The Mill Creek Influence October 2011 Issue


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The Mill Creek Influence October 2011 Issue

  1. 1. theMilloCreeki n f l u e n c ea publication exclusively for the residents of mill creek • october 2011 Photography by Chelsi Greenwood Photography
  2. 2. 2 The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence 3 Lo c a L a r e a co n tac t s © 2011 Neighborhood Networks Publishing, Inc. ™ EmErgEncy 911 emergency AREA DIRECTOR Avery McConnell-Holder 206.718.9283 non EmErgEncy 425-328-0035 Mcca security PHOTOGRAPHER Chelsi Greenwood Photography 425-745-6175 Mill creek Police 360-668-5357 Fire District #7 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Tara Mellum Charles Doepp utilitiEs CREATIVE TEAM Christie Joyce Robb Hotchkiss Erich Nickens Alex Chioini 800-483-1000 Verizon Amber Rogerson Katie Sneed 888-225-5773 Puget sound energy Marie Nowell Krista DeWitt 425-783-1000 snohomish county PUD Adrienne Jensen Kylie Martin 425-481-1100 Waste Management nW Angelina Garcia Amanda Barnette 800-COMCAST comcast cable 425-787-0220 alderwood Water District 425-337-3647 silver Lake Water District schools 425-338-5180 Mill creek elementary 425-338-5080 Penny creek elementary 425-338-5175 silver Lake elementary 425-338-5150 Woodside elementary 425-338-5000 Heatherwood Middle school 425-316-5200 Henry M Jackson High school 425-379-6363 archbishop Murphy othEr 425-337-1116 city of Mill creek animal control 425-743-1444 Mill creek country club 425-743-5544 Mill creek Public Library 425-353-7433 everett transit 425-745-1891 city of Mill creek  organizations Mill creek Womens club West coast aquatics center Greater Mill creek senior center DISCLAIMER: N2 Publishing is not affiliated with or contracted by the City of Mill Creek (the “City”). This publication, including the content of articles and advertisements contained herein, is not authorized or endorsed by the City. Any Mill creek Garden club articles included in this publication and/or opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of N2 Publishing but remain solely those of the author(s). The paid advertisements contained within The Mill Creek Influence magazine are not endorsed or recommended by N2 Publishing or the publisher. Therefore, neither N2 Publishing nor the publisher may be held liable or responsible for business practices of these companies. NOTE: When community events take place, photogra- phers may be present to take photos for that event and they may be used in this publication.
  3. 3. 4 neighborhoodSponsors The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodSponsors 5 This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a LANDSCAPE/ REAL ESTATE AGENT SECURITY & SOUND TIRES, BRAKES AND trusted neighborhood vendor to use. Take a minute to familiarize yourself HARDSCAPE Remax - Sue and Charles Doepp INTEGRATION BATTERIES with the businesses sponsoring The Mill Creek Influence . Fruhling Sand & Topsoil (425) 280-4545 NW Security & Sound Les Schwab These local businesses are proud to partner with your neighborhood and 1010 228th St SW (350) 691-4200 13223 Bothell Everett Hwy make this newsletter possible. Please support these businesses and thank Bothell, WA 98021 RESTAURANT Mill Creek, WA 98012 them for supporting you! (425) 487-9429 La Palmera (425) 337-6373 1629 Center Rd SHOPPING AND Everett, WA 98204 ENTERTAINMENT LANDSCAPING (425) 379-5100 Country Village Shops TRAVEL SERVICES Classic Landscape Care 23718 Bothell Everett Hwy Suite H Bourke TravelAUTO CARE - REPAIR DENTIST - PEDIATRIC FAMILY FUN HEALTH SERVICES (425) 273-4512 Bothell, WA 98021 16120 Cascadian WayQuality Foreign Auto Lynnwood Kids Dentist Mill Creek Family YMCA Providence Physicians Group The Jet Bar & Grill (425) 483-2250 Bothell, WA 9801218002 Bothell Everett Highway 18833 28th Ave W Suit B 13723 Puget Sound Drive (425) 316-5080 800 164th St SE (425) 787-1115Mill Creek, WA 98012 Lynnwood, WA 98036 Everett, WA 98028 MATTRESSES Mill Creek, WA 98012 481-1200 (425) 774-1285 (425) 337-0123 Mattress City (425) 743-4594 HOME CLEANING 121 SE Everett Mall Way Suite A Lorindas Salon Spa Store WINDOW COVERING Maid Brigade Everett, WA 98208 800 164th St SE Budget BlindsCHILDREN AND FACIALS / SKIN CARE FINANCIAL PLANNER (206) 362-8439 (425) 355-7378 ROOFING / HOME Mill Creek, WA 98012 9915 7th Ave St SeFAMILY PHYSICIAN Mill Creek Skin and Laser Waddell & Reed IMPROVEMENT (425) 743-9722 Everett, WA 98208Puget Sound Ear Nose & Throat 15111 Main Street 19217 36th Ave W Building 5 North Creek Roofing (425) 338-793315021 Main Street Suite K Mill Creek, WA 98012 Lynnwood, WA 98036 HOME ORTHODONTIST 17624 15th Ave SE Ste 105A www.budgetblindsmillcreek.comMill Creek, WA 98012 (425) 316-8200 (425) 774-9053 IMPROVEMENT John W Stieber D.D.S. Bothell, WA 98012 TAEKWONDO(425) 