Social Media and Hospitality - Mark Nolan's Class, Shannon College of Hotel Management


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Presentation to Mark Nolan's class from Shannon College of Hotel Management on Tuesday 27th March 2012.
We look at the current landscape from the perspective of hoteliers and students. Consider new trends and opportunities. Helpful tips and stats (for students) on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Please visit for details on the other resources mentioned during the presentation.

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Social Media and Hospitality - Mark Nolan's Class, Shannon College of Hotel Management

  1. 1. Social Media and Hospitality Shannon College of Hotel Management Mark Nolan’s Class Presentation Presented by Michelle Conaghan
  2. 2. The Current Landscape
  3. 3. Ready, Steady……
  4. 4. Average monthly audience in millions140,336 50,055 23,617 22,417 19,250 17,786 11,870 8,578 8,397 7,601Facebook Blogger Twitter Wordpress MySpace LinkedIn Tumblr Six Apart Yahoo Pulse Wikia TypepadTop Network & Blog SitesAverage monthly unique visitors (000), Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  5. 5. 18-34 year old women are the most activeU.S. Social Network Use by Age, DemographicsBase: U.S. social media users, Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  6. 6. 55+ user visits from mobile double 109% 76% 68% 67% 70% 61% 45% 44% 41% 37% 16%Social Network Growth, by Age, Ethnicity% change, Q3 2010 v. Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  7. 7. Fish where the fish are
  8. 8. Facebook Global Stats 845 million plus users world wide Top three countries include US, India, UK US has 155 million user. 50% return daily Business are only reaching 16% of fans 350 million mobile usersIrish Stats 2.1 million user in IrelandUK Stats• 30 million users in the UK
  9. 9. Customers expect something in return for a ‘Like’ Expect access to exclusive content, events or sales 58% Expect discounts or promotions through Facebook 58% Expect to receive updates about the co. to the newsfeed 47% Expect the company to postupdates, photos or videos to newsfeed 39% Expect to share with friends, family and/or coworkers 38% Expect the name of co. to show up on my profile 37% Do not expect anything to happen 37% Expect the co. to send more relevant content based on my public profile 36% Expect to interact with page owner (e.g., brand, person) 28% Expect the co. to access data Consumer Expectations for Brand Liking in my public profile 27% % of Facebook users, September 2011 Source: ExactTarget Expect the co. to contact me through other channels 24%
  10. 10. The Rise and FallFacebook continues to climb70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0% Facebook YouTube MySpace Yahoo! Answers Twitter Linkedin
  11. 11. Google + jumps to 8th, Facebook 64.9% YouTube 19.6% Twitter 1.22% Yahoo! Answers 1.03% Tagged 0.73% Linkedin 0.66% MySpace 0.60% Google+ 0.55% New myYearbook 0.39% iVillage 0.36%Top Social Networking Sites and ForumsU.S. market share of visits, Week ending September 24, 2011Source: Experian Hitwise
  12. 12. Google attracts 15+ million Facebook 1,758 YouTube 530 Twitter 33.08 Yahoo! Answers 28.01 Tagged 19.66 Linkedin 17.80 MySpace 16.33 Google+ 14.98 myYearbook 10.58 iVillage 10.34Top Social Networking sites and ForumsTotal visits, millions Week ending September 24, 2011Source: Experian Hitwise
  13. 13. Social media and TV shows• Important to note for hotels spending on TV advertising 65% 50% 50% 35% I talk about the show Im watching I talk about something else Twitter users Facebook usersSocial Media Commentary while Watching TV% of respondents, July 2011Source:
  14. 14. 2 in 3 will increase email marketing Email Marketing 5% 27% 65% 3% Increase Decrease Stay the same No plans to utilizePlanned Use of Email Marketing, Webinars% of respondents who are actively social media marketing, April 2011Source: SocialMedia Examiner
  15. 15. Facebook ad spend up by 281% 281% 200% 22% 11% All clients Same Client Spend ImpressionsFacebook Advertising Growth% change, Q2 2010 v. Q2 2011Source: IgnitionOne
  16. 16. Social media monitoring tools of choice 50.0% 45.0% 40.0% 35.0% 30.0% 25.0% 20.0% 15.0% 10.0% 5.0% 0.0%Popular Social Media Monitoring Tools% of respondents, August 2011Source: WebLiquid and RSW/US
  17. 17. Time commitment to social
  18. 18. Social Media and Hotels
  19. 19. Most popular tools by marketersHubspot 2011
  20. 20. Show me the Money
  21. 21. Turn connections into customers
  22. 22. GM’s want results in the form of ROI
  23. 23. Unprecedented opportunity toaccess a global audience at a low cost
  24. 24. The challenge for hotels isto stand out from the crowd
  25. 25. Creating the plan
  26. 26. Listen
  27. 27. Engage
  28. 28. Measurement
  29. 29. 1. Develop a strong personal brand2. Need a strong and relevant contact base3. Be valued to your connections4. Grow recommendations5. Increase your influence6. Spot opportunities
  30. 30. What the future looks like?
  31. 31. The future for some, the present for others• Become part of your organisations day to day activity• Integrates into front office and customer facing team members• Used as a communication tool• Customer want to access up to the minute information• More attention to sphere of influence or clout• Location marketing• Customer profiling• Social Commerce• Impact of Google+• I want to be found culture
  32. 32. Live Demo
  33. 33. Building social media teamsVia Salesforce
  34. 34. The Digital Native • Participate in many different social networks • Know how to find and gain followers • Know how to engage with other users • See the opportunities in and limitations to the media. • Enthusiastic • Likely outgoing and keen conversationalistsImage via Salesforce
  35. 35. Top tips
  36. 36. Beware
  37. 37. Linkedin
  38. 38. Your business suit
  39. 39. The business card
  40. 40. Why it’s of interest• 147 million professionals• Grown by 45% since last year• College educated• 39% of the members is a Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer or Vice President• Business networking• 58+ million user in US• Over 70% aged between 25-54• Average wages €64k
  41. 41. Linkedin Tips• Remain professional at all times• Post a suitable photo• Complete your profile• Seek recommendations• Join industry groups• Connect with people after events• Don’t spam
  42. 42. Facebook
  43. 43. Facebook Tips• Your personal activity – Check out what’s visible – Review your privacy settings – Tagging in photos and places – Remember who you connect with – Timeline: ‘The story of your life’• If involved as a company ambassador – Follow company guidelines and equitette
  44. 44. Twitter
  45. 45. Via Hubspot
  46. 46. Twitter Tips• Your tweet is forever• Post a suitable photo• Complete your bio• Add disclaimer• Be transparent• Engaging and helpful• Use suitable language• Don’t spam
  47. 47. Google +1
  48. 48. Google Plus Tips• Set up a profile• Keep an eye on brand pages• Try out the functionality• Follow a few gurus• Use circles to segment your social connections
  49. 49. We live in a connected world
  50. 50. Be creative
  51. 51. Go explore
  52. 52. Useful Resources1. www.socialbakers.com5. www.socialmediaexaminer.com6. www.allfacebook.com7.
  53. 53. Latest news, resources and tips
  54. 54. Social
  55. 55. Thank you.Linkedin: michelle.conaghan Twitter: @michellecon @avviotweets