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Avicenna Laser Patient Presentation


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Power Point presentation for patient education. This discusses the effectiveness of High Power Laser Therapy for people in chronic pain.

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Avicenna Laser Patient Presentation

  1. 1. High Power Laser Medicine (HPLM) A Revolutionary Advancement in Pain Management
  2. 2. The Avicenna Laser Center of Excellence and its Clinic Director • Our  clinical  director  is  Joseph  Costello,  DC,  DABCO,  a  board  cer9fied   chiroprac9c  orthopedics    and  the  foremost  expert  in  the  world  on  our   technology.  His  training  and  exper9se  are  the  founda9on  for  the  prac9ce  of   High  Power  Laser  Medicine. • Dr  Costello  has  trained  hundreds  of  physicians  of  all  medical  disciplines  around   the  US  including  the  pain  management  department  at  Cornell  Medical  School. • When  our  physician  users  are  stumped  they  call  Dr.  Costello.   • Now  you  the  pa9ent,  have  the  opportunity  to  be  treated  by  the  top  physician   right  hear  in  West  Palm  Beach  ! • We  treat  medical  failures!  The  laser  works  equally  well  with  long  term/  chronic   condi9ons  as  it  does  with  new  acute  ones.
  3. 3. Patient Seminar Format • Please  save  any  ques9ons  you  have  for  the   ques9on  and  answer  session  at  the  end  of  our   presenta9on.   • How  many  here  have  ever  been  treated  with  a   therapeu9c  laser? • How  many  here  have  been  treated  with  the   Avicenna  laser?
  4. 4. Who is Avicenna? • Avicenna  Laser  Technology,  Inc.  is  the  parent  company  of  the   Avicenna  Laser  Therapy  Center  of  Excellence.  inWest  Palm  Beach • Founded  in  2002  by  Dr.  Bruce  Coren,CEO  and  James  Ohneck,  a   biomedical  engineer,  the  intent  was  to  develop  a  therapeu9c  laser   system  capable  of  delivering  healing  laser  energy  to  depth’s  never   before  achieved  in  the  human  body  and  to  offer  physician  of  all   medical  disciplines  the  capability  to  heal  injuries  previously   refrac9ve  to  tradi9onal  medical  care. • In  December,  2003  Avicenna  was  granted  a  510-­‐k  and  became  the   first  “Class  IV”  or  high  powered  therapeu9c  laser  to  be  cleared  by   the  FDA.
  5. 5. Who is using Avicenna Laser? •    There  are  over  200  care  providers  across  the  USA  that  use  our  technology. •    Pain  Management  Specialists,  Orthopedists,  Neurologists,  Interven9onal  Pain              Management  Doctors,  Physical  Medicine  and  Rehab-­‐Physiatrists,  Internal  and        Family  Prac9ce  Physicians • Podiatrists,  Naturopaths  and  DOM’s •    MLB,  NBA,  NFL    and  College  Sports  Teams   •    Medical  Colleges •    There  are  over  200  care  providers  across  the  USA  that  use  our  technology •    The  United  States  Military  and  VA  Hospitals •    Veterinarians  –Equine  and  Small  Animal
  6. 6. The Avicenna Laser Center of Excellence • Our  center  of  excellence  in  West  Palm  Beach  has  been  in  opera9on  for  over  4   years  and  the  majority  of  our  pa9ents  have  failed  everything  that  tradi9onal   insurance  based  medicine  has  to  offer.  You  don’t  have  to  be  a  medical  failure   to  come  to  our  clinic.   • Our  goal  is  to  get  pa9ents  beder  as  quickly  as  possible,  without  the  need  for   drugs,  injec9ons,  surgery  or  manual  therapy.    
  7. 7. Current Treatment for Neuropathy • Drug  Therapies—Lyrica,  Neuron9n,  and  Cymbalta  (All  have  side   effects) • Modali9es—Medical  devices  like  Anodyne  (LED) • Newer  Modali9es—High  Power  Laser  Medicine  (HPLM)
  8. 8. Current Treatment for Neuro-Musculoskeletal Pain • Drug  Therapies  /  Steroidal  and  Non-­‐steroidal  an9  inflammatory   medica9on,  an9depressants,  an9convulsants • Injec9ons   • Physical  Medicine  -­‐  Chiroprac9c,  Massage  ,  Physical    Therapy • Surgery • Non-­‐Surgical  Spinal  Decompression  (computerized  trac9on) • HPLT  –  The  Only  Treatment  That  Actually  bio-­‐S9mulates  the   Healing  of  Living  Tissue  !
  9. 9. LASER— An Acronym:  Light   Amplifica,on  by       S,mulated   Emission  of Radia,on  
  10. 10. Introducing the AVI HPLL-12 The World’s Most Powerful Therapeutic Laser.
  11. 11. Lasers in Medicine •    Therapeu9c  Lasers  are  used    for  the  s9mula9on  of  cell  func9on.     The  biological  effect  is  photochemical  not  thermal  (heat),  as  is  the   case  with  surgical  lasers.   •    Even  though  the  majority  of  our  pa9ents  have  failed  everything   that  tradi9onal  insurance-­‐based  medicine offers,  our  success  rate  approches  80-­‐90%. •In  (7)  years  of  opera9on,  there  has  never   been  a  reported  side  effect.
  12. 12. Biological Effects of Therapeutic Lasers •    Laser  therapy  aims  to  bio-­‐s9mulate  injured  and  dysfunc9onal   9ssues.  It  works  at  the  cellular  level  to  accelerate  the  bodies   natural  ability  to  heal.   •    The  laser  beam  will  s9mulate  healing  of  any  9ssue  it  comes  in   contact  with. •    With  over  3,000  studies  done,  the  following  are  the  beneficial   effects  of  light  therapy  on  9ssues  and  cells.
  13. 13. Summary of LT Biological Effects •  Accelerated  Tissue  Repair  and  Cell  Growth •  Faster  wound  Healing •  Reduced  Fibrous(Scar)  Tissue  Forma9on •  An9-­‐Inflammatory  effect •  Analgesic  effect  (pain  relief) •  Improved  Vascular  Ac9vity/  lympha9c  drainage •  Increased  Metabolic  Ac9vity •  Improved  Nerve  Func9on
  14. 14. Clinical Research Assessment  of  Laser  Therapy  for  Late  Postopera9ve  Pain   aoer  Lumbar  Fusion  Surgery  and  For  Pain  And  Wound   Healing  Aoer  Acute  Trauma9c  Injury  -­‐ Preliminary  Results Ashok  Biyani,  MD Mar4n  Skie,  MD Despina  Ciocanel,  MD
  15. 15. Other Research Studies • Cornell  University  –  Weill  College  of  Medicine   • Inves9ga9ng  the  Effect  of  the  AVI-­‐HP  7.5   Therapeu9c  Laser  on  Post  Thoracotomy  Pain   Syndrome
  16. 16. 4on ser ula MODALITIES 4m  La le  S u4c usc ent py e d y c  M urr oun era rap cks rm ge roc the ctri oth t  Pa ssa ras The AFFECTS S Mic TEN Dia Ele Cr y Ma Ult Ho Accelerated  bone  regenera4on ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Accelerated  car4lage  repair ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Accelerated  car4lage  repair ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Increased  strength  of  tendon  repair ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Penetra4on  into  large  joint  structures ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘  Penetra4on  through  large  muscle  groups ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Laser  vs.  Standard  Modali4es
  17. 17. Clinical Translation “How HPLT Affects Your Back Pain” •  Decreased  inflamma9on  of  the  spine  and  nerve  roots  and  all   pain  receptors •  Increased  microcircula9on  of  structures  leading  to  reduc9on   of  swelling  around  joints  and  other  structures   •  Accelerated  healing  of  bone,  car9lage,  tendon,  ligaments,   muscle,  and  skin •  Decreased  forma9on  of  scar  9ssue •  Decreased  or  even  eliminated  need  for  invasive      procedures
  18. 18. Affect of HPLT on Neuropathy “Pain” • S9mulates  blood  flow  and  new  capillary  forma9on  thus   brings  new  and  beder  circula9on  into  the  affected  9ssues. • Relieves  inflamma9on    around  the  damaged  nerves. • Provides  an  analgesic  effect  to  area. • S9mulates  repair  of  damaged  nerves. • Heals  open  wounds  –  diabe9c  ulcers.
  19. 19. Why is HPLT so Effective? • Ability  to  deliver  large  amounts  of  therapeu9c  laser. • Ability  to  penetrate  deeper  than  any  other  modality. • Ability  to  treat  a  large  surface  area.  This  is  very  important  with   neuropathy,  back,  and  leg  pain  as  these  condi9ons  are  usually   widespread. • The  Avicenna  laser  is  the  most  powerful  and  advanced   therapeu9c  laser  in  the  world! • It  is  also  the  safest!
  20. 20. Goal of Pain Management Using High Power Laser Therapy •    Relieve  Pain  and  Reduce  Inflamma9on •    Promote  Tissue  Healing •    Restore  Ac9ve  Range  of  pa9ents  mo9on  and  balance                capabili9es •    Do  so  without  Side  Effects
  21. 21. Some of the Many Applications of High Power Laser Therapy •    Back  Pain,  Spinal  Stenosis,  Scia,ca   •    Neuropathy  of  all  causes  (Carpal  Tunnel  Syndrome,  Trigeminal  Neuralgia,   Tarsal  Tunnel  Syndrome               •    Accelerated  Post-­‐Surgical  healing  ( joint  replacements) •    Arthri,s  (Degenera,ve  Joint  Disease) •    Foot  and  Heel  Pain •    Muscle,  Ligament  and  Tendon  Injuries •    Ulcera,ons  and  Open  Wounds
  22. 22. Creating a Positive Environment for Tissue Healing • In  order  to  get  long  term,  if  not  permanent  results  for   condi9ons  of  the  back,  hip,  knee,  and  feet,  we  must   address  and  correct  the  biomechanical  issues  of  the   pa9ent.  This  will  be  part  of  your  physical  exam.  
  23. 23. Musculoskeletal Symptomatic Locations & Pathology With  only  17%  of  the   popula,on  presen,ng   with  normal  gait,  these   condi,ons  are  prevalent   in  the  general   popula,on.   Copyright  Footmaxx™
  24. 24. The Effects of a Common Gait Abnormality (Over-Pronation) • Achilles  Tendoni9s • Plantar  Fascii9s • Tarsal  Tunnel  Syndrome • Bunions,  Neuroma • Patella  Femoral  Syndrome • ITB  Syndrome • Low  Back  Pain  and  Hip  Pain  …to  name  a  few.   • By  fixing  this  condi9on  as  well  as  other  gait  issues    we  can  realign   your  joints  and  spine  and  create  the  “op9mal  environment”  for   the  laser  to  heal  your  injury  and  provide  long  term,  if  not   permanent  relief.
  25. 25. How We CanHelp You • Comprehensive  Physical  Exam • Biomechanical  Gait  Analysis • Fabricate  Custom  Ortho9c  Inserts  to  Correct  Your   Biomechanical  Abnormali9es  to  Help  Relieve  Pressure  on   the  spine  and  joints  if  indicated • Ini9ate  High  Power  Laser  Medicine  treatment