337-4810 Granite Transformations 1025 153rd St. SE (425) 822-6921 White Tiger Martial 11524 Mukilteo Speedway Mill Creek, WA 98012 3922 148th St SE FAMILY ATHLETIC FIREPLACES & Mukilteo, WA 98275 (425) 745-6322 Bothell, WA 98012CHURCHES CLUB BARBECUES (425) 773-4938 SALON & DAY SPA (425) 357-0357Gold Creek Community Church Columbia Athletic Club Hearthside & Home www.granitetransformations. Spa In The City www.white-tiger-ma.com4326 148th St SE 505 128th St SE 4829 196th SW #D com/northseattle/ PROFESSIONAL 9505 19th Ave SE, Suite 109Mill Creek, WA 98012 Everett, WA 98208 Lynnwood, WA 98036 PHOTOGRAPHY Everett, WA 98208 TAX SERVICES(425) 316-3333 (425) 745-1617 (425) 771-6434 HOSPITAL Chelsi Greenwood Photography (425) 948-7723 Toyer Dietrich Providence Regional Medical Center (509) 795-0215 3705 Colby Ave (425) 304-0590 www.chelsigreenwoodphotography. Everett, WA 98201COSMETIC DENTISTRY FAMILY DOCTOR FRAMING com (425) 258-3432/ ORAL SURGERY Western Washington Family & Artisan Custom Framing www.toyercpa.comBill J Mulliken DDS Pediatric Medicine 15111 Main Street A 10416030 Bothell Everett Highway # 280 4301 Hoyt Avenue Mill Creek, WA 98012Mill Creek, WA 98012 Everett, WA 98203 (425) 385-2121(425) 337-4001 (425) 317-8025 October 2011 Holidays 8 10 Yom Kippur † Columbus Day observed 20 26 Shemini Atzeret † Diwali & Observances 10 13 Thanksgiving Day (Canada) 1st Day of Sukkot † 31 Halloween
  4. 4. Note6 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 7Publisher’s OctOber Special! This month, any time you use any of the North Creek Roofing Budget Blinds participating merchants below AND Lorinda’s Spa & Salon Waddell and Reed MENTION THE MILL CREEK INFLUENCE, Quality Foreign Auto Granite TransformationsResidents, you will receive a raffle ticket in which you Artisan Custom Framing Hearthside & Home will be entered into a drawing to win gift Dr. Mulliken at Mill Creek Dentistry Western Washington Family MedicineWe are pleased to bring you your second edition of The Mill certificates and gift baskets from these Mattress City Chelsi Greenwood PhotographyCreek Influence magazine and hope you will enjoy the monthly awesome merchants! The contest will runpublications. Spa In The City Gold Creek Community Church the entire month of October so be sure White Tiger Martial Arts Classic Landscape and spread your love to these merchantsN2 Publishing is the leading provider of specialty publications The Country Village Shops Mill Creek YMCA and in turn you could win some amazingfor residents of exclusive communities across the nation. Our Toyer Dietrich CPA products and opportunities! Don’t forgetobjective is to turn neighborhoods into communities with our photographed by your neighbors), along with other information to mention you saw them in The Mill Creekmonthly newsletters. Locally, we produce magazines for Clyde specifically tailored to your neighborhood. Influence! The drawing will be held at the Don’t forget that The Mill Creek Influence has a Facebook page! Hill, Medina, Yarrows Point, Newcastle, and Gig Harbor. beginning of November. “Friend” us so we can notify you of our community news and events. Along with the magazine, we will host various free events toThis publication is a social newsletter and it is designed to bring the community together for social events - free dinnersreflect the social activities and interests within Mill Creek. We out at top restaurants, salon reviews, golf tournaments, andare not associated, endorsed, or sanctioned by your local HOA more. We will communicate to you the various events we areor Country Club; therefore we will not be the “voice” of your hosting through the newsletter and emails. If you wish to beHOA, Property Manager, or Developer. If you have questions included please email me at anything that involves the HOA or Country Club,please contact them directly as we are not a representative of the The events and the publication are designed to increase socialBoard or the Club. connections between residents and to develop a true sense of community. By providing a well-designed publication full ofThis publication is being provided FREE OF CHARGE to you Bryan L. Hendrickson stories and photos, we have seen N2 neighborhoods increase District Manager, Financial Advisoras a homeowner as the cost of producing, printing, and mailing attendance at social events and allow residents to widen their 425-774-9053, Ext. 109each newsletter is covered by the advertising partners that you circle of friends. bhendrickson@wradvisors.comsee in each issue. We try our best to screen our advertisers to Lifetime www.bhendrickson.wrfa.comensure that they can provide the types of services that you may I look forward to meeting each of you at our upcoming neigh- Workmanshipneed or want as a homeowner. If you currently utilize a