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Virtual Networking and Hospitality


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Avvio presentation to dit students cathal brugha street, Dublin.

The presentation was aimed at giving student an insight into the world of digital in hospitality. We set the scene by giving student a baseline of what's happening now and insight into what is likely to happen in the future.
Some useful statistics and tips are listed to help students make the most of each of the social media platforms.

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Virtual Networking and Hospitality

  1. 1. Avvio PresentationVirtual Networking and hospitality
  2. 2. Virtual networking and hospitality Presented by Michelle Conaghan Twitter: @michellconLinkedin: michelle.conaghan
  3. 3. The Social Media Landscape
  4. 4. Social LandscapeFacebook Global Stats 800 million plus users world wide Top three countries include US, Indonesia, UK US has 155 million user.UK Stats• 30 million users in the UK• 48% Penetration of the total population• 60% Penetration of the online populationIrish Stats 2.1 million user in Ireland 42% Penetration of total Population 64% Penetration of the online population
  5. 5. Changing Times
  6. 6. Social Media RevolutionSocialnomics 2011
  7. 7. Why do it?
  8. 8. The Benefits for BusinessHubspot 2011
  9. 9. Did it improve Sales?• 72% marketers with 3 years plus experience said social media helped close the business• 45% new partnerships gained• 52% see qualified lead generation
  10. 10. Why it’s important for my career?• Develop a strong personal brand• Need a strong and relevant contact base• Be valued to your connections• Grow recommendations• Increase your influence• Spot opportunities
  11. 11. Most Popular Tools by MarketersHubspot 2011
  12. 12. Time Commitment to SocialHubspot 2011
  13. 13. Recent Report• 58% spent 6 hours or more• 34% spent 11 hours of more• 15% spent 20 hours or more on Social Media Social Media Examiner Report 2011
  14. 14. The three pillars
  15. 15. Listen
  16. 16. Engage
  17. 17. Measurement
  18. 18. The present
  19. 19. Trends in Hotels using Social1. Hotels are still new to Social2. Focused on the ‘big 5’3. 2 year confidence mark4. Hotels are broadcasting not connecting5. Social Media Adoption Obstacles6. Lack of Measurement7. No Policy or Strategy in place
  20. 20. What does the future looklike? What does the future look like?
  21. 21. The Future for some the Present for others• Become part of your organisations day to day activity• Integrates into front office and customer facing team members• Used as a communication tool• Customer want to access up to the minute information• More attention to sphere of influence or clout• Geo location marketing• Customer profiling• Social Commerce• Impact of Google+• I want to be found culture
  22. 22. Virtual networking
  23. 23. A new channel
  24. 24. Selling events online
  25. 25. Be as Social as PossibleMake things as easy to share as possible with plug ins
  26. 26. What’s the Best Platform?
  27. 27. The Big 6 Platforms• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Blogs• YouTube/Video• Google+NB: Niche Groups, Location Services
  28. 28. Listening Tools- to find the best opportunities• Google Alerts• Social Mention• Twitter Search• Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic• Google Advanced Search• Monitoring Tools
  29. 29. A New Age of DialogueHubspot 2011
  30. 30. Linkedin
  31. 31. Your business suit
  32. 32. The business card
  33. 33. Why it’s of interest• 135 million professionals• College educated• Senior executive, decision maker level• Business networking• 45+ million user in US• Over 70% aged between 25-54• Average wages €64k
  34. 34. Live Demo
  35. 35. Tips• Remain professional at all times• Post a suitable photo• Complete your profile• Seek recommendations• Join groups• Connect with people after events• Don’t spam
  36. 36. Facebook
  37. 37. Hotels and Facebook
  38. 38. Your Customer and their Social Graph
  39. 39. Social Graph Potential Likes Other Postnetworks Fan Average 130 friends Share Review
  40. 40. Managing your Time
