Avnet Electronics Marketing Defense/Aero Solutions


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Avnet leverages our unique strength, scale and role as a trusted industry veteran to deliver reliable, sustainable solutions.

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Avnet Electronics Marketing Defense/Aero Solutions

  1. 1. Defense-Aerospace Solutions Guide
  2. 2. Development Platforms COTS DEFENSE-AEROSPACE Commercial Grade SERVICES & SUPPORT Space Mil-SpecAvnet Electronics Marketing helps defense-aerospace customers bridge the gap between legacyand leading-edge — mil-spec and COTS — obsolescence and sustainability with a wide array oftechnology options and value-add service offerings.
  3. 3. Differentiated Product Options Avnet leverages our unique strength, scale and role as a trusted industry veteran to deliver reliable, sustainable solutions.Avnet offers a full portfolio of products, services and support to aid electronic original equipment manufacturers (EOEMs), electronic manufacturingservices (EMS) providers, sub-contractors and integrators creating sophisticated applications for the defense-aerospace market. We offer adedicated military sales team, highly trained Field Application Engineers and a Web-based Design Resource Center that allows us to protectcustomer design investments and extend product life cycles.Board- and System-level Solutions SpaceThe cornerstone of Avnet’s design chain competencies is Avnet Avnet also offers a comprehensive portfolio of space and RadHardEngineering Services — a group of technical experts that specialize products enhanced by exclusive space inventory programs with topin implementing ASIC and FPGA solutions on a fee-for-service component manufacturers. Special programs include data packbasis. The Avnet Engineering Services group designs development management. Avnet can also provide advice and technical insightand evaluation platforms that support products from Avnet’s line into ruggedized products as well as test data to support specificcard partners. From board- to system-level solutions, Avnet has the customer requirements.expertise to meet any design requirement — on or off the board. COTSCommercial Grade Avnet is one of the largest distributors of COTS components andAvnet has strategic global relationships with best-in-class embedded products. The key to successfully supporting COTScomponent manufacturers, which allow us to support entire bills of requirements is a proper ecosystem — from product and programmaterials from resistors to FPGAs. Our online part search engine management to strategic relationships with manufacturers to theand PartBuilder™ parametric search tool provide easy access to ability to support new product introductions and provide end-to-endcomplete portfolios of semiconductor, interconnect, passive and supply chain management.electromechanical products. Users of Avnet PartBuilder can buildpart numbers from descriptions and technical attributes and perform Obsolescenceside-by-side comparisons of similar components. The wide array of products Avnet supplies to defense-aerospace customers is complemented by a suite of component end-of-lifeMil-Spec (EOL) solutions that can mitigate the effects of semiconductorAvnet offers the broadest selection of mil-spec products and obsolescence and counterfeit issues, allowing customers to avoidcustom value-add services available today. These products and costly redesign and component integrity issues. Through a selectservices, such as military connector assembly, can be accessed number of aftermarket manufacturers, Avnet can offer productsvia our Web site, which is powered by the industry’s largest and services such as custom die packaging, footprint adapters,online component database. Behind the scenes, this database is test/screening and emulation. Our goal is to meet componentmaintained and grown by defense-aerospace product and inventory needs, with a traceable pedigree, for the life of a design.experts. This expertise is also evident in the “build your own bill ofmaterials” functionality embedded in our Web site.
  4. 4. Specialized Service Offerings Avnet provides comprehensive supply chain and integration services, strategic product intelligence and design support for mission-critical projects and applications.Avnet provides a full suite of services and support uniquely tailored to the needs of defense-aerospace contractors and integrators. This suite ofintegration and value-add services is designed to help customers speed time-to-market by freeing-up critical engineering and manufacturingresources that should be focused on achieving key milestones. Avnet’s supply chain management capabilities include order fulfillment, inventorycontrol, storage and consignment programs and point of use replenishment.Technology Education Systems Integration ServicesAvnet’s engineering teams spend countless hours with line card Avnet simplifies and streamlines development and delivery ofpartners to craft technical education programs that accelerate technical solutions by providing Systems Integration Servicesthe learning curve on new products and technologies. SpeedWay that enable customers to maximize company resources, operateDesign Workshops™ are hands-on training classes that feature more efficiently and reduce new product development costs. Fromtechnical presentations as well as hardware-based lab exercises. drive duplication