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Keynote presentation from the 2012 International ARC Annual Report Awards

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  1. 1. Annual Report Trends 2012
  2. 2. 5 10K WRAPSWho says print reports are dead?10k Wraps are still on the rise, leading the pack with printed reports, and have increased 10% in the last 4 years,according to the latest NIRI Survey; Traditional ARs and Summary Reports have held steady. The good news is that theNIRI survey found that 87% of companies surveyed still produce some type of annual report. ASPEN INSURANCE THE PROGRESSIVE CORPORATION SOUTHERN COMPANY 10K WRAP TRADITIONAL AR SUMMARY REPORT 56% 66% 32% 31% 9% 10% 2006 2010 2006 2010 2006 2010
  3. 3. 4 ONLINE REPORTSHTML VS. PDF?HTML reports continue to grow with some survey’s reporting 52% of US companies and 42% of European companiesinvesting in HTML versions.PDF reports can be a more economical solution, and are still preferred by some investment professionals. They are gettingmuch more advanced with embedded video, search-ability and links. Unfortunately the information in charts and graphswill not come up in an internet search.Many companies are providing both as United Technologies did, created by Ideas on Purpose, which gives the useroptions. UNITED TECHNOLOGIES
  4. 4. ‘ONLINE FIRST’ REPORTSOnline first reports are one of the hottest things happening with reports – these are reports that are designed for the onlineuser first, customized with tools like creating your own financial charts or creating searchable tables, with no printcompanion or a at least a very secondary printable report.Thomas Rosenmayr and his firm Nexxar in Austria are riding this wave specializing in Online First reports and thisLinde report is a great example of one of their Online First reports. THE LINDE GROUP
  5. 5. 3 VIDEOVideo online continues to grow over the last few years as we have seen video reports online posted on YouTube and Vimeoand html reports with heavy video support for companies such as GE and Caterpillar.Video is a great way to showcase a CEO’s vision as Booz Allen Hamilton did on their award-winning shareholderletter and to focus on a companies business sectors, the United Technologies and Southern Company did in theiraward-winning reports.Many report photographers are also learning to shoot video, along with their award-winning photography likeAlan Shoemake and James Schnepf. GENERAL ELECTRIC BOOZE ALLEN HAMILTON SOUTHERN COMPANY
  6. 6. 2 INTEGRATED REPORTSIntegrated reports are another emerging trend that feature the company as a whole, not only showcasing financialperformance reporting but also featuring CSR performance with GRI reporting.Denmark’s Novo Nordisk was one of first international companies to do an integrated report in in 2004.Today South Africa is leading the pack as they have legislature requiring companies to produce an integrated report.The US is behind due to complications and hurdles with the FSC and IIRC. However, we have had some US companiesleading the way differentiating themselves such as Pfizer and United Technologies.NOVO NORDISK PFIZER UNITED TECHNOLOGIES
  7. 7. 1 APPS for iPAD & MOBILEWith the unprecedented growth andsuccess of the iPad – 55 million sold in lessthan two years this is a huge opportunity.Plus with the ability to showcase the best ofboth online and offline reports, iPads have ahuge potential for annual report application.Just under 200 AR Apps for globalcompanies are available on iTunes andunder 25 Android AR Apps are availabletoday, so this is still in its infancy but hashuge potential.GE has one of the most engaging iPadreports with incredibly produced videoand interactive charts versus the majorityof companies only providing PDFs fortablet usage.Meanwhile jury is still out with MobilePhone Apps. Although both mobile phonesand tablets have Apps the design for each isvery different. For Mobil Phone Apps, the graphics needto be bold and simple, with minimal text –not a very good medium for large annualreports with lots of text. They are best usedto communicate a bold marketing messageor drive viewers to the online report. So when it comes to Apps, the iPad seemsto be the big winner for now!
  8. 8. Annual Report Trends 2012