Facebook for Hotels - Master the Opportunity


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Hospitality and Marketing professionals, who want up to date information and tips on how to improve and maximise their Facebook presence.

What we will cover:

The Current Landscape for Hoteliers

Stats and Facts

Housekeeping Checklist

Optimise your Page

Maximise your opportunities

Managing your time

The possible implication of Google +1

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Facebook for Hotels - Master the Opportunity

  1. 1. Hotels & Social Commerce - Master the Facebook Opportunity --- Presented by Cara Callaghan – Online Training Manager Michelle Conaghan – Business Development Manager www.facebook.com/avvio www.avvio.comwww.facebook.com/avvio
  2. 2. What we are going to cover? 1. The Current Landscape for Hoteliers 2. Stats and Facts 3. Housekeeping Checklist 4. Optimise your Page 5. Maximise your opportunities 6. Managing your time 7. The possible implication of Google +1www.facebook.com/avvio
  3. 3. The Landscape for Hotelier
  4. 4. The Landscape for Hoteliers Engagement is key to success Becoming a top referrer of traffic to hotel sites Social Commerce through booking engine applications Enquiries that would have previously come via email/phone now coming through Facebook More social group enquiries; parties, weddings etc. Advertising opportunities around campaigns and short lead in Acquiring new customers Building brand awarenesswww.facebook.com/avvio
  5. 5. Stats and Facts ts Top 5 Countries (July 2011) 1. United States 153 167 600 2. Indonesia 39 204 200 3. India 32 669 120 4. United Kingdom 29 780 760 5. Turkey 29 654 240www.facebook.com/avvio
  6. 6. Stats and Facts 1. Over 50% of Facebook users log in every day. 2. The average user still has about 130 friends. 3. 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed. 4. The 35+ demographic is growing rapidly - over 30% of the entire Facebook user base. 5. 20 million applications are installed per day 6. Over 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone. 7. There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages). 8. Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and eventswww.facebook.com/avvio
  7. 7. Hotels and Facebookwww.facebook.com/avvio
  8. 8. Facebook and Hotels What does this mean for activity levels? • Becoming part of the day to day activity • Integrates into front office/customer facing team members • Used as a communication and engagement tool • Up to the minute information • Move last room inventory • Give more attention to sphere of influence or clout • Check in require monitoring and reactionwww.facebook.com/avvio
  9. 9. Page Security Name Email Position Assign Admin By Notes: Create Social Media Management Access Panel Create a Social Media Policy Assign Social Media Manager/Administrator Have a process for removal/addition Monitor regularlywww.facebook.com/avvio
  10. 10. Housekeeping on your Page Checklist: Edit Page Are you getting notifications? Are you replying as your page? Have you set your username? Check your default settingswww.facebook.com/avvio
  11. 11. Housekeeping on your Page Checklist contd: Ensure basic info filled out Profile Pic – edit your thumbnail Featured – likes and owners Resources – duplicate pages, etc Manage admins Mobile Insightswww.facebook.com/avvio
  12. 12. Optimise Your Facebook Page 1. Create a Vanity URL 2. Use the full links in your wall posts where possible 3. Info Tab – ‘Extended Info’ App for extra information. 4. Include keywords in your content, photos, events etc. 5. Link to your Fan page using keywords in anchor text. 6. Use keyword rich status updates. 7. Ask other sites to link to your Fan page. 8. Use ‘Events and Contests’ – ripple effect. 9. Utilize Your Sidebarwww.facebook.com/avvio
  13. 13. Your Customer and their Social Graph
  14. 14. Social Graph Potential Likes Other Post networks Fan Average 130 friends Share Reviewwww.facebook.com/avvio
  15. 15. Managing your Time
  16. 16. Managing your Time • Monitor daily and respond accordingly • Use a management client for scheduling • 3-7 posts per week • Review activity weekly • Welcome new fans • Thank people for photos, comments, reviews • Encourage posting, photo uploads, tagging • Be specific with offers try to tailor or personalise if possible • Spot opportunities and react accordinglywww.facebook.com/avvio