to fully integrated systems ready for shipment toOn-Ramp Technical Sessions™ are two-hour technical sessions, end customers, Avnet can fulfill any requirement. The integrationtypically held over lunch at the customer’s facility, that meld tool services team includes design, integration, sales and technology-demonstrations with instruction on specific technologies or design specific engineers who can help sort through myriad technologiestopics. These workshops and technical sessions are conducted and identify the best option for a given set of requirements.by teams of local field application engineers with a focus on jump These services can be utilized at specific phases of the productstarting new or ongoing design efforts. development life cycle or throughout the entire cycle.SDB Solutions Value-Add ServicesAvnet’s Diversity Partner Program helps minimize risk and Avnet has one of the broadest offerings of physical value-addmaximize flexibility throughout the product development life cycle. services in the industry, specializing in services that provideAvnet has formed strategic alliances with small businesses to help cost and time-to-market advantages so that our customersthese companies achieve development and revenue goals. can concentrate solely on the aspects of business that provide the most return. Add a well-deserved reputation for customerSupply Chain Management service, and it’s easy to see why Avnet adds value to hundreds ofAvnet offers a host of best-in-class supply chain services, customers each day. Services include commercial interconnectwhich include order fulfillment, inventory control, storage and assembly, custom cable assembly, custom packaging, deviceconsignment and point of use replenishment. Specialized or programming, high-reliability and military connector assembly,customized solutions can also be created after comprehensive motor modification, power supply modification and thermalsupply chain assessments are performed. management.
  5. 5. Avnet electronics MArketing DEFENSE-AEROSPACE SOLUTIONS Defense-Aerospace Services and Support For more than 80 years, Avnet has served the defense-aerospace and high-reliability markets, offering cradle-to-grave solutions that minimize design and supply chain disruptions and extend product life cycles. Avnet offers more than just traditional distribution services and Avnet offers best-in-class supply chain services with a focus on socket-level support by making it a point to understand total order fulfillment, inventory control, storage and consignment and system requirements for mission-critical projects and applications. point of use replenishment. Leveraging internal competencies Countless defense-aerospace customer engagements have of global warehousing, logistics and asset management with shown that a one-size-fits-all approach to design support isn’t objective, industry-wide data, Avnet helps customers introduce nearly as effective as deploying technical resources on a case-by- and sustain differentiated products in the most cost-effective case basis to meet specific customer needs. means possible. Design Chain Solutions Supply Chain Solutions Assembly, Programming & Physical Value-Add Services Line Card » Device programming » Long-standing relationships with industry-leading » Defense-aerospace connector assembly component manufacturers » Power supply modification » Extensive catalog of COTS products » Thermal management » Volume purchasing power » Highly flexible manufacturing Component Intelligence Design Tools » Avnet PartBuilder™ » Design Resource Center » Bill of materials (BOM) analysis and optimization » Development and evaluation kits » Prómiere/Parts Universe database » Embedded board and OS solutions » Market and technology trend data » IP cores » Inventory optimization services » Technology Review » Green initiative programs Engineering Services & Support Supply Chain Assessment » ASIC design / FPGA design » Discovery and logistical analysis www.em.avnet.com/designfortime 800-332-8638 » Systems design » Financial analysis » Locally-deployed Field Application Engineers » Project implementation » Design service partners Inventory Management Solutions Integration Services » Order fulfillment » Hardware configuration » Bonded inventory programs » Software configuration » EDI Point of Use Replenishment Systems (POURS) » Packaging and logistics » Vendor-managed inventory » Maintenance » In-plant stores » Post-sales support » New product introduction (NPI) program support » Pipeline inventory from forecasts Technical Education » Inventory ownership programs » SpeedWay Design Workshops™ » On-Ramp Technical Sessions™ » Seminars / Web seminars
  6. 6. OBSOLESCENCE Extending the life of your systems RELIABILITY Selecting and qualifying parts appropriate for your application TECHNOLOGY Understanding and implementing the latest innovations LEGACY Supporting your long production cycle and yesterday’s design DESIGN TIME FOR It’s about more than technology, it’s about sustaining technology over timeCopyright© 2008, Avnet, Inc. All rights reserved. Avnet, Inc. disclaims any proprietary interest or right in any trademarks,service marks, logos, domain names, company names, brands, product names, or other form of intellectual property otherthan its own. AVNET and the AV logo are registered trademarks of Avnet, Inc. 1.800.332.8638LIT# AEM-DEFAERO-1108 www.em.avnet.com/designfortime