short story: be sure you have reviews. How?
  17. 17. All reviews have value
  18. 18. Clients often leave positive reviews of reviews on Avvo have been positive. 80% of new contacts went to attorneys with an average of 4.5+ star client reviews. 78% Sources: Avvo Research
  19. 19. And yes, there are negative ones, too But, it’s not all bad. Studies show that some negative reviews – a mix of high and low star ratings – feels more authentic to consumers. “ The most trusted star ratings Source: “Google is dominating the Review Market,”
  20. 20. Sometimes they even seek them out “ 82% of consumers intentionally seek out negative reviews. Source: “Survey Confirms the Value of Reviews, Provides New Insights,”
  21. 21. What if you get a negative review? Don’t panic. Avvo has the checks in place to maintain the quality and validity of reviews • Reviewers are first required to register • We read every review to ensure it meets our Community Guidelines before it’s published If we determined the review meets the guidelines and is published, there are still things you can do…
  22. 22. Option 1: post a response to it What to do with negative reviews? Responding to [any] reviews is a powerful message to others about your professionalism and interest in client feedback. Keep it simple: • Thank them • Address changes you’ve made • Offer to discuss – OFFLINE • Reinforce your experiences and skills Post a response by clicking the link at the bottom of the review.
  23. 23. Option 2: dispute it What to do with negative reviews? If you believe the review isn’t from an actual or potential client, we’ll contact the reviewer to confirm. During the dispute, the review in question doesn’t appear on your profile. If the reviewer confirms who they are and what they wrote, the review is reposted. Let our Customer Care team know if you would like to put your client review through the dispute process. Note: We don’t verify the information in reviews. All reviews on are the responsibility of the reviewers, and under 47 USC 230, Avvo, Inc. cannot be held liable for making available to the reviewers.
  24. 24. Don’t argue with reviewers in your responses. It fuels the fire. On a public forum, that doesn’t look good. What NOT to do with negative reviews?
  25. 25. Responding to all reviews - negative and positive – sends a powerful message to others about your professionalism and interest in client feedback. And don’t forget
  26. 26. How to request a review on Avvo
  27. 27. Sign in to your Avvo account and click “Edit Profile” On your Profile page, click “Request client reviews” How to request a review 1 2 1 2
  28. 28. Or you can also click “Request a Review” on your Avvo Dashboard. How to request a review
  29. 29. From here, you have two options: Copy the shareable URL and send it directly via your email. It’s as simple as it sounds. Use the template we provide and send it from our review form. • Avvo sends reminder emails if you don’t receive the review within 3 days. How to request a review 1 2 1 2
  30. 30. If you use our form: Enter the emails of up to 50 current and former contacts you want reviews from. We give you a pre-written message to send, but edit it as you prefer! Click “Send.” How to request a review 1 2 3 1 2 3
  31. 31. Email template: a closer look Avvo auto-populates this email for you online, but you can – and should – personalize it as needed. You can also copy, paste, and use the email copy here  Hi <recipient's name> I'd love to hear about your experience with my legal services. Would you mind writing a review on my Avvo profile? It only takes a minute. Your feedback will help me improve my practice and help other people looking for legal help. Reviews on Avvo are anonymous unless you choose to provide your name. Thank you, <Your Name>
  32. 32. Getting started
  33. 33. Some tips for getting reviews • Make asking for a review part of your closing process. • The more you ask for, the more you’ll receive, and the more comfortable you’ll be making it part of your engagement process. Build the habit Request reviews often because freshness matters • If you think your most recent reviews are too old, they probably are. • Simply ask happy past or current clients – or those you did consultations with -- for new ones. • New reviews appear above older ones.
  34. 34. Get started Feeling ready? Go ahead and get started now. Request a review on Avvo
  35. 35. Questions? Contact us: Avvo Customer Support