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Avnet IP&E Technology Guide: Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical Products


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This guide simplifies application design and accelerates time-to-market by defining basic, system-level Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical (IP&E)building blocks. In addition, the guide provides a “who’s who” of IP&E technology manufacturers and demonstrates how Avnet can meet a full breadth of product requirements and, in the process, add exceptional value to our customers.

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Avnet IP&E Technology Guide: Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical Products

  1. 1. IP&E Technology Guide Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical Products Quick Reference Version 6.0 IP&E Information at Your Fingertips @
  2. 2. Table of Contents This guide simplifies application design and accelerates time-to-market by defining basic, system-level Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical (IP&E) building blocks. In addition, the guide provides a “who’s who” of IP&E technology manufacturers and demonstrates how Avnet can meet a full breadth of product requirements and, in the process, add exceptional value to our customers. IN THIS GUIDE >> Connectivity, product, commodity and vertical market information >> Functional connectivity block diagrams, along with common system blocks, to facilitate association of IP&E and semiconductor products >> Product-specific sections that spotlight suppliers and technologies and provide valuable information that can be used throughout the product development lifecycle 1 IP&E Technology Guide 6.0 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 The Avnet IP&E Story Connectivity Block Diagram System Blocks: IP&E Support Capacitors Circuit Protection Filters High-Reliability and Military Inductors Commercial Interconnect Magnetics Power Supplies Relays Resistors RF and Wireless Switches and Sensors Thermal Management Timing Solutions IP&E Physical Value-Add Services
  3. 3. THE AVNET IP&E STORY Avnet Electronics Marketing is committed to successfully supporting our customers’ Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical (IP&E) requirements with best-in-class people, products and services. We achieve this goal by leveraging the manufacturing and technology expertise of our industry-leading supplier partners, investing in dedicated IP&E resources and tools, and creating value for our customers by providing support throughout the product development lifecycle. Avnet’s unparalleled strength and scale allow us to deliver specialized IP&E solutions that integrate differentiated product and service offerings, supported by world-class design chain and supply chain expertise. LINE CARD VALUE-ADD SERVICES eCOMMERCE INVENTORY DEDICATED RESOURCES IP&E ECOSYSTEM Line Card/Technology Coverage eCommerce − THE POWER OF AVNET AVAILABLE ONLINE »»68 manufacturers supply products The power of Avnet is conveniently online at At, you can do a parametric search, cross reference parts and check pricing and availability as well as delivery status. You can also access Web content, which includes publications, featured products, product news and special offers that support new product releases from our supplier partners. across 15 different technologies »»The top manufacturer in every category is on the Avnet EMA line card Commercial, High-Reliability and Military IP&E Inventory Position »»$150 to $200 million on-hand and an additional $150 to $200 million in the pipeline »»Appropriate inventory mix across commodities: interconnect (50%), passive (30%) and electromechanical (20%) Dedicated Customer Resources »»350+ Sales and Marketing Representatives and Managers »»350+ Field-deployed Account Managers »»150+ Field Applications Engineers »»125+ employees dedicated to providing IP&E materials, pricing, marketing and technical support Services Avnet offers a wide range of IP&E services from any point in the design cycle from concept to architectural design, to new product introductions and on through next generation modification or end-of-life. With offerings that run the gamut from Web seminars to connector assembly, Avnet offers it all. Design »»Parametric search »»Technical support »»Development tools & kits »»New product introduction Products »»Over 5 million parts online »»Over 1.5 million parts in quantities of 1 »»Cut reel program Search/Sort/Compare »»Top sellers »»Alternate parts »»Prototype quantities »»In stock only Order and Delivery »»No minimum orders »»No handling charges »»Global and same day shipping »»Bill of Material upload IP&E Technology Guide 6.0 2
  5. 5. System Blocks: IP&E Support Analog Signal Chain TIMING DEVICES SENSOR OP-AMP GAIN AMP FILTER FILTER TIMING DEVICES ADC uP/FPGA/ASIC OPTIONAL BIAS FILTER DAC TIMING DEVICES Filters Sensors Timing devices Capacitors Inductors Resistors Flow Position Pressure Proximity Temperature Clock Drivers Crystals Oscillators Resonators Battery/Power Management VDC1+ AC/DC MODULE VDC2+ DC/DC MODULE AC LINE VDC3+ Circuit Protection PWM CONTROLLER Power Modules Power Entry Modules MOSFET DRIVER Beads Capacitors Chokes Inductors Relays Resistors Transformers Filters PFC Discrete Power Circuit Breakers Fuses MOVs Thyristors Varistors PLUG AC/DC DC/DC OPTO ISOLATION VREF AND SECONDARY PWM IP&E Technology Guide 6.0 4
