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Background to the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative


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Presentation on the context of the AAAI

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Background to the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative

  1. 1. Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative
  2. 2. Background Discussions between Alex Ritchie (The National Archives) and Peter Elliott (RAF Museum) on developing a national strategy for aviation archives… Analogous to work being done to document Britain’s ship- building industry... But with the added dimension of connecting with contemporary aviation and aerospace business. On the retirement of Alex and Peter, taken forward by The National Archives and National Aerospace Library Found great interest and enthusiasm to develop this initiative.
  3. 3. Project aims To map existing archive documentation of aviation and aerospace research, development, manufacturing and operation in the UK. To identify significant gaps in existing documentation and develop approaches to fill them. To create new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. To advise on good record-keeping practice appropriate to the audience with a view to ensuring archive preservation into the future. To highlight and publicise resources available for research.
  4. 4. Results…? Enhanced knowledge of the archival record of aviation and aerospace. Better record-keeping now and in the future Identification of archives at risk and provision of support to owners. Develop awareness of importance and potential value of aviation archives and heritage amongst businesses. Open up research possibilities by signposting archives held in archives. Create opportunities for academic partnerships. Create a model for future output from mapping work.
  5. 5. Progress Four general meetings Website: Email list: AVIATIONARCHIVES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Conference – Aerospace Bristol, 12 February 2020 Survey Subcommittee - what is there? Documentation Subcommittee – guidance and good practice