business Warranty borhood events!that does excellent work, please let us know, as they may wantto reach out to your neighbors as well. Also, if you own or run a Are your investments positioned appropriately to help you achieve your nancial goals?business and would like information on reaching your neighbors • Comprehensive Financial Plans Avery McConnell-Holdereach month, contact me for advertising information or to simply • Investment portfolio review and customized portfolio design Area Director oflist your business for free in the Resident Business Guide. • Life insurance and long-term care planning The Mill Creek Influence Phone number: 425-424-3663 or 425-483-7986 • Consolidate multiple 401KsEach publication you will see is unique to your neighborhood, 206-718-9283 • IRA’s and Roth IRA conversionand the publication will reflect who you are as a community. A • Annuities and college savings planstypical publication will include: social event information specific Email: FREE ESTIMATES Specializing in Residential Roofingto the residents of your neighborhood, upcoming meeting infor- Composition, Shake, Skylights, Repairs COMPLIMENTARY No Obligation,mation, fun and FREE social events put on by N2, city issues & Attic Insulation ONE HOUR Financial Consultation Insurance products o ered through companies with whom Waddell & Reed has agreements.and ideas, activities and club information, business informa- Defining Quality Since 1996 Licensed, Bonded & Insuredtion, pictures, personal stories, and articles (mostly written and Waddell & Reed, Inc. Member SIPC
  5. 5. 8 The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence 9 Golf Tip of the Month How is your golf game? Drives always down the middle? Chips within will tell you, it is the arrow not the archer that is typically the prob-three feet? Nary a three putt in the round? Well, have you seen a lem.) Once there, the head pro started by asking many pro for a lesson lately? He looked at my practice stroke indoors and then outdoors on the putting green. He had me stoke short and long putts directly toToday’s touring golf professionals have a quiver full of coaches him. Only after 15 minutes of inquest and study did he offer twoat their disposal. Look at the top of the Fed Ex Cup list and those bits of advice.players have swing coaches, short game coaches and sports psychol-ogists. The players consult these golf gurus frequently; some players Armed with this new knowledge, I selected a hole about 12 feethave lessons every week. away, dropped five balls on the putting green and proceeded to stroke each one into the middle of the cup. I smiled, the proWhat started as an effort to purchase a new putter ended as the smiled, and I thought why had I not done this earlier?best golf lesson of the year. I visited our local pro shop to look atnew putters. (I was having putting issues. And, as any good golfer So go see your local golf pro. Your game will thank you for it. Ear, Nose, & roat Specialists for the Entire Family Excellence in the care of: Nasal Symptoms and Sinusitis • Hearing Loss and Ear Disease • Balance Disorders Diagnosis & Treatment of Lumps of the Neck, yroid & Parathyroid Tonsil and Adenoid Problems Snoring and Sleep Apnea • Voice and Swallowing Di culties A Member of Proliance Surgeons, Inc. P.S. John Parker, MD Duncan Riddell, MD Tyler Kimbrough, MD, PhD Henry Chang, MD Serving Adults and Children for over 30 years Shawn Rogers, MD Visit us at Mill Creek North Seattle Edmonds 15021 Main Street, Ste. K 9730 3rd Ave NE, Ste. 201 21616 76th Ave. W, Ste. 112 Mill Creek, WA 98012 Seattle, WA 98115 Edmonds, WA 98026 425-337-4810 206-526-9999 425-775-6651 A liated With Seattle Children’s Hospital | Northwest Hospital | Swedish-Edmonds Hospital | Swedish - Mill Creek Hospital
  6. 6. 10 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 11 different things. He knows how to do the basics of sit, stay, up, to really leave this!?" or 2. Go into hiding because he does not and lay down. He also knows shake, high five, and when giv- want to be left alone. My mom was a little hesitant at first when ing him a treat I usually ask the question, "What do you say?" I originally purchased him, because of her attachment to our which prompts him to bark/whine for his little reward. He also first dog - a poodle named Happy who we had for about 13 knows BANG, when he rolls to the ground playing dead, and years. As a family we have all grown so attached to this little guy then rolls over. When playing with his toys I grab them from that we could not imagine life without him. him and say, "MINE!" and he goes into a hissy fit, barking, and whining, as if to say, "NO ITS MINE!" And when anyone in My parents have started to call him their Grand pup, because my family collects his toys to put them away he gets