  6. 6. System Blocks: IP&E Support Off the Board Processing/User Interface SERIAL PLUG RJ-11 RJ-45 PUSH BUTTON MAGNETICS FILTERS I/O DEVICES IDENTIFICATION ETH PHY KEYPAD CABLE ASSEMBLIES THERMAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IO CONNECTORS SYSTEM PCB OR CHASSIS PROCESSOR MEMORY CONNECTORS SIM CARD TIMING DEVICES CONNECTORS ANTENNA POWER SUPPLIES CIRCUIT PROTECTION SMART CARD RELAYS SOCKETS THERMAL MANAGEMENT USB PORT HDMI DISPLAY PORT FIREWIRE MICRO SD CARD Cable Assemblies Cable/Wire Identification Circuit Protection Connectors Filters Magnetics/ Filters System IO Connectors IO devices Data IO Connectors Memory Connectors Board to Board User Interface Wire to Board Labels Circuit Breakers Board to Board Wire to Board EMI/EFI Power Entry Modules RF/IF Relays Thermal Management Keypads Potentiometers Serial/RJ-11/ RJ-45 Switches and Sensors microSD Cards SD Cards SIM Cards SMART Cards Power Supplies Backplanes Board to Board Interconnects Card Edges Mezzanines PCB Headers Dials DisplayPorts DVI/HDMI/ FireWire/USB Antennas Chokes Ferrite Beads Integrated Modular Jacks RF/IF Filters Transformers Chip Puck Stand-Alone Surface-Mount Tab Whip AC/DC DC/DC UPS Electromechanical Solid-State AC Fans DC Fans Fan Trays Timing Devices Circuit Protection Sockets thermal Management Clock Drivers Crystals Oscillators Resonators ESD Diodes Fuses Thyristors Varistors Memory Sockets Processor Sockets Fans Heatsinks Wired and RF Connectivity TIMING DEVICE FILTER MODULE FILTER PA FILTER CONNECTOR/CABLE MODULES DAC RF ANTENNA PROCESSOR VGA FILTER MODULE LNA FILTER CONNECTOR/CABLE MODULES ADC RF ANTENNA RF/IF AMP TIMING DEVICE 5 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 TIMING DEVICE Passive Antennas Coax Cable Assemblies RF Adapters RF Connectors RF/IF AMP TIMING DEVICES Interconnect Couplers Phase Trimmers RF Chip Capacitors RF Chip Inductors RF Frequency Control RF Trimmer Capacitors Splitters/Combiners Terminations
  7. 7. Capacitors Technology Component Sourcing Considerations Capacitors are passive components commonly used in analog and digital »»Device type or application electronic systems to separate AC and DC electrical currents. The devices »»Termination style/package (surface mount, axial leaded, radial leaded, store energy between two conducting plates separated by an insulator disk, screw terminal and snap-in) or dialectric. When capacitors store an electrical charge up to a certain »»Case size (surface mount) level, they then releases them. Capacitance, or the amount of current that »»Lead spacing (leaded) is stored, is measured in farads. Capacitors permit AC signals to pass »»Material (ceramic, tantalum, aluminum electrolytic, film and glass) through them with little opposition but block the passage of DC signals. »»Capacitors of various types and sizes are used in every electronic circuit. Anytime a semiconductor is used, a capacitor will also be used. The type of capacitor used is dependent upon application requirements. »»Voltage »»Tolerance »»Dialectric (ceramics; NPO/COG, X7R, X5R, Z5U and Y5V) »»Typically, any application that requires a capacitor will also need »»On board power applications will typically require both ceramic and aluminum capacitors. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vishay • Tusonix • • • • TDK (EPCOS) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TAIYO-YUDEN • • Samsung • Surge Components require stability and wide temperature ranges. • • • • • • • • • • Stackpole »»Film capacitors are found in high-frequency applications that typically CAPACITOR Product/Type Aluminum Leaded Aluminum Polymer Aluminum Screw Terminals Aluminum Snap In  Aluminum Surface Mount Ceramic Chip Ceramic Disk Ceramic Leaded Film Chip Film Leaded Glass Super Capacitors Tantalum Axial Tantalum Chip Tantalum Conformal Coated Tantalum Polymer Tantalum Radial Tantalum Wet Panasonic devices hold a large amount of energy, making them ideal for use in high-capacitance applications. NIC »»Aluminum capacitors are often found in low-cost applications. These Murata other devices with clean DC power. AVX »»Tantalum capacitors are mainly used on voltage lines that feed ICs and KEMET COG/NPO, X7R, Z5U and are targeted at low capacitance applications. Cooper Bussmann additional passive devices such as inductors, resistors and magnetics. »»Ceramic capacitors feature ceramic dialectrics commonly referred to as • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • IPE Technology Guide 6.0 6
  8. 8. »»Applications that require ESD protection always need some type of circuit protection. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vishay TE Connectivity Schurter Nidec Copal • Murata »»Most boards require some type of circuit protection. • • Bourns strikes, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and external disruptions. Bourns system surges at start up. Common over voltage causes include lightning Circuit Protection OVER CURRENT PRODUCT/type Circuit Breakers Line Potection Modules Resettable Fuses One-Time Use Telecom Fuses AVX fluctuations, wire or trace shortages, faulty wiring, and lighting and Bel are designed to withstand. Common over current causes are AC power AVX against current in excess of what the circuit and surrounding components NIC Over current and over voltage protection devices provide protection Cooper Bussmann Technology Carling Technologies Circuit protection • • • »»Target applications include telecom and networking. »»Operating current »»Voltage rating »»Ambient temperature »»Accessories (fuse holders, clips, etc.) »»Tolerance OVER VOLTAGE CIRCUIT PROTECTION »»Type »»AC/DC operating voltage »»Peak current »»Temperate range 7 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 • • • • • • • • • Vishay »»Type (standard or resettable) Circuit Protection OVER VOLTAGE PRODUCT/type ESD Protection Devices Gas Discharge Tubes Thyristors TVS Diodes Varistors TDK (EPCOS) OVER CURRENT CIRCUIT PROTECTION Stackpole Component Sourcing Considerations Abracon agnetically actuated and thermally actuated devices. TE Connectivity »»Circuit breakers are categorized in two groups: • • •
