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A2A Fossil fuel ppt

  1. 1. Description How it works? Advantages DisadvantagesSources in the Philippines Places in the world…
  2. 2. Description CoalCrude Oil Natural Gas
  3. 3. Description Coal• forms from plants such as ferns, moss and trees• when plants die, they are slowly covered with sediment and pressed deep into the earth• organic matter becomes richer in carbon andhydrogen• the purest form of coal is graphite, which consists almost entirely of carbon
  4. 4. Description Crude Oil• also called petroleum• encompasses multiple types of hydrocarbons,which are compounds consisting hydrogen andcarbon• forms mainly from marine vegetation and bacteria• used in the production of plastic and medicationsamong many products
  5. 5. Description Natural Gas• forms mainly from the remains of plankton• consisting mostly of methane and is often found ontop of deposits of petroleum due to its lower density• it burns cleaner than coal and petroleum• commonly used in residential applications forhome heating
  6. 6. How it works?Burn Fuel Heat water to make steam Steam turns turbines Turbines Electrical turn power generators
  7. 7. AdvantagesVery large amounts of electricity can be generated in one place using coal, fairly cheaplyTransporting oil and gas to the power stations is easy and inexpensive Gas-fired power stations are very efficient.A fossil-fuelled power station can be built almostanywhere, so long as you can get large quantities of fuel to it
  8. 8. Advantages Burning any fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which contributes to the "greenhouse effect" It also produces sulfur dioxide, a gas that contributes to acid rain Coal-fired power stations need huge amounts of fuel Mining coal can be difficult and dangerous. Strip mining destroys large areas of the landscape.Fossil fuels are not a renewable energy resource
  9. 9. Places in the world that use fossil fuelCoal-Fired Plants in Germany - Hessen
  10. 10. Sources in the Philippines• ILOILO CITY, Philippines-Protests against the coal-firedpower plant here continued to mount after themanagement of the company denied that foul-smellingemissions came from their facility during a test run lastmonth.
  11. 11. Sources in the PhilippinesThe 600 MW Masinloc Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant
  12. 12. Sources in the PhilippinesThe 1,216 MW Sual Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant
  13. 13. Sources in the PhilippinesCalaca, Batangas power plant
  14. 14. Places in the world that use fossil fuel Coal-Fired Plants in Turkey
  15. 15. Places in the world that use fossil fuelCoal-Fired Power Plants in Arizona & NewMexico
  16. 16. Places in the world that use fossil fuelCoal-Fired Power Plants in Africa - othercountries
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