frantic; and, he is so much like a baby. Everyone who meets him adores him. when everything is put away nicely, he goes and grabs one toy at And everyone who gets to know him wants to be around him a time and places them back out onto the floor where he likes to more. Life would not be the same without him, and its very true play and see them. Also, when sleeping, if awaken to move into what they say, "When you own a dog, you live a happier and lon- a different room, he will growl and is a tad bit grumpy as to why ger life." I know first hand its true when I return home to this you awoke him from his slumber. And when in a deep sleep, he little hyper ball of energy so happy to greet me at the door - then snores, VERY loudly. When you ask for kisses, and pucker your runs for his toys so we can start playing immediately. lips, he will usually attack your face with a barrage of licks. He is petsprecious super sweet and loving, but will let you know when he does not When my mom returns home from work, he always has to give like something. He is his own little person. her a hug (she bends down to say "give me huggie" and he in return puts his paws on her legs and his head on her shoulder). What’s the funniest story you have about your pet? He is the greatest little puppy ever. Our whole family could not see a day without him. I know that everyone out there thinks Gahngpeh absolutely loves watching TV, especially when there their dog is the greatest most special little thing in the world, are puppies on. His favorite movies thus far are, Beverly Hills Chi- and that is no exception in our family as well. huahua, Marmaduke, and Marley and Me. So when Im too tired Meet Gangster to play with him, like a little child, I put on one of those movies and they have his full attention. Just how spoiled is your pet?tell us your pet’s story. Where/why did you get your pet? name, but his nickname was Gahngpeh (which is Korean for That one picture I sent to you of him with all his toys should gangster), and I absolutely loved that name and decided it would fit show just how spoiled he really is. When he was aboutI moved to Honolulu, HI in 2008 and decided to purchase a my little dog perfect. However, my puppy looked more like a teddy 6-months-old, he was involved in a horrible accident that frac-new puppy, because my family had a cute puppy when I was bear then any kind of gangster, so I tested out one other name, tured his hip and severed his tail, which is why my puppy hasgrowing up and I felt the need to have a fuzzy companion to Gizmo (from the movies Gremlins). I tried calling him multiple no tail. I tried everything I could to try and get them to save thekeep me happy. As I entered the Discount Pet Store in Honolu- times using Gizmo but he only seemed to answer to Gahngpeh. tail but the vets told me it would be pointless because it wouldlu, I noticed a little teddy bear looking creature in the cage and The first time I called out that name he popped his head up, as if just be a dead tail. As of today, he is in perfect health. The vetasked the attendant if I could please see that one. She advised to say "Yes?" So technically he picked his own name. Since then he was shocked at how active he was after the severity of his acci-me to sanitize my hands, and sit in this designated room to hold has developed a gangster type of personality - usually only doing dent. I have spoiled him with a squeaky toy every time I go outpuppies. As she brought in the puppy and set him on the floor what he wants to do- so the name was a perfect fit. to the store since he was very young and he never seems to tirehe immediately ran straight to my feet. As I picked him up, of any new toy, which is also why he has so many toys.he just as immediately flipped to his belly in my hands and lay Our home here and the park across the street give him amplethere as if he was dead. Very funny, and also made me want him space to roam and frolic - he is really more comfortable liv- What else should we know about your pet and/or how your peteven more. So, I purchased him at 3 month and 3 pounds. ing here in Washington. Gahngpeh is a shitzu, and he turns has enriched your home/family? 3-years-old on September 27th.Is there a story behind its name? Please include your pet’s breed/ He treats everyone in our home differently, and LOVES spend-age if applicable… What special talents/quirks does your pet have? ing time with everyone. But whenever we leave to go to the store, run an errand, or just go to work, with the mere utteranceI remember taking a trip with my mother to visit her friend in Gahngpeh is a very intelligent little guy. He picked up a lot of of, "Be good." he will either 1. Run to the door you are aboutNebraska - they had a giant cocker spaniel, and I forgot his real tricks as time progressed. He has already learned a plethora of to exit the house from and droop his head as to say, "Would