  9. 9. Filters RF/IF and microwave filters are devices that pass or reject signals by • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  •  • • • • • • TOKO America Pulse • Panasonic Murata • • • • Steward ensure effective circuit performance. • •  • Schurter the unwanted noise. Both EMI and RFI filters eliminate disturbances to CTS energy (electromagnetic), while RFI refers to the frequency range of RF/IF FILTER PRODUCT/TYPE Balun Transformers IF Band Pass Filters RF Band Pass Filters RF Duplexers RF Low Pass Filters SAW Resonators Panasonic radio frequency interference (RFI). Technically, EMI refers to the type of AVX Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is often used interchangeably with Abracon from other devices within a system. TDK (EPCOS) Filter products are used to regulate or suppress line voltage imperfections TAIYO-YUDEN Technology • • • • • • • • frequency. The filter design determines the amount of insertion loss and • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vishay • Tusonix • TE Connectivity • • TDK (EPCOS) Murata UL listing mark, UL recognized component mark, VDE component mark and Mil Spec. KEMET »»Important approvals for EMI and RFI filters include CSA mark, • Bourns »»Target applications include networking and medical equipment. EMI/RFI Product/type Chokes EMI Filters Ferrite Beads Ferrite Cores Power Entry Modules AVX electromechanical devices and fans. »»Typically used in applications that require EMI/RFI protection. API Delevan »»Often used with power supplies, power entry modules, power cords, Abracon types of RF and microwave filters. TAIYO-YUDEN phase shift for signals that pass through the filter. There are several basic • • Component Sourcing Considerations »»Type »»Application and agency approval requirements »»Rated input/output voltage »»Amount of filtering (in amps) »»Leakage »»Package IPE Technology Guide 6.0 8
  10. 10. High-Reliability and Military Technology inventory experts, a comprehensive bill of material and drawing database and the industry’s largest value-add ISO-9002, MIL-I-45208, UL and CSA certified assembly operation. Avnet also offers a comprehensive portfolio of space and RadHard products. Component Sourcing Considerations »» vnet can meet Mil-Spec and commodity-specific sourcing requirements. A »»In many cases, environmental or industry-specific guidelines or product certification is required. »»These products can be called out by MIL and/or commercial part numbers. »»Many products can be sourced with accessories such as end bells, back shells and covers. 9 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Weidmuller • • Tri-Star • • • TE Connectivity Glenair FCI • • • Molex Avnet has a full team of dedicated Hi-Rel/Mil-Aero/industrial product and ITT Interconnect Solutions specifically engineered to survive in industrial applications/environments. Interconnect Product/type Arinc 404/600 D-Sub IO Hi-Rel Circular MIL-C-21097 MIL-C-22292 MIL-C-26482 MIL-C-26500 MIL-C-28840 MIL-C-39012 MIL-C-39029 MIL-C-5015 MIL-C-55074 MIL-C-55302 MIL-C-81511 MIL-C-81659 MIL-C-83723 MIL-C-85049 MIL-DTL-24308 MIL-DTL-38999 MIL-DTL-83733 MIL-PRF-83513 MIL-T-81714 Power/Industrial Tubing/Molded Shapes Conesys without the testing certifications, or simply ruggedized components AEP off the Shelf) products, which are equivalent to Mil-Spec parts but AVX/ELCO Government. High-reliability components are either COTS (Commercial Amphenol product drawings and testing criteria established by the United States Amphenol PCD Military and aerospace products are built to specifications based on • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
  11. 11. High-Reliability and Military electromechanical products. Users can build part numbers from descriptions and technical attributes and perform side-by-side comparisons of similar components. Mil-Spec Avnet offers the broadest selection of mil-spec products and custom valueadd services available today. These products and services, such as military connector assembly, can be accessed via our Web site, which is powered by the industry’s largest online component database. Behind the scenes, this database is maintained and grown by defense-aerospace product and inventory experts. This expertise is also evident in the “build your own bill of materials” functionality embedded in our Web site. Avnet also offers a comprehensive portfolio of space and RadHard products enhanced by exclusive space inventory programs with top component manufacturers. Special programs include data pack management. Avnet can also provide advice and technical insight into ruggedized products as well as test data to support specific customer requirements. COTS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TE Connectivity • • Sensata/Airpax Schurter Esterline Power Systems Electromechanical Product/type Circuit Breakers Fans Blowers Industrial/COTS Relays MIL-PRF-28750 MIL-PRF-28776 MIL-PRF-39016 MIL-PRF-6106 MIL-PRF-83536 MIL-PRF-83726 MIL-R-5757 ebm papst introductions and provide end-to-end supply chain management. • • • • • • • • • • products. The key to successfully supporting COTS requirements is a relationships with manufacturers to the ability to support new product • • Avnet is one of the largest distributors of COTS components and embedded proper ecosystem — from product and program management to strategic Vishay Passive Product/type Ceramics: MIL-PRF-11015 Ceramics: MIL-PRF-123 Ceramics: MIL-PRF-20 Ceramics: MIL-PRF-39014 Ceramics: MIL-PRF-55681 Inductors: MIL-PRF-15305, 39010, 83446 Magnetics: MIL-PRF-21038/27 Metal Film Resistors: MIL-R-122, 10509, 39017, 55182, 55342 22684 Network Trimmers: MIL-R-22097, 27208, 39015 39035 Network Trimmers: MIL-R-83401 Tantalums: DSCC10004 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-26655 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-39003 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-39006 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-3965 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-49137 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-55365 Tantalums: MIL-PRF-93026 Wire Wound Resistors: MIL-R-26, 93, 18546, 39005/7/9 • • • • • • • • • • • IPE Technology Guide 6.0 Teledyne to complete portfolios of semiconductor, interconnect, passive and Pulse resistors to FPGAs. Our online parametric search tool provide easy access KEMET manufacturers, which allow us to support entire bills of materials from AVX API Delevan Avnet has strategic global relationships with best-in-class component Bourns Differentiated Product Options Commercial Grade • • • 10
  12. 12. An inductor is a coil of wire wrapped around a core of air, iron, or ferrite (a compound made of iron particles mixed in a non-conducting epoxy cement material). Inductors are not commonly found in digital systems, but they may be used in volume in certain types of analog systems, including RF and network interface applications. Inductors function as filtering or choke components and are mainly used in tuned circuits to block high-frequency AC signals. They pass DC easily, but block AC signals. This action is the opposite of what a capacitor does. Inductors are used to suppress or limit the flow of alternating current without affecting the flow of direct current. »»Inductors of various types and sizes are often used in electronic circuits. »»Typically, any application that requires an inductor will also require additional passive devices such as capacitors, resistors and magnetics. »»Inductors have broad application potential. Target markets include automotive, cellular, computer, consumer, industrial, power and telecommunications. Component Sourcing Considerations »» Package »»Inductance range »»Q factor »»Current »»DC Resistance 11 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 INDUCTOR product/type Chip Inductors Leaded Inductors Power Inductors RF Inductors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vishay Technology Abracon API Delevan AVX Bourns Cooper Bussmann KEMET Murata NIC Panasonic Pulse Samsung Stackpole Sumida TAIYO-YUDEN TDK (EPCOS) TOKO Inductors • • • •
  13. 13. Technology Connectors are used to connect two or more electrical circuits and typically feature a plastic or metal housing and metal contacts/terminals, with the exception of fiber optics, which use fiber to transmit signals. For general reference, interconnect products can be divided into six levels of packaging. »»Many interconnect products conform to industry standards developed by committees comprised of, among others, representatives from a number of Avnet’s connector suppliers. Avnet routinely aggregates information on products that are specifically designed to meet these standards. »»Look for the connectivity points based on the level of packaging (i.e., socketing a high value IC, connecting two boards, etc.). »»In most systems, the main PCB (motherboard, backplane, etc.) will need to connect to smaller boards, system IO, etc. »»Avnet also stocks and distributes custom and off-the-shelf cable assemblies from most of the connector suppliers listed on our line card. Six Levels of Interconnect Packaging »»Primary connection (IC chip to package) »»Components to circuits (device to board) »»Circuit to circuit (board to board) COMMERCIAL INTERCONNECT product/type Backplane Cable Card Edge Circular D-Sub Electrical Products Fiber Optic IO PCB Power Rack Panel Rectangular Power Sockets Terminal Blocks 3M ALPS Amphenol Amphenol PCD Amphenol TCS AVX/ELCO Bel Cooper Bussman FCI Glenair ITT Interconnect Solutions Molex Panduit Samtec TE Connectivity Vishay Weidmuller Commercial Interconnects • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •    • •    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • »»Sub-assembly to sub-assembly (wire to board) »»Sub-assembly to IO (panel mount) »»System to system (box to box, cable assemblies) Component Sourcing Considerations »»Type (backplane, card edge, IO, PCB, power, etc.) »»Configuration (board to board, wire to board (cable to board), wire to wire (cable to cable), panel mount (IO) and box to box (cable assemblies)) »»Contact count and spacing »»Gender »»Contact plating »»Termination style (crimp, IDC, through hole, surface mount, wire wrap and press fit) »»Design options (keying, shielding and accessories) »»Industry standards (IEEE1394, USB 2.0) »»Control input and output requirements IPE Technology Guide 6.0 12
