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Pregnancy Partners Workshop

Course notes for touch-based workshops for pregnant couples.

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Pregnancy Partners Workshop

  1. 1. PREGNANCY PARTNERS Avni Touch www.avni-
  2. 2. TOUCH IN PREGNANCY• Touchis our first sense and it is particularly heightened during pregnancy.• Positive, nurturing touch can help reduce many pregnancy symptoms as well as enhance the experience of pregnancy.• Some techniques can be useful during labour too.
  3. 3. IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS Create a calm space for touch-based work- set the scene with an area clear from clutter, relaxing music and candles. Using the same room or area each time helps to make associations of the positive feelings of touch. Use pillows, bolsters, gym balls etc. to make yourselves comfortable. Be conscious of your breathing- have a slower exhalation than inhalation. Set 20 minutes aside every night for touch-based time as a couple. Practice nurturing one another and reconnecting with one another. Think of how you will nurture your baby very soon.
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF TOUCH• Reduce tension, stress and anxiety• Release oxytocin- important hormone for bonding and enabling smooth labour• Non-verbal communication- without needing the complexity of language• Creates connection, joy and intimacy• Feelings of safety• Conveys love
  5. 5. AREAS TO WORK ON Face, scalp, neck, spine, abdomen, buttocks, hands, feet.Connecting brain, heart and uterus.Calming; centre of feet and centre of hands.
  6. 6. TYPES OF TOUCHHolding, palming, light stroking, thumb pressure.Pay attention to how your hands land on your partner, and how you let go.
  7. 7. POSITIONSSide lying; great position for accessing everywhere in the bodyPartner sitting on the floor with you behind them on a gym ball, sofa or chair; scalp, shoulders, faceAll 4s; spine, shouldersStanding- can stoke the legs, pressure on the spine
  8. 8. CONTACT• contact Avni Trivedi at for more information on pregnancy and baby treatments and workshops for pregnant couples.