Avnet embedded services


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Avnet Embedded Services Guide

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Avnet embedded services

  1. 1. GAIN A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEWITH AVNET SERVICESOur comprehensive suite of services can help you access new markets, new customers, new partners,new technologies and new programs to grow your business. Avnet supports you throughout the solutionsales cycle with the tools, training, resources and guidance necessary to close more deals faster andaccelerate your success.Our services help grow your revenue by expanding your offerings and enhancing customer service.With Avnet services, you can invest in those strengths that set your business apart in the marketplaceand turn to Avnet for the rest. Put simply, we can help you gain a competitive advantage and exceedyour customers’ expectations for end-to-end IT solutions.
  2. 2. » SERVICE OFFERINGS CHASSIS CUSTOMIZATION ENGINEERING RELIABILITY TESTING » Design Services (Solid Edge/CAD, » Systems Requirement Engineering » HALT, HASS, ESS (Temperature and 2D/3D Drawing) and Analysis Humidity) » Prototyping (Sheet Metal/Plastic) » Configuration Management » MIL-STD-810 » Thermal Testing » Life Cycle Management » Packaging Drop Test » Paint/Silk Screening » Roadmap Planning » Shock and Vibration » Prototype and First Article Builds » Thermal Analysis FINANCIAL SERVICES » Bills of Materials Development » Credit Cards » Product Safety Testing and Certification INTEGRATION » Custom Billing » Intel Architecture Channel » E-Billing FLAT PANEL CUSTOMIZATION Assembly » Flooring Terms » Touchscreen Integration » Bios/Firmware Updates » Leasing » Optical Bonding » UNIX Server Channel Assembly » Open Credit Terms » Passive Enhancements » Testing to SDI Standards » Receivables Services Program » Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare » AIX Software Loads » Brightness Enhancement Film » Solution Integration » Polarizer-Linear/Circular » Cross-Vendor Platforms INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS » Active Enhancements » FTP Access for Image Downloads » Global Logistics » CCFL High Bright » Remote Connectivity/VPN Access » International Integration » LED Backlighting » OEM/Custom and Embedded » Open Frame Solutions Integration IT IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES » Digital Signage » Hardware/Software Integration » Installation of Servers, Storage » Conductive Coatings » System/Device Testing and Software » EMI/RFI Shields » Asset Tagging/Serialization » Configuration of Servers, Storage » Controller Solutions » Custom Labeling and Software » Low Cost Controller Kits » Advanced Integration Tracking Systems NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION » Return/Repair Services » Program Management REGULATORY COMPLIANCE » Customer Site Specific Capability » UL, CE, EMC, FCC » Kitting Services » EBS » Custom Packaging SOFTWARE SERVICES » Medical (60601-1)(FDA 510K) » Application Development » Global Certifications » Board Support Packages WARRANTY » Design Review » Extended Warranty » Image Creation WAREHOUSING SERVICES » Global Advanced Replacement » Training (Windows Embedded) » Bonded/Reserved Inventory » Installation » Customer-Owned Inventory » OEM Spares Program SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT » Consignment » Refurbishment Program » Extended Life Cycle Management » Global On-Site Maintenance Program » Inventory Management » Material Forecasting » In-Plant Stores » Aggregation of Customer Demand© 2010 Avnet, Inc. All rights reserved. The Avnet Technology Solutions logo is a registered trademark of Avnet, Inc. All other products, brands and names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. 1-877-ASK-AVNET em.avnet.com/embedded