  17. 17. Sample Activity Schedule Activity Daily Weekly Monthly Schedule activity: - 3-7 posts per week - Use management client Posts: -Responding to post increases engagement - Welcome new fans Monitor - Respond to questions, requests, reviews Review - Assess what’s been successful Offers/Campaigns Planwww.facebook.com/avvio
  18. 18. Measurement
  19. 19. Measurement Activity Weekly Monthly Growth % Target Fans Likes Comments Photos Shares Fan Offers Website Trafficwww.facebook.com/avvio
  20. 20. Facebook Insightswww.facebook.com/avvio
  21. 21. Measurement Facebook Insights – Free tool for all Facebook users – A meta tag must be added to the root of your web page to see these stats. a) Go to the Insights Dashboard to access this information. b) Click the ‘View Insights’ link c) Users section shows you data on: i. New likes, Lifetime Likes, Active Users (daily, weekly or monthly) ii. Daily active users – Unique page views, liked a post, commented on a post etc. iii. Daily breakdown of likes d) Demographics section shows you data on: i. Gender and age, geo location, language e) Activity section shows you data on: i. Page views, Total tab views, External Referring Sites and media consumptionwww.facebook.com/avvio
  22. 22. Measurementwww.facebook.com/avvio
  23. 23. Be as Social as Possible Make things as easy to share as possible with plug inswww.facebook.com/avvio
  24. 24. Maximise the Opportunity
  25. 25. Must Do’s For Your Hotel Customise your pages Post regular updates Encourage your fans to post. Exclusive Facebook fan benefits. Upload videos and pictures Claim your Facebook Places page Post as the hotel Monitor your stats Promote exclusive fan deals Enable your booking engine applicationwww.facebook.com/avvio
  26. 26. Facebook Apps for Hotels 1. Booking Engine 2. Reviews 3. Discussions 4. Events 5. Video 6. Notes/Blog RSS 7. Links 8. Twitter 9. Extended Info Note: Competition & Promotion Guidelines www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.phpwww.facebook.com/avvio
  27. 27. Tips & Points 1. Ensure you secure your page details 2. Log into Tripadvisor and see what your customers see and how they interact 3. Review can have very strong positive effect 4. Plan your activity 5. Monitor the success of your activity 6. Partner with other pages and build brand alliances 7. Use tagging in your posts or page 8. Your page can be tagged in photoswww.facebook.com/avvio
  28. 28. Advertising on Facebook 1. Facebook Ads – Can promote an external website, Facebook application, Facebook Page or Facebook Event. – Can use image or text ads – CPC or CPM – Daily budget to control spend – Billed to credit card provided – Reporting available on ad performance metrics, social metrics and demographic metrics.www.facebook.com/avvio
  29. 29. Advertising on Facebook 2. Sponsored Stories Sponsored Stories is “a way for marketers to sponsor activities that happen throughout the News Feed.” Appear on the right in the news feed. Types of Sponsored Story: • Page Like • Page Post • Page Post Like • App Used and Game Played • App Shared • Check In • Domainwww.facebook.com/avvio
  30. 30. The Possibilities of Google +1www.facebook.com/avvio
  31. 31. What is Google + Available on: Google search results Google search ads 3rd Party sites (coming soon)www.facebook.com/avvio
  32. 32. What is Google + • Google’s attempt to rival Facebook in a nutshell. • Profiles currently only available for individuals and not businesses yet so hotels cannot set up a profile for now. Google engineers are promising to build a business experience that will exceed that of consumer profiles. Searchers will see personalized annotations from: • Their Gmail chat buddies • Their Google contacts in the My Contacts group • People they’re following in Reader & Buzzwww.facebook.com/avvio
  33. 33. Here’s How the +1 Button Works Brian clicks the +1 button Brian’s friend Mary now sees next to your ad or organic a personalized annotation, search result. on search results and ads, showing that Brian +1’d it. 33www.facebook.com/avvio
  34. 34. More recommendations in search When a user clicks the +1 button on your site… …their friends and contacts will see personalized annotations on your search results and ads with the same final landing page URL. 3 4www.facebook.com/avvio
  35. 35. Learn More about Google +1 Join us for our September Webinar On Google +1 and other hotel specific Google tools Register at training@avvio.comwww.facebook.com/avvio
  36. 36. www.facebook.com/avvio
  37. 37. Thank you for joining us today. Connect with us on www.facebook.com/avvio Questions to training@avvio.comwww.facebook.com/avvio