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Aviva Marketplace


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Aviva Marketplace, our new online portal offering brokers access to more than 40 products catering for those harder to place risks in niche and specialist markets

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Aviva Marketplace

  1. 1. What are brokers saying?We’re now offering you a breadthof risk placement like you’ve neverseen before“When it comes to our aspiration to be number 1for brokers, we know innovation is important,especially when it comes to offering you a rangeof quality trading options. That’s why we’relaunching Marketplace – giving you access tomore products than ever before.”Phil Bayles, Broker Distribution & PerformanceDirectorof our brokerswould considerplacing wholesalebusiness througha single accesspoint70%Over 40products in one placeRewarding brokers for growthAny Aviva GWP will count towardsachievement of their financial dealWhat is Marketplace?Marketplace is an online portal thatoffers access to a broad range ofniche and specialist products fromtrusted expert suppliersMarketplace is;- easy to access- free- competitive“When no othermarkets areavailable or whereother markets arechargingunacceptable ratesthis gives us a placeto get cover”Brokers have told us that theirbusiness consists of10-15%of niche andspecialist risksDo your brokers ever tell you it’sdifficult to find a home for thoseharder to place risks?Start talking to yourbrokers aboutMarketplace by a brandour brokers cantrust2500+ Providing accessto all Aviva brokersAccess to a marketfor difficult toplace risks all underone roof