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Avner allgom IGT-DLD International event


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Avner allgom IGT-DLD International event

  1. 1. “Worlds data will grow by 50X in next decade!” IDC, July 2011 Welcome! IGT International Cloud Summit Oct 31st, 2011 Avner Algom CEO IGT
  2. 2. IGT International Cloud Summit Oct 31st,
  3. 3.
  4. 4. The Israeli Association of Cloud Computing +1450 Active Members Knowledge Sharing & Networking
  5. 5. What is Cloud Computing? Its all about Automation of IT as a Service Utility Model • On-Demand Services • Pay per Use/Time • Auto Scale • Load Balancing/HA • Transparency • Water Cooling • Network Based Data • SmartGrid
  6. 6. “This is the cloud the way it should be: automatic and effortless.” Apple Its all about
  7. 7. IGT International Cloud Summit Oct 31st,
  8. 8. BIG Data The Life Cycle of Communication Better Network Performance More Applications/ Devices Bigger
  9. 9. SaaS contribution to BIG Data The Life Cycle of SaaS Data Analytics to improve and create more Business Services Core Business Activity/Data SaaS Data Logging Users/Business
  10. 10. BIG data is Power BIG data strategy as a key differentiator Using Sophisticated data analytics Provides over 15 terabytes of game data per day Combining data analytics with creative game design enables us to create a superior player experience. July 2011, S-1
  11. 11. Data The Future of Clouds/Applications Distributed Clouds • IaaS On-Demand Scalability Network as a Service – Symmetrical & BoD Network
  12. 12. Virtual People Our Social Data Society Physical Society Network
  13. 13. Cloud of Clouds Open Market for IT services (Based on Cost/Performance) Cloud Cloud Clouds/SaaS Cloud Brokerage Cost/Performance Cloud
  14. 14. Scale your vision – above the clouds… Thank you!