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Youth support project 16.5.2013 Stockholm


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Youth support project 16.5.2013 Stockholm

  1. 1. Youth Support Project, Job forum –Stockholm 16.5.2013Tero Vornanen, Kristiina SallinenOpen College and Guidance Centerare the activities of Youth SupportProject (2010-2014) administratedby the North Karelia MunicipalEducation and TrainingConsortium.Project`s target group:15-24-year old unemployedNorth KareliansUsed resources 31.12.2012:Guidance Center 1,42 milj. €Open College1,16 milj. €The project is funded by theEuropean Social Fund (ESF).
  2. 2. Youth Support`s goals:• to offer possibilities to VET or work experience and gain every daylife skills• to develop the functions of guidance and conselling e.g. dialogicalcounselling as well as Open Vocational College• to avoid marginalization and social exlusion of young peopleActions:– North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium:Counselling and Guidance center and Open College– Joensuu City, Youth workshop: Starttiverstas (low level individual coaching)
  3. 3. Corner stones:Counselling and Guidance Center (CGC)• Starting point survey, sector guidance,recognition and clarification of individualobstacles• Valuntary confidential counselling• Career counselling and supported transfersto education (transitions)• Expertise on counselling, knowledge of theeducational structure and qualifications,and methodical know-how• Networks and partnerships• Flexible transition to open college or otherservicesOpen College• Individual, functional and alternative studies,learning by doing, individual length and content(also short-term study periods)• Implementation as labour political education• Permanent co-operation between Open Collegeand CGC helps to make realistic plans for thefuture (PSP)• Non-stop student intake• Studies are identificated in future studies in VETor adult education• personal guidance and support is offeredconstantly with CGCCommunity based work orientation → active participation of the youngShared responsibility→ diverse knowledge, better coping at work
  4. 4. Counselling side by side Evaluating and developing of the projectThe upper secondaryschools (VET/Highschool)Employment andeconomicdevelopment officesWorkshops, out-reached youth workSelf-guided, friends,familySocial office, youthworkJointapplicationsystemApprenticeshiptrainingLabour markettrainingSalarysupportedworkplace• Improving studying and workingskills• Starting VET studies• Improving life managment skills• Finishing VET studiesGuidance to other servicesBecomingacquantained with theservicesStarting point surveyStrenghtening the lifesituation and socialnetworkProfessional aimsettingSupportedtransferworkexperimentsCounselling CenterInstructional services/senderDialogical, activatingand counselling sideby sideOpen collegeAim settingNon-stopflexible andsupportedcounsellingHealth servicesCriminal sanctionsagencyNon-stopflexible andsupportedcounsellingNon-stopflexible andsupportedcounsellingNon-stopflexible andsupportedcounsellingSupporting the young to active participationOpen college andcounselling centersprocess chartTransition toeducation
  5. 5. Becomingacquainted to theservices• Service andsector guidanceand• Co-operationwith networkoperatorsStarting point survey• confidentialguidancerelationship• Validation ofcustomers lifesituation• Studentcounsellingmethods• Individual coachingAim setting• Short- and long-term aim settingand evaluationduring theguidance• Methods form(Goaling)Strenghtening the lifesituation and socialnetwork• Supporting thestrenghts and skills• Social network survey• Situation and skilltraining• Increasing the self-observation• Small group activities• Methods: strenghcards, screeningimportant things in lifeProfessional aimsetting• Improving studyingand working skills• Previous workexperiments• Methods i.a. careercards, school andworkplace visits,web-sites• Guidance to other services, network co-operation• Encouraging and empowerment• Training and work experiment, practical training• Online guidance (Facebook )COUNSELLING CENTERDialogical, activating and counselling side by sideTransition toeducation• Co-operationwith schools• Other co-operationpartners• Communicationwith studentand networks• Monitoring andsupportNecessary while guidanceEvaluating and developing
  6. 6. OPEN COLLEGE1. Applying for education• Guidance in counselling office• Interview, checking the selection criteria• Application to employment and economicdevelopment office• Student selection2. Individual stydy plan• Individual lenght, contents and aims• Everyday life skills, strengthen study and worklifeskills, vocational aims• education aims review3. Vocational educationOptions:• The North Karelia College• The North Karelia Adult Education Centre• On-the-job learning based individual training incollege or adult education center4. Guidance after open college• Joint application system• Open or flexible access to schools• Guidance to other servicesCounselling Center:Guidance side by sideCo-operation with:EconomicDevelopmentOffice, SocialInsuranceInstitution,schools, health care and socialservices
  7. 7. 13.5.2013 7OPEN COLLEGEGroup based preparatory training (to VET)Core studies, ia.• Finnish 1–4 cr• Swedish 1 cr• English1-2 cr• Maths 1–3 cr• Physics and chemistry 1 cr• Arts and culture 1 cr• Psychology 1 cr• free-choice studies, whichvaryElementary school studiesto revise gradesSelf-knowledge and learning skills :communication and socialskills, learning methods, phycicaleducationPreparation for the post-graduatestudies and and working life: careercounselling, working life knowledge,alternative study forms, differentshort-term certificate courses (ia.first-aid, hygiene proficiency)Student counselling,work-based learning:periods that supportcareer counsellingand work skills2 – 3 days/week 2 – 3 days/week Individually:
  8. 8. Youth Support Project816 young by the end of March 2013- 493 longterm councelling- 323 shortterm counselling (under 7 hours)- In the end of counselling 48 % of clients transfered to further studies- Most of the young aged 17-22- Open College number of students 298, including preparatory studies for VET220 and vocational training 78 studentsStatistics:
  9. 9. Sex of clients (n=493)male 260female 233Statistics
  10. 10. 132251792650501001502002503000 1 2 3 4Number of clients with Discontinued Studies (73%)StatisticsLong-term counselling
  11. 11. 10896556257448 74252020406080100120The clients (323), services in the end of counsellingbefore counselling during counselling after counsellingSocial ServicesMental Health ServicesSubstance CounsellingServicesCriminal SanctionsAgencyStatistics
  12. 12. 13.5.2013 12Contact information:JoensuuTero Vornanen Project p. 0504023195Kristiina Sallinen Education p. 0503100745Anu Kotialainen p. 0504330439Teresa Ikonen p. 0505777819Johanna Erola p. 0505777825Helena Härkönen Project p. 0505777820KiteeHeli Pesonen p. 0505777821Juuka/Lieksa/Nurmes/ValtimoMarja Piiroinen p. 0505777824Liperi/OutokumpuJuha Vänskä p. 0505777823