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BEST Life Corporate brochure

  1. 1. disability life vision medical dental
  2. 2. Who we are. BEST Life has been providing affordable group benefits to small and large employers for more than four decades. Headquartered in California and with offices in Idaho, we have built a legacy based on superior service and flexible plan designs serving 39 states.d en t alm e di calvis io nlif ed isa bil it y
  3. 3. Every employer is different. We understand that. That’swhy our plans are designed to maximize flexibility. It’s allabout tailoring to the specific needs of each employer.What’s more, we pride ourselves on our superior customerservice, rapid claims payment and the quality health plansthat have remained BEST Life trademarks.We have the agility and power to move quickly and easily.That’s one of our strengths. You’re more than just anumber to us. We pay claims in a matter of days – notweeks. And when you call, you get a live person committedto your success. Every time. No exceptions. That’s thesuperior customer service we’re known for.It’s that simple. It’s our family helping your families.
  4. 4. What we do. All employer needs are different. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized plan designs to meet those unique needs. We offer a complete and flexible portfolio of health and life plans for both large and small employers. Our brokers come to expect it. And we deliver.d en t alm ed ica lvisio nlif ed isab il ity
  5. 5. MedicalWe offer HSA-compatible High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) withaccess to large national or regional PPO networks. Plus, members gaininstant access to a wraparound network – one of the largest in thenation – that gives them extra assistance when they are outside theirprimary network service area.DentalWe maintain a variety of affordable plans to fit many budgets. We offerboth Dental PPO and Indemnity plans for businesses with two or morelives. You’ll find great rates, vast networks and the same superiorcustomer service.VisionOffer employees the freedom of choice to see any provider with ourIndemnity Vision plan. Or access our PPO plan network of more than40,000 EyeMed Vision Care® providers. All members also gain automaticaccess to the EyeMed discount program and the QualSight® LASIKnetwork for additional savings.LifeOur Group Term Life policies are customizable for employer-sponsoredor voluntary groups with two or more employees enrolling. With AD&Dand accelerated death benefit options, we provide multiple levels ofcoverage that are just right for your groups.Short Term DisabilityWe provide that financial safety net as employees recover from a non-work-related injury or illness. And creating your own plan is easy. Byselecting the benefits you want, you can provide your groups with evenmore choices and flexibility. Often when you bundle medical insurance together with ancillary lines, you get great rates on medical but then pay for it in higher ancillary rates. For additional savings, bundle your ancillary lines separately and ensure your groups are getting the best possible rates.We also offer Administration Services Only, Third Party Administrationand Medical Stop Loss programs.Products vary by state. Contact your sales representative for availability in your market.
  6. 6. P LOYERS ASSOC EM I AT T BES ION 970 S er vin g ce 1 sin Am e ri s can se B u sin esMembership benefits.In addition to our flexible and affordable plans, membersautomatically get additional discounts and benefits throughBEST Employers Association (BEA). BEA currently serves more than92,000 members nationwide.Jenny CraigSave on Jenny! Members and their adult household dependentsget their choice of a FREE 30-Day Program or 25% off a premiumprogram.Does not include the cost of food and shipping. Restrictions may apply.EyeMed Vision Care®Discounts on eye exams, eyewear and eye correction surgery.QualSight® LASIKReceive 40-50% off the national average charge for LASIKsurgery.Sears CommercialDiscounts on brand name appliances, exercise equipment,televisions and more.Avis®Discounts on car rentals at any Avis location.Global Medical ConexionsFor dental and medical treatment not covered by insurance.Members can obtain non-covered medical services at up to 70%less than the US retail hospital price when performed in anothercountry.Hartville Pet Health InsuranceMembers save 5% on eligible plans.Available in California, Indiana, Nevada, Texas and Utah.
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  8. 8. BEST Life and Health Insurance Company2505 McCabe WayIrvine, CA