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Avnet's RaBET Overview


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Avnet's free, supply chain diagnostic tool enables customers to model the true cost savings they will experience by adding Avnet as their supply chain partner.

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Avnet's RaBET Overview

  1. 1. Revised Approach to Supply Chain Program Valuation Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool (RaBET) from Avnet Electronics Marketing
  2. 2. Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool (RaBET®) Are there non-core operations that my company can confidently and more economically off-load to a supply chain partner?  Quickly calculate cost benefits through the application of Avnet’s supply chain models for products purchased through distribution as well as direct suppliers.  RaBET establishes a company’s cost of acquisition model as a percent of spend  Focuses on areas such as: working capital, purchasing, warehousing, receiving, production, finance, operations, transportation  Self Service Tool that enables:  Comparison of current performance against Electronics industry benchmarks  Modeling of existing, or future state, supply chain program with a service model employed  Generation of reports for internal use and presentation of results
  3. 3. To begin the model there are five simple inputs to made on the profile page •Organization Name •Spend Distribution / number of PNs •Spend Direct/ number of PNs •Cost of money
  4. 4. RaBET enables users to compare their current, high- level supply chain metrics with industry norms through a clickable self-assessment.
  5. 5. Profile input calculates current expense allocation (left side) and future expense allocation (right side) based on program implementation for each of key supply chain expense categories
  6. 6. Each Supply Chain Expense Category can then be adjusted by simply clicking and drilling down into the details that calculate the results
  7. 7. Reporting from the RaBet Tool Summary presentations of the model results are available at a Click delivered in PowerPoint Detailed solution proposals based on the model are also available from your Avnet Rep upon request
  8. 8. RaBET Summary  Self-managed tool  Easy and very straightforward  Dynamic, flexible modeling  Sophisticated results  Analyzes current state against four proposed solutions  Embedded reporting at a click  Download it here:  us/services/Pages/RABET/RABET.aspx