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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Inside the Looking GlassAvi Bar-ZeevCo-Founder & CTO, SyntertainmentDisclaimer:This talk consists of my own views, ideas and experience,not those of any employer, past or present.
  2. 2. Introduction• Part 1
  3. 3. Fight!AR vs. VR
  4. 4. Historical InterludeIvan Sutherland’s “Sword of Damacles” HMD was a much AR as VR, circa 1968.FWIW: by comparison, your speaker was born that same year.
  5. 5. What we’re really talking about is• Augmented Perception– We see, hear, touch a world of digital information– It becomes as important (to us) as the physicalworld is today• Augmented Interaction– We can more easily interact and communicate byexpressing thoughts, emotions or natural actions– In so doing, we can even affect the physical world
  6. 6. QuestionIf you could have anysuperpower,what would it be?
  7. 7. Cold War Russia.--Chris Turner
  8. 8. ClairvoyanceGeniusNo, more like this…
  9. 9. Every game-changing technologycan be seen as a human superpowerAirplane(primitive teleportation)Telephone(primitive telepathy)Television(primitive clairvoyance)Computer(enhanced intelligence)Google(primitive omniscience)or(the power to know everydumb fact in existence)Facebook(primitive omnipresence)or(the power to keep up with friendsyou couldn’t be bothered to call)Twitter(primitive omnipotence)or(the power to believeyou’re important)electricity(directed energy)Wheel(primitive telekinesis)
  10. 10. Augmented Perception and Interactionadds something to all of themBi-Location / LifeSurfingHolographic Telepresence Spatial EntertainmentPerceptual IntelligenceX-Ray / Ground Truth LifeStreamingZeitgeist / GestaltCrowd-SolvingCreative Projection
  11. 11. Crowd-Solving
  12. 12. Holographic Telepresence
  13. 13. Spatial Entertainment
  14. 14. Creative Projection
  15. 15. LifeStreaming
  16. 16. Bi-Location / LifeSurfing
  17. 17. Perceptual Intelligence
  18. 18. Perceptual IntelligenceAffective Q Sensor
  19. 19. X-Ray / Ground Truth
  20. 20. Zeitgeist / Gestalt
  21. 21. In a Nutshell• AR/VR is not a kind of device or specific experience.• It’s an enabling infrastructure for new superpowers.– Like the “internet of things” but for people and places.– Like the “interwebs” but tied to the spaces we inhabit.• It’s about people, places and things, wired together ina current of ideas.• It’s about unleashing a kind of magic into the world…
  22. 22. Did you say “Magic?”• It’s the uber superpower– The power to make thoughts real• But magic breaks rules, covenants,and socio-economic conventions– Like ownership, copyright, wiretappinglaws and sometimes causality itself.(This is why you can’t wish for more wishes)
  23. 23. Consequence• The more “superpowers” we get…• The less constrained we are to natural limits…• Top-down institutions depend on those limits…Therefore, those old institutions will be graduallywiped away, replaced by something new.But what?