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Avnet Analyst Day 2010 Presentation 5 Electronics Marketing


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Avnet Analyst Day 2010 Presentation 5 Electronics Marketing

  1. 1. Avnet Analyst Day 2010 Performance & Potential Avnet, Inc. December 15, 20101 Accelerating Your Success™
  2. 2. Electronics Marketing Harley Feldberg President, Electronics Marketing2 Accelerating Your Success™
  3. 3. Agenda • Our Mission • Market Opportunity • Who We Are • Growth Opportunities 3 Accelerating Your Success™
  4. 4. Our Mission Avnet Electronics Marketing will be the most successful electronic components distributor in the world by providing our customers & suppliers best-in-class design chain and supply chain solutions. 4 Accelerating Your Success™
  5. 5. Market Opportunity
  6. 6. 2011 Sizable Revenue and GP Opportunity TAM ~ DTAM ~ Channel GP$ $204 B $9 B $900 M Large $73 B $49 B $6 B Medium $14 B $14 B $4 B Small $291 B $72 B $ 10.9 B Our global footprint positions us for strong share gainSource: Avnet EMTAM Sources: Electronics Outlook, Bishop, Fleck, Gartner, iSupply, Paumanok, SIA (Rev 11/5/10)DTAM/GP: Avnet EM estimates for independent franchise distribution 6 Accelerating Your Success™
  7. 7. Design To Consumption – All Regions Matter Semiconductor Design TAM by Region Semiconductor Consumption by Region 2009 2009 The winning formula for components distribution requires strength in bothSource: Avnet EM BIO, Gartner, iSuppli 7 Accelerating Your Success™
  8. 8. Projected Components Growth through 2013 Semiconductors w/o MPUs, DRAMs or Flash Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical 8 Accelerating Your Success™
  9. 9. Growth Forecasted in All Regions 2010 – 2013 Component TAM Growth Forecast Equates to approximately $27B of DTAM Growth Sources: Bishop, Electronics Outlook, Fleck, Gartner, iSuppli, Paumanok, SIA (Rev: 11/2010) 9 Accelerating Your Success™
  10. 10. Who We Are
  11. 11. Experienced EM Global Leadership Team Patrick Zammit Ed Smith Harley Feldberg Stephen Wong Tom McCartney EMEA Americas President, EM Global Asia Japan / IP&E Gerry Fay Ravi Kichloo Tim Barber Beth Ely Sean Fanning Bill Crowell Dayna Badhorn Supply Chain Semiconductor Design Chain Avnet Express Marketing & Finance Strategic PlanningGlobal & Strategic Business Dev. Business Dev. Communications Accounts Average 20+ years of industry experience 11 Accelerating Your Success™
  12. 12. Unique Market PositionA balanced approach… EM FY01 EM FY05 EM FY10 Americas 67% Americas 40% Americas 31% EMEA 28% EMEA 38% EMEA 35% Asia 5% Asia 22% Asia 36% $8.3B $6.3B $14.4B With all regions achieving financial metrics12 Accelerating Your Success™
  13. 13. Specialized Customer Support AVNET SERVICE AMERICAS EMEA ASIA Japan Avnet UnitedSupply Chain Avnet VelocitySolutions& Logistics Tier 1 Tier 2 Avnet EM Avnet Memec EBV Silica Avnet EM Avnet Memec Avnet EM Avnet UniduxDesign Chain Avnet Embedded Avnet Abacus& Supply Chain Avnet MemecSolutions Avnet Embedded Tier 3CoreDistribution Tier 4 Avnet Express Optimizing our value prop for our customers and suppliers13 Accelerating Your Success™
  14. 14. Focused on Profitable Growth Our strong fundamentals maximize profitable growth… - Leadership - Scale & Scope - Growth Strategies14 Accelerating Your Success™
  15. 15. Growth Strategies
  16. 16. The Winning Formula Global Strategies Design Chain Solutions Supply Chain Solutions Asia Japan E-Commerce IP&E Embedded Execute these strategies using: Our strengths as an industry leader Our global scale and scope Our ability to invest16 Accelerating Your Success™
  17. 17. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Global StrategiesDesign Chain, Migration to Solutions Tim BarberGlobal Strategic Imperative Why It Matters…• We will offer the most compelling • Design TAM is dispersed Worldwide Demand Creation value proposition • Suppliers are narrowing their focus for both customers and suppliers both with customers and technology –EM Design Chain Opportunity: offering –Design Chain: approximately • Customers want solutions, not just 35% of our business parts –Over 800 Engineers Worldwide • Affords us higher margins –Greater than 45K Design Wins • Customer entanglement Annually 17 Accelerating Your Success™