  7. 7. 12 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 13 Pathways to healthkids 2ds ki Western Washington Family Medicine is excited about their new second location in the Silver Lake area. At our new location we will be able to really personalize Institute of America to incorporate recipes into her Healthy Lifestyle Program for our patients. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of get- ting our new programs started this winter. We would love the opportunity to take care of you and your family’s medical needs. primary health care for the entire family. Our new third floor space should be completed by December 1st. We currently Name: Maddison Fowler have Dr. Marissa Fernandez seeing patients at our new location Age: 3 Mon – Wed, Dr. David Lindstrom on Thursdays and Dr. Albert Yuen on Fridays. Family Medicine is a wonderful practice that WESTERN WASHINGTON Grade: Preschool enables us to see the entire family from newborns to geriatrics. MEDICAL GROUP Favorite Movies: Cat and Dogs We love getting to know your entire family and taking care of Fa m i l y M e d i c i n e all of your medical needs. We have the support of our multi Favorite Music: Kids Bop specialty Western Washington Medical Group to refer our Sports I Play: Soccer and Ballet patients to if they are in need of a specialist’s care. Musical Instrument I Play/Want to Learn: Guitar School will be starting soon; we do offer sports physicals and Special Interests/Hobbies: Playing with animals can update your children with the immunizations needed to Your Favorite Vacation: Disneyworld in March start their new year. you! Upcoming challenge(s): Gymnastics We also look forward to starting our group visits for our Something Unique About Me: Loves helping mommy fold laundry patients who have high blood pressure, diabetes and or high It’s nice to meet Silver Locati Lake on cholesterol this winter. Group visits are a great way for patients Now O is pen When I Grow Up I’m Going to be: Vet to get to spend more time with their provider, interact with oth- Our new location will provide: ers with the same medical conditions, ask questions and be able Cooking Classes in our new teaching kitchen | Group Visits for chronic illnesses to support each other with ideas and feedback. Personalized Primary Health Care for the whole family Now accepting new patients. For more information or to make an appointment call our o ce at Patients still have their BP, weight, and vital signs taken in the privacy of an exam room with an MA. Dr. Fernandez will be 425-317-8025 New Location 12728 Bothell-Everett Hwy | Ste 300 | Everett 98208 having healthy cooking demonstrations during the group visits 4301 Hoyt Avenue | Everett 98203 to show patients that cooking healthy can really be very flavor- Marissa Fernandez-Kiemele, M.D. | | Arthur Grossman, M.D. David Lindstrom, M.D. | Bruce Main, M.D. | Albert Yuen, M.D. ful and taste great. She has taken classes for fun at the Culinary Accepting most insurances
  8. 8. 14 The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence 15 We are excited to celebrate our 27th year here in Mill Creek. relaxation and maintenance. Treat yourself and your friends to We are located in the corner of the village creek shopping cen- a massage, facial, waxing, or a manicure and pedicure! It is our ter. Offering breathtaking views from our large picture win- pleasure to provide you with a complimentary consultation and dows, our salon overlooks a six-acre forest reserve. This wonder- price quote for all of our services.  ful location provides us with an abundance of natural light to compliment our work and your look. In honor of our 27th year, We can’t wait to meet you! we will be celebrating with a variety of special offers for prod- Please visit our website at or call and ucts and services through the month of October 2011. schedule today at 425-743-9722. Lorinda formerly served as a coach, educator, consultant and We are community chic and look forward to seeing you soon! a director of education for Strategies, a nation-wide premier Photography by Chelsi Greenwood Photography resource for business growth, education, and coaching and con- sulting for the salon and spa industry. At Lorindas we hire only the best stylists, therapists, and support sponsor staff. Upon your visit, we will be proud to introduce you to all of our wonderful team. Sandy, who has been with us for 25 years, Tiffany for 18 years, Tricia for over 10 years, LeeAnn for over 5 years, Shanon over 3 years, Kelsey over 2 years, Rachael nearing 2 years and we wel- come our newest talent Stephanie, Kayte, Kaitlynn & Elemi whose of the month prior and individual skills only enhance our team further. All of our designers