  14. 14. »»Ideal for applications that transmit voice, data and/or video. »»Some applications that use RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors may also benefit from integrating magnetics products. »»There is a one-to-one correlation between communication ICs and magnetic transformers; the LAN or telecom transformer must be matched to an IC. »»Designs requiring fast clock rates and multi-line IO interfaces will often need magnetics. Component Sourcing Considerations »»Type (LAN modules, telecom modules, common mode chokes, filtered RJ jacks, broadband modules and power modules) »»Application (T1/E1, 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1GBase-T, 10GBase-T) »»Matching IC »»Ports supported (single, dual, quad and octal) »»Packaging »»DC resistance, isolation voltage (chokes) 13 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vishay TDK (EPCOS) Sumida Pulse • • • • • • • Panasonic common mode chokes and transformers are used to convert power. MAGNETIC Product/type Broadband Modules Chokes Integrated RJ Jacks LAN Modules Power Magnetics Telecom Modules Transformers Murata and convert voltage. In power applications, magnetics such as inductors, Bourns or down signal levels), suppress unwanted signals, filter noise emissions Bel magnetic products are used to isolate circuits, match impedances (step up API Delevan LAN, telecom and power applications. In LAN and telecom applications, Abracon Magnetic-based components are an integral part of electronic circuitry in Molex Technology CK Components Magnetics • • •
  15. 15. Power supplies AC to DC) and can also change voltage level values (i.e., 5 to 3.3 V). »»A large variety of form factors, features and operating specifications are available to address the unique power requirements of differing applications. »»Complete power solutions often require several conversion stages including AC-DC and DC-DC. The architecture used can significantly influence the performance characteristics of the solution. »»Power solutions are available as modular solutions or as discrete component designs. Choosing the best solution for a given application involves a make versus buy analysis. DC/DC Power SupplY PRODUCT/TYPE Isolated Bricks Isolated Industrial Point-of-Load (POL), Non-Isolated Specialty - ATCA Specialty - POE Specialty - VRM Specialty - RF Specialty - LED Specialty - Military DOSA Multi-Source Member POLA Multi-Source Member • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TDK-Lambda GE Critical Power load. For example, they can convert current from one form to another (i.e., SL Power Emerson Network Power characteristics that are acceptable for distribution or consumption by a Power-One Bel • • • • • • Power supplies convert an available power source into voltage and current Martek Power Aimtec Technology • • • • • • • • • • • • • • your Avnet support team early on in the design process) »»Feature requirements (tracking, load sharing, sequencing, IO interface, remote ON/OFF, remote sensing, I2C, etc.) »»Options (PFC, remote sensing, inhibit, enable, voltage adjustability, current share, hot swap and redundant (N+1)) »»Thermal Environment (Operating temperature, start-up temperature, airflow and heat sinking) »»Efficiency (Energy Star, 80 PLUS, etc.) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •          • Power-One    • •    • • • • • •       • • Power Source PRODUCT/TYPE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mide Technology »»Agency approvals (UL, CSA, TUV, CE and IEC) TDK-Lambda •                   Solartech »»Power architecture and budget (be sure to share this information with • Solar-Rigid Crystalline Panels/Modules • Solar-Custom Panels/Modules • • Vibration+Solar-Energy Harvesters • DC-AC Inverter PRODUCT/TYPE Solar Emerson Network Power Vibration-Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters • Power Storage PRODUCT/TYPE House of Batteries »»Input voltage, output voltage and output current (Power = V x I) • SL Power Component Sourcing Considerations AC/DC Power SupplY PRODUCT/TYPE Board Mount Compact PCI DIN Rail Externals (AC Adapters) Front Ends  Rectifiers Linear Modular-Configurable Power Open, U-Channel, Enclosed Power Factor Correction (PFC) Modules Specialty - Medical Rated Specialty - POE Specialty - LED Lighting Specialty - Military Martek Power everything in between, require power supplies. GE Critical Power »»Most electronic components, from analog to programmable logic to Aimtec modules. The most popular being the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) and the Point-Of-Load Alliance (POLA). Emerson Network Power »»Multi-source agreements exist for some DC-DC power supply Custom Battery Pack Design • Standard Batteries (AA,C,D,SLA, etc.) • IPE Technology Guide 6.0 14
  16. 16. Relays continues to outpace the overall relay market. This is occurring because today’s circuit designs require high-reliability, IO isolation, high-speed switching, logic IC compatibility and noise filtering, all of which can not be sustained by electromechanical relays. Electromechanical relays, however, still lead in applications that must switch between AC and DC and that need very high-voltage and/or high-current ratings with low, offstate leakage, all at the lowest cost. »»Ideal for applications with power switching and signal isolation requirements. »»It’s important to remember that relay types are often applicationspecific (i.e., high-frequency, low-power signal, military, power, general purpose, etc.). Component Sourcing Considerations »»Type »»Contact switch rating »»Coil voltage »»Contact configuration (how many poles and throws?) »»Mounting style »»Dimensions »»Military specification (where applicable) 15 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 RELAY PRODUCT/TYPE Circuit Breakers COTS Industrial General Purpose IO Modules Military Power Reed RF Signal Solid-State • • • • • • • • • • • *TE Connectivity relay brands: Agastat, Axicom, CII, Kilovac, OEG, PB and Schrack. • • • • • • • • • • Teledyne or mechanically (electromechanical relay). Solid-state relay growth TE Connectivity as a switch, except they are powered either electrically (solid-state relay) Schurter or close electrical contacts. These devices serve the same basic function OMRON Relays are electrically controlled devices that use a control signal to open Esterline Power Systems Technology • • • • • • •