  18. 18. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Global StrategiesSupply Chain Solutions, Complex and Global Gerry FayGlobal Strategic Imperative Why It Matters…• We will continue to develop leading- • Innovative Solutions Developed to edge supply chain strategies to meet Leverage the Core Business more complex customer demands • Extends ROI of Demand Creation – Avnet United: Global Business Mgmt Investments in the West – Business Migration: Linking inter- • Leverages our Scale and Scope regional design and fulfillment • Customer Entanglement – Avnet Velocity: Tier I Fulfillment-only Services – Complex Supply Chain Solutions influences approximately 15% of our business 18 Accelerating Your Success™
  19. 19. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Global StrategiesGrowing in Asia, Profitably Stephen WongGlobal Strategic Imperative Why It Matters…• Drive a leading distribution model in • Continue organic investments in growth Asia that effectively balances a focus segments on EP generation with an aggressive • Broad Coverage investment in regional growth • Achieving financial metrics –Develop effective connections with • Strong leadership with acquisition and other regions to create a globally integration experience differentiated value for EM • Significant M&A opportunities • Peer Group ~ $26B DTAM –Invest in, and develop, infrastructure that gives us scale and productivity 19 Accelerating Your Success™
  20. 20. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Global StrategiesJapan, Significant Market Opportunity Tom McCartneyGlobal Strategic Imperative Why It Matters…• We will continue to develop our • Japan Design influences 20% of business in Japan financially and global spend operationally • Large fragmented market, –Pursue additional acquisitions or Independent DTAM is approximately alliances to create scope and $12B scale • Significant M&A opportunities • Customer Supply Chain Complexity Increasing • Enables further supplier collaboration on global engagements Top 32 Distributors 20 Accelerating Your Success™
  21. 21. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Global Strategiese-Commerce, Broadening Reach and Services Beth Ely Global Strategic Imperative Why It Matters… • Expand our e-commerce offering to • Margin Enhancement enable “speed and convenience” • Customer Expansion procurement of high-profit, low- • On-line Engineering Support volume orders • Expanded Service Offering for Speed and –Common global e-commerce Convenience engine (IT) $14 Billion –Online engineering for NPI small customer DTAM –Regional customer interface opportunity models – Local Language – Local Currency – Local Inventory 21 Accelerating Your Success™
  22. 22. Avnet Electronics Marketing: Global StrategiesIP&E Expansion, Selling Across the Board Tom McCartneyGlobal Strategic Imperative Why It Matters…• We will expand our “share of wallet” • Margin Enhancement by further leveraging and extending • Fragmented Distribution Channel our industry leading IP&E Portfolio provides Acquisition Opportunity – Specialized Resources in all regions • Supplier Channel Consolidation – Critical element of Solution Selling • Estimated $12B DTAM Strategy 22 Accelerating Your Success™
  23. 23. EM Global Strategy:Embedded, The Design EvolutionGlobal Strategic Imperative Why It Matters…• Define and launch Avnet EM’s • Solution Selling Strategy Embedded strategy regionally and • New Integration Service Models globally – Implement a globally aligned • Displays Estimated $50B strategy, incubated regionally, to • Embedded Boards TAM extend EM’s value proposition in • HDD Embedded products – Ensure the successful integration of Bell business Sources: Gartner, IDC, iSuppli, (*Without TVs and Monitors), Avnet BIO Estimates 23 Accelerating Your Success™
  24. 24. Avnet’s Customer Touch Points…ExpandingChip Level System Level Embedded Solution Level• MPU /MCU Development Kits • Embedded Boards• DSP Supplier Created – Extension of processor architecture• Programmable • Displays Avnet Created Customer Benefits… Logic – Panels• ASIC 3rd Party Partners Time to Market – Systems• Connectivity Operating Systems Development Costs • Integrated Systems – Wired Microsoft – Supplier systems – Wireless – Value added services Linux• Analog• Power Production Modules• IP&E Processing• Displays Communications• Memory Power Wireless24 Accelerating Your Success™
  25. 25. Summary• CY10, an exciting year, yielding outstanding results – All regions participated in the performance• Technology continues to proliferate the globe• Experienced and committed leadership team• Global scale and scope matter more than ever• Ability to invest organically and through acquisition• Our strategic imperatives will accelerate profitable growth• Looking forward, growth should continue at a steady pace• Strong operating discipline regardless of market conditions25 Accelerating Your Success™
  26. 26. Q&A