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Introduction to Hadoop at Data-360 Conference


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A short introduction to Hadoop mostly with live industry examples and scenarios.

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Introduction to Hadoop at Data-360 Conference

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  3. 3. Hadoop is an Open Source (Java based), “Scalable”, “fault tolerant” platform for large amount of unstructured data storage & processing, distributed across machines.
  4. 4. Flexibility A Single Repo for storing and analyzing any kind of data not bounded by schema Scalability Scale-out architecture divides workload across multiple nodes using flexible distributed file system Low Cost Deployed on commodity hardware & open source platform Fault Tolerant Continue working event if node(s) go down
  5. 5. A system to move computation, where the data is.
  6. 6. Hadoop Common HDFS Map/Reduce
  7. 7. Hadoop Common HDFS MapReduce
  8. 8. Cloudera Impala Hortonworks Tez Impala uses C++ based in-memory processing of HDFS data through SQL like statements to expedite the data processing Use cases include user collaborative filtering, user recommendations, clustering and classification.