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Avnet Analyst Day 2010 Presentation 6 Summary


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Avnet, Inc. 2010 Analyst Day & 50th Anniversary Celebration: Dec 15, 2010

Presenters included: Roy Vallee, chairman and chief executive officer; Rick Hamada, president and chief operating officer; Ray Sadowski, senior vice president and chief financial officer; Harley Feldberg, president, Electronics Marketing; and Phil Gallagher, president, Technology Solutions.

Following the analyst day event, Avnet commemorated its 50th anniversary on the New York Stock Exchange by ringing the closing bell.

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Avnet Analyst Day 2010 Presentation 6 Summary

  1. 1. Avnet Analyst Day 2010 Performance & Potential Avnet, Inc. December 15, 20101 Accelerating Your Success™
  2. 2. Summary and Wrap-Up Roy Vallee Chairman & CEO2 Accelerating Your Success™
  3. 3. Recognized Industry Leadership Relocated assembly Launched 4 new vertical warehouse to Nogales, Mexico practices in high growth markets#142 on 2010 Fortune 500 2010 Fortune’s Most Admired Information Week recognizes Avnet among Top 250 Technology Innovators Certified Cisco Unified Computing System EBVcelebrates 40 CIO Magazine Names Avnet Accelerating Your Success™ years of success CIO 100 Award Honoree
  4. 4. Avnet Portfolio: Performance & Potential High EM EMEA TS N. America EM Asia Pac Return on Working Capital EM Americas ROWC LRPT TS EMEA TS LAC EM Japan TS Asia Pac Low 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11% Low 3 Year Market Growth CAGR 2010-2013 High Note: Bubble size represents Q1FY11 sales annualized 4 Accelerating Your Success™ Sources: Bishop, Electronics Outlook, Fleck, Gartner, IDC, iSuppli (Rev: 11/2010)
  5. 5. Avnet Portfolio: Performance & Potential High EM EMEA TS N. America Return on Working Capital EM Asia Pac ROWC LRPT TS LAC TS EMEA EM Americas EM Japan TS Asia Pac Low Fragmented Avnet Estimated Market Share Consolidated Note: Bubble size represents Q1FY11 sales annualized 5 Accelerating Your Success™
  6. 6. Avnet’s Value-Based Management Journey Shareholder ROCE Value 16% FY10 14% 12.5% Accelerate EP$ Growth FY07 FY08 V-Shaped Recovery WACC 10% FY06 FY05 FY09 Great Recession FY04 5% $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 Revenue Driving Growth Accelerating Your Success™
  7. 7. Demonstrated Performance & ExcitingPotentialDemonstrated Performance & Exciting PotentialDemonstrated Performance & Exciting Potential• Leveraged post-tech bubble growth to new records – Doubled revenue to $18B with ROWC 2,199 basis points to 25.1%• Performed well through the Great Recession – Trough to trough performance significantly improved – Quarterly records for revenue, EPS & ROCE in 1st year of recovery• $24B revenue run rate with expanded global footprint – More diversified and substantial growth opportunities• ROCE is within target range at the enterprise level – Opportunity for expansion and/or higher growth• Avnet is the global leader in technology distribution – Substantial opportunities to grow economic profits/shareholder value 7 Accelerating Your Success™
  8. 8. THANK YOU Demonstrated Performance and Exciting PotentialAccelerating Your Success™