  41. 41. Managing your Time• Monitor daily and respond accordingly• Use a management client for scheduling• 3-7 posts per week• Review activity weekly• Welcome new fans• Thank people for photos, comments, reviews• Encourage posting, photo uploads, tagging• Be specific with offers try to tailor or personalise if possible• Spot opportunities and react accordingly
  42. 42. Tips• Your personal activity – Check out what’s visible – Review your privacy settings – Tagging in photos and places – Remember who you connect with – Timeline is on the way!!!• If involved as part of your role – Follow company guidelines and equitette
  43. 43. Twitter
  44. 44. Twitter - Worth the Time or Not?Hubspot 2011
  45. 45. Twitter - Worth the Time or Not?Hubspot 2011
  46. 46. Twitter Benefits of Twitter 1. Build your brand. 2. Generates leads. 3. Market research & rapid response. 4. Get breaking news. 5. Generate interest/buzz ahead of a launch/event etc. 6. Reputation monitoring & management. 7. Beneficial to SEO. 8. Networking.@avvioinc
  47. 47. Twitter Target Audience – think of these 4 categories: 1. Current Customers 2. Prospects 3. Bloggers/Journalists/Industry Influencers 4. Non-Users@avviotweets
  48. 48. Make an impact with Twitter
  49. 49. How to make an impact on Twitter1. Tweeting
  50. 50. How to make an impact on Twitter2. Follow Relevant Users
  51. 51. How to make an impact on Twitter3. Interact with other Twitter Users
  52. 52. How to make an impact on Twitter4. Generate Awareness of your Page – To increase awareness of your page, include buttons to your profile on your website, email signature, include in email marketing and other marketing materials.5. Brand & Keyword Monitoring
  53. 53. How to make an impact on Twitter6. Customize your Page.7. Fresh Content that is Relevant and Engaging is Key.
  54. 54. How to make an impact on Twitter8. Retweeting (hover over a tweet)
  55. 55. How to make an impact on Twitter9. Scheduling Use management tool to schedule Tweets Examples of tools available; Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck Manage multiple social media networks inc. Facebook Monitor keywords, followers, list etc Statistics, reporting
  56. 56. How to make an impact on Twitter10. Don’t be afraid to use CAPITALS and Italics to make it stand out.11. Use spellchecker before you tweet.12. Use a URL shortener .13. Remember: There is a permanent record of everything you tweet.
  57. 57. How to make an impact on Twitter14. @Reply
  58. 58. What to Tweet1. Ask questions and keep it topical2. Start your own trends or hashtags3. Upcoming Events in the Hotel4. Post about local events/attractions/things to do etc.5. Tweet links to articles6. It’s good to follow other related businesses in your area.7. Announce new menus, restaurant deals etc.8. Post in advance of holidays like Halloween, Christmas, New Years, etc9. Listen to what your followers are saying and respond.10. Compliment campaigns with Twitter specific activity
  59. 59. Tips• Your tweet is forever• Post a suitable photo• Complete your bio• Add disclaimer• Be transparent• Engaging and helpful• Use suitable language• Don’t spam
  60. 60. Google +1
  61. 61. The Possibilities of Google +1
  62. 62. What is Google +Available on: Google search results Google search ads 3rd Party sites (coming soon)
  63. 63. Tips• Set up a profile• Keep an eye on brand pages• Try out the functionality• Follow a few gurus• Use circles to segment your social set
  64. 64. Engagement & Influence
  65. 65. Ready, Steady……
  66. 66. Beware
  67. 67. Hubspot 2011
  68. 68. Abide by the guidelines for Social
  69. 69. Social Strategy
  70. 70. Social is now part of the Marketing Mix Website Email SEO Marketing YourSEM Hotel Booking Engine Social Mobile Media
  71. 71. Social Media Strategy• Gather market intelligence• Identify potential customers• Connect with people• Execute campaigns• Track behaviour• Measure results• Support and complaints
  72. 72. Managing your Team’s Time
  73. 73. Time Commitment to SocialHubspot 2011
  74. 74. Hubspot 2011
  75. 75. Plan, Explore, Engage & Be Rewarded
  76. 76. It’s a whole new world…..
  77. 77. Questions
  78. 78. Thank you
  79. 79. Useful Resources1. www.socialbakers.com5. www.socialmediaexaminer.com6. www.allfacebook.com7.
  80. 80. Connect with us on