  17. 17. Resistors of resistivity. The materials are processed and shaped into packages with metal leads or pads connected to the ends of the material. Some form of marking identifies the resistance and tolerance of the resistor and is then printed on the package. »»Resistors of various types and sizes are used in every electronic circuit so every application will need these devices. »»It’s important to determine application-specific requirements. Anytime a semiconductor is used, a resistor will also be used so information is needed to narrow product selection. »»Typically, any application that requires a resistor will also require additional passive devices such as capacitors, resistors and magnetics. • • • • • •  •  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vishay Stackpole • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Samsung • Panasonic • NIC • Murata RESISTOR PRODUCT/type Carbon Film Chip Resistor Arrays Current Sense Resistors Film Resistors Leaded MELF Resistors Thick Film Chip Resistors Thick Film Networks Leaded Thick Film Networks SMD Thin Film Chip Resistors Trimmer Pots Leaded Trimmer Pots SMD Wirewound Leaded Wirewound Surface Mount CTS resistors are made by using materials that have known characteristics Bourns components, contain a specific amount of electrical resistance. All ALPS ohms. Resistors, which are one of the most commonly used passive AVX Resistance is opposition to electrical flow and is specified in units called Nidec Copal Technology • • • • • • • • • • • • Component Sourcing Considerations »»Termination style (surface mount or leaded) »»Case size/package »»Material (carbon film, carbon composition, cermet, metal film, wirewound, etc.) »»Wattage (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2, etc.) »»Resistance (ohms) »»Tolerance »»Type (concave, convex - chip arrays) »»Circuit type (bussed, isolated - chip arrays and networks) »»Number of terminals/pins (chip arrays and networks) »»Number of turns (trim pots) »»Sealed or unsealed (trim pots) IPE Technology Guide 6.0 16
  18. 18. RF and Wireless • • • • • • • • • • • TE Connectivity • • • RF Connectors • TAIYO-YUDEN • • Samtec RF Adapters • Radiall/AEP Coax Cable Assemblies wireless solutions. Pulse products and other highly integrated designs comprise our RF and • Murata Antennas FCI FETs, RF ICs, MMICs, ASICs, modules, RF interconnect and passive • RF Interconnect PRODUCT/TYPE 3M over 18 GHz, and from 1 mW to over 80 W. Discrete diodes, transistors, Molex and millimeter wave markets. Avnet’s solutions range from under 1 MHz to ITT Interconnect Solutions create leading-edge standard and custom products for the RF, microwave Emerson Network Power Avnet’s RF and wireless solutions combine complementary technologies to Amphenol RF Technology • • • • • • • Component Sourcing Considerations »»Application type »»Power output requirement »»System voltage and current requirements »»Special issues »»Technology preferences (bipolar, MOSFET, LDMOS, GaAs, etc.) »»Device packaging (surface mount, through hole, ceramic, plastic, etc.) »»Temperature rating »»Special testing or selection 17 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 RF Passive PRODUCT/TYPE Couplers Phase Trimmers RF Chip Capacitors RF Chip Inductors RF Frequency Control RF Trimmer Capacitors Splitters/Combiners Terminations Amphenol RF API Delevan AVX CTS FOX KEMET Murata NIC Pulse Radiall/AEP TAIYO-YUDEN TDK (EPCOS) TOKO Tusonix Vishay »»Product and commodity specifics • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  •  • • • • •
  19. 19. »»Ideal for any application that needs to be turned on or off. »»Switches can be board or panel/box-mounted depending on the application. »»Generally, board mount switches, especially DIP and tactile, are high volume items with low ASPs. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TE Connectivity • Schurter • Panasonic OMRON • • • • • • TDK (EPCOS) functions. Generally, the switch actuator differentiates the product type. • TAIYO-YUDEN an extremely cost-effective and simple means of performing switching SWITCH PRODUCT/TYPE Dip  Keypad Keyswitch Keylock Rocker Rotary Slide Snap-Action Tactile/Push-button Thumb-wheel Toggle Nidec Copal or more metal contacts to make or break circuits. This technology is Grayhill These devices mechanically bring together or separate the surfaces of two Bourns The majority of products being sold are electromechanical devices. ALPS electric device. There are literally thousands of different switch configurations. CTS Switches are devices that make, break or change the connections in an Carling Technologies Technology CK Components Switches and Sensors • • • • »»Panel mount switches, especially in industrial applications, have »»Contact configuration (SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, 3PST, 4PST, etc.) »»Packaging (size and mounting style) Vishay • • PUI Audio Panasonic OMRON »»Coil voltage • • Murata »»Contact switch rating (in amps) SENSOR PRODUCT/TYPE Audio Indicators and Alerts Flow Sensors Magnetoresistive Sensors Microphones Pressure Sensors Proximity Sensors Speakers Temperature Sensors Thermistors Bourns tactile, thumb-wheel, toggle, trigger, keylock, Hall effect, keypads, keyswitch, keyboard, etc.) AVX »»Type (dip, push-button, rocker, rotary, slide, snap-action, ALPS Component Sourcing Considerations CK Components higher resales. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Note: These are IPE sensor products. There are additional types and numerous semiconductor options for sensor products. A complete listing can be found on under Sensors Transducers. IPE Technology Guide 6.0 18
  20. 20. Thermal Management Technology heat sinks Thermal management solutions include products and services that »»Natural or forced air solve problems associated with the dissipation of unwanted heat in »»Flow velocity electronic and electrical components and systems. Forced convection »»Available sink volume cooling and heat transfer are two of the more popular methods of thermal »»Maximum allowable case temperature management. Avnet offers several products that use these methods for »»Device area in contact with sink heat dissipation: »»Fans (convection cooling) move and displace air and are categorized by the amount of air they can produce. »»Number of devices to be cooled »»Power to be dissipated per device »»Just about any application that calls for a monster chip (i.e., microprocessor, microcontroller, FPGA, DSP, etc.) will require thermal management products. »»In addition, many larger watt power supplies will also require some type of device to dissipate heat. »»There are a wide range of applications that require a fan or fan tray (i.e., servers, routers, telecom equipment). These are all good candidates for a factory-assembled fan tray or a custom fan tray sold and assembled by Avnet. Component Sourcing Considerations fans »»Type (AC, DC, fan or blower) »»Square size (inches or mm) »»Width size (inches or mm) »»Supply voltage »»CFM required 19 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 • • • • • • • • • • TE Connectivity • Sunon THERMAL MANAGEMENT product/type AC Fans Active/Passive Heat Sinks Blowers DC Fans Fan Trays Fanless Cooler Guards/Hardware Microscale Thermal Management MIL/Industrial Fans Molex interface materials and molded, stamped or extruded metal sinks that pull heat away from its sources and into the ambient air. Heat sinks can be passive or active (includes a fan). ebm papst »»Heat sinks (heat transfer) provide heat transfer through heat-conducting CTS stream focusing air movement to a defined area of the system. Aavid Thermalloy »»Blowers (convection cooling) move and displace air in a controlled • • • •
  21. 21. a combination of a quartz crystal and other electronic components enclosed in a single package. Oscillators provide greater stability and tighter tolerance than crystals, without additional electronics. Oscillators are frequently used in devices that require greater reliability or in high-end • • • • • • • • • Vishay • • • Murata TIMING Product/type Crystals Oscillators Resonators FOX regulate the timing or system speed (clock rate) of a circuit. Oscillators are CTS at a specific frequency when voltage is applied. This vibration is used to AVX Crystals are naturally occurring pieces of quartz that vibrate (oscillate) Abracon Technology Panasonic Timing Solutions • • • Note: These are IPE Timing Solutions. There are additional types and numerous semiconductor options for timing devices. A complete listing can be found on under Logic Timing. applications. Typically constructed from ceramic materials, resonators are a low-cost alternative to crystals and are used in applications that do not require tight control of tolerance and stability. »»It is important to determine if the timing device will be used to control a microprocessor or a microcontroller. »»Be sure to tie crystals and oscillators to chipsets. »»Remember that fast clock devices may require magnetics for signal filtering. »»Target applications include LAN and data communications as well as RF and wireless applications, to name a few. Component Sourcing Considerations »»Oscillators (frequency, stability (PPM), CMOS or TTL, package size, voltage, filtering) »»Crystals (frequency, load, capacitance, package size, tolerance, temperature range) »»Resonators (frequency, tolerance, package) IPE Technology Guide 6.0 20
  22. 22. IPE Physical Value-Add Services All of Avnet’s core value-add services are performed in the Avnet Logistics Solution Center (LSC) in Nogales, Mexico. The LSC is sustained by a diverse group of employees with varied skill sets and work experiences cultivated through employment at Avnet and other globally-recognized companies. Certification and Compliance Credentials FCI Manufacturers Services Discrete Multi- Conductor Flat Flex/Flex Flat Ribbon IDC IDC Termination – .100/.156 IDC Termination – High-Density RF Coax Ties, Labels Accessories Amphenol • • Manufacturers Services Contacts Cylindrical D-Sub Headers • • • • • • FCI Commercial interconnect value-add products are built and inventoried based on manufacturer listed part numbers and part specifications. Avnet has invested in robotic automation for part identification, adhesive application, contact insertion and insulator insertion, which is deployed to minimize human error, increase productivity and maintain cost efficiencies. As a result, Avnet maintains an industry-leading low defect rate. 3M Commercial Interconnect Amphenol Avnet has a dedicated production cell that provides first article cable assemblies of varying sophistication levels based on customer specifications. Once the first article is approved, Avnet documents and electronically stores the manufacturing process, which includes detailed step-by-step assembly instructions that can be recalled for future use. 3M Custom Cable Assembly • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 21 IPE Technology Guide 6.0 Manufacturers Services MIL-C-26482 MIL-C-24308 MIL-C-38999 MIL-C-5015 MIL-C-81659 MIL-C-83723 MIL-C-83733 MIL-C-83513 MIL-C-26500 MIL-C-39029 D-Sub/ IO Hi-Rel Circular Power/Industrial Amphenol Conesys FCI Glenair High-Reliability/Military Interconnect The Avnet LSC is MIL-I-45208 certified to assemble close to 60 different military specification products in accordance with the Qualified Parts List (QPL) and is fully authorized to stock and assemble products to manufacturer drawings and specifications. Avnet currently offers 24-hour delivery on over 250 of the most popular high-reliability and military-aerospace products. In addition, Avnet has achieved delivery cycle times of less than three days on normal-sized orders for many other high-reliability and military-aerospace connectors. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TE Connectivity »»ISO-13485 • • • • • • • • TE Connectivity WHMA-A-620 Institute (BSI) Molex »»C-TPAT »»IPC J-STD-001 and IPC/ »»UL and CSA »»British Standards Molex »»Staffed by more than 300 employees Regulations (ITAR) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Molex TE Connectivity »»125,000 square foot assembly center »»International Traffic in Arms ITT Interconnect Solutions »»ISO-9001-2000 »»ISO-14001 (Green) »»AS9100C »»MIL-I-45208 ITT Interconnect Solutions »»Located in Nogales, Mexico ITT Interconnect Solutions About the Avnet Logistics Solution Center • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
  23. 23. TDK-Lambda • • SL Power Electronics • • • • • • Power-One • • • • • • • • • Murata • • • • • • • • • Martek Power GE Critical Power • • • • • • • • • Manufacturers Services Add Electro Add Sheet Metal Enclosures Burn-in Load Testing Cable/Harness Assembly High-Current Interconnect High Level Assembly Modular Power Supplies Racks Thermal Management Emerson Network Power Working with a dedicated team of product and material specialists, Avnet’s business development managers, field application engineers (FAEs) and regional power specialists help customers source power supplies quickly and efficiently. Avnet is a certified value-add reseller (VAR) for Emerson Network Power, TDKLambda, Power-One and modular power supplies. Using off-the-shelf modules, Avnet can quickly assemble modular power supplies to meet custom output specifications from 200 to 4,920 watts. Aimtec Power Supply Solutions • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ebm-papst Sunon • • • • • • • • • Manufacturers Services Connectorized Cables Fan Trays Hardware Guards Sheet Metal Enclosures TE Connectivity Many sophisticated silicon components cannot function properly without effective heat dissipation. Avnet offers custom assembly and modification for cooling fans and heat sinks. In fact, Avnet is one of the world’s largest distributors of thermal management products, shipping millions of cooling fans, blowers and heat sinks each year through the Logistics Solution Center. Tri-Star Electronics Thermal Management • • • • • • • • • • • • TDK-Lambda Sunon SL Power Samtec Power-One Murata Molex • • • Martek Powerx GE Critical Power FCI Emerson Network Power ebm-papst Conesys • • • • ITT Interconnect Solutions • • • Glenair • • Amphenol Aimtec Manufacturers Services Cable Assembly Commercial Interconnect Hi-Rel Mil-Aero Interconnect Power Supply Modification Thermal Management 3M Physical Value-Add Service Overview • • • • • • IPE Technology Guide 6.0 22
  24. 24. IPE SERVICES AND SUPPORT Design Chain Services® Avnet Design Chain Services offer engineers a host of services at any point in the design cycle – from concept to architectural design, to new product introduction and on through next-generation modification or end-of-life. With offerings that run the gamut from Web seminars to connector assembly, Avnet offers it all. Component Selection »»Online part search engine »»Parametric search tool »»Product obsolescence solutions Physical Value-Add Services »»Custom Cable Assembly: Flat flex, flat ribbon cable connector and harness assemblies »»Commercial and High-Reliability/Military Interconnect Assembly: MIL-I-45208 certified to assemble 57 different Mil-Spec QPLs (Military Qualified Parts Lists); fully authorized to stock and assemble commercial products to manufacturer drawings and specifications » »Power Supply Solutions: Front end power supply design and sourcing, certified value-add reseller (VAR) for Modular Power Supplies and value added solutions »»Thermal Management: Custom assembly or modification for cooling fans and heat sinks including fan trays Avnet ElectroAir An extensive range of logistic and assembly services for the avionics market: »»Integrated Supplier Alliance (ISA) for consumable RFPs »»Source inspection »»Special product testing and certification Supply Chain Services® By combining internal competencies of global warehousing and logistics, finance, information technology and asset management with objective industry data, Avnet provides customers with the information and market insight needed to make well-informed business decisions. Component Intelligence/Prómiere Inventory Management Solutions »»Bill of material (BOM) analysis »»Bonded inventory programs »»Inventory optimization services »»EDI Point of Use Replenishment Systems (POURS) »»Green initiative programs »»Vendor-managed inventory Supply Chain Assessment »»In-plant stores »»Discovery and logistical analysis »»New product introduction (NPI) program support »»Financial analysis »»Pipeline inventory from forecasts »»Project implementation »»Inventory ownership programs Avnet IPE Solutions IPE Information at Your Fingertips @ Copyright© 2013, Avnet, Inc. All rights reserved. Avnet, Inc. disclaims any proprietary interest or right in any trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, company names, brands, product names, or other form of intellectual property other than its own. AVNET and the AV logo are registered trademarks of Avnet, Inc. Lit #: AvnetEM-IPETechGuide-v.6.0 1-800-332-8638