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Sonru usa deckalpla

  1. 1. Sonru – Your Video Selection Partner See, Share, Select…. Mal Jones Executive Vice President - Americas
  2. 2. Sonru - Goals for this meeting:• Introductions – Lets get to know each other better!• Get an understanding of the challenges you face in your early stage recruitment process• Take you through an overview of the Sonru Solution • What problems do we solve • Walk through a live demo • Share relevant feedback on Sonru from your industry peers • Share feedback from Candidates on their experience with Sonru Video Interviewing• Discuss and agree if there is a fit for both of our organizations• Q&A and agree next steps
  3. 3. Sonru - Introductions:
  4. 4. Sonru - Early Stage Screening Challenges:What do you consider the top recruitment challenges facing your organization today?
  5. 5. Sonru – How it Works; See, Share & Select The Future of Early Stage Interviewing
  6. 6. Sonru - The problems we solve Challenge: Before Sonru: After Sonru: Time to Hire 45 Days 25 days Cost to Hire High 50% Reduction Process Efficiency 13+ man hours 2-3 man hours Scheduling Painful-Scheduling & Rescheduling Scheduling Challenges Eliminated Interview to Offer ratio 9:1 3:1 How Sonru addresses many of the common challenges Offer to Acceptance ratio 3:1 1.4:1Global Reach & Languages Difficult for timing & language availability On your own time, in any language Standardization Subjective & Inconsistent Consistent, Structured and Transparent Auditable Difficult to Audit (notes, memory etc.) 100% Auditable & FairNumber of Screening Interviews Multiple (HR, Fit, Tech etc.) Combined to 1 15 minute interview Review & Share Working from notes & memory Review, Comment, Share, Compare
  7. 7. Sonru - Regarded as Global Leaders in our field
  8. 8. Sonru - Companies Innovating with Sonru
  9. 9. Sonru - DemoDemo LIVE DEMO: Offine Demo
  10. 10. Sonru - Automated Video Interviewing for Screening Candidates Demo Demo
  11. 11. Sonru - Candidate Feedback: Post Interview FindingsVery high levels of satisfaction recorded in terms of the overall candidate experience.
  12. 12. Sonru - Candidate Feedback: Improved Employer Branding Candidate Survey: 3%“Describe your feelings towards the hiring company?” 22% 32% “To tell you the truth - blown away. A video interview by CERN - it doesn’t get much better than 43% that” Very Positive Positive Neutral Negative “Wow - we really are in the 21st century” Improved the candidates perception of the hiring company
  13. 13. Sonru – Summary of Candidate Feedback• Whenever! • “It was convenient, being able to prepare and then do it at a time of my own choosing” • “I could do it when it suited me without having to rearrange my schedule”• Wherever! • “Being able to interview for a job in another country” • “Less stress as you can complete it in the comfort of your own home” • “No travel expenses”• Whoever! • “Given the minute or so to review the questions and think about the answers was really helpful to me during this interview process” • “Easier to show your personality than a telephone interview”
  14. 14. Client Testimonials
  15. 15. Sonru – EA Games“Everyone in BioWare (now EA Games) knows about Sonru. It is part of ourinterview skills training” Sarah Powell, Recruiter, EA Games• Have recruited 100+ staff to date using Sonru.• 70% conversion rate from face-to-face to offer.• Reduced application to offer from 6 week to 3 week cycle.• Ability to filter candidates is a key benefit.• Precision screening.
  16. 16. Sonru – CERN“Asynchronous video screening by Sonru, it’s excellent. With a 100% responserate, no negative feedback from candidates, and buy-in from both the recruitersand hiring managers, Sonru is certainly the way forward for CERN.” James Purvis, Head of Recruitment, Programs & Monitoring Group, CERN• Recruited for 100+ roles since February 2011.• Cost savings in bringing people in to interview.• Better candidates brought forward.• No more time-wasting interviews.• Multi-lingual - recruit from over 20 countries.
  17. 17. Sonru – Nuclear Graduates (Rolls Royce, Magnox, Sellafeld)“Sonru has enabled us to have more consistency in our recruitmentprocess, every interview is exactly the same” Carl Dawson, HR Business Partner, Nuclear Graduates• 600 candidates interviewed using Sonru.• 80% reduction in administrative costs.• Number of interviewers reduced from 20 to 3.• Better quality candidates brought forward.
  18. 18. Sonru – Intercontinental Hotels Group“Videointerviewing gave access to more candidates, real insight into theirpersonality and passion for our company and brands.” • National I-Grad Resourcing Centres 2012 • Success rate 38% vs. previous years of 10-15%. • Reduction in administrative costs. • Positive candidate feedback. • At least 50% saving in HR man hours.
  19. 19. Sonru – A Global Bank“Online interview allowed more informed candidate selection by giving us thechance to see the candidates communication skills at first hand. Result wasthat we avoided the obvious no’s that have resulted on the recruitment dayitself by using CV based selection” Director, Product Control • 3:1 interview - hire ratio (reduction from previous 12:1 ratio).Time to hire reduced by 50%. • Hiring costs reduced by 50%. • All offers accepted.
  20. 20. Sonru – What our clients say about us on Linked-In
  21. 21. Sonru – Automated Video Interviewing for Screening Candidates Discussion, Q&A & agree Next Steps
  22. 22. Sonru - Automated Video Interviewing for Screening Candidates Thank You for the Opportunity
  23. 23. Sonru – Adding Interviews
  24. 24. Sonru – Adding Interviews
  25. 25. Sonru – Creating a New Interview
  26. 26. Sonru – Adding Candidates, Viewers & Creators:
  27. 27. Sonru – Importing Candidates
  28. 28. Sonru – Adding Viewers
  29. 29. Sonru – Adding Company Details
  30. 30. Sonru – Branding Your Sonru
  31. 31. Sonru – 24*7 support