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  • Slide 2: This statement is not specific to digital media - the same can be claimed about anyone of influence or fame - from authors to actors to artists, etc.
    No one can be considered influential unless those that they influence admit it to be so.

    Slide 3: Although the ways of reaching an audience have changed, human connection is still the ultimate goal. There is still a living, breathing, feeling person behind the various screens, and while some of them know everything about the social media platforms being used, they all have the potential to become interested in the message that is coming across.

    Slide 4: grade school 101: This is common sense - the principles behind digital influence are the simple things that we all learned in pre-school. While we are sharing ideas rather than toys, the outcome is the same.

    Slide 5: quality over quantity!
    Everyone has that one person on facebook that is always clogging up their newsfeed with their farmville news, latest romantic drama, or the worst...pictures of their baby.
    The point is - anyone can post constantly, the difference is that an influence has something to say that will resonate with their audience and leave a lasting impression.
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Testing the waters slides

  1. 1. The POWER of Digital Influence presented by Lindsey Fair
  2. 2. The only reason one has influence over another is because another acknowledges it , recognizes the existence of it.
  3. 3. Your peers do influence your clout score. It ain ’t all robots.
  4. 4. The more you share and participate , the more your influence will rise .
  5. 5. how much content you create , how much content you curate , and more importantly whether that adds value to his audience.
  6. 6. Online vs Offline
  7. 7. Right now it ’s kind of “hmm, that’s interesting. ” but the goal for the social media influence industry is to provide in-depth analytics tailored to a client company on how to most effectively spend its social media dollars .
  8. 8. Employment Perks Community
  9. 9. Klout , Twylah, Traackr, TwentyFeet, Peer Index , SocialIQ, Booshaka …
  10. 10. It's not absolute - its probabilistic .
  11. 11. All photos used in this presentation are licensed under Creative Commons, NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 and sourced through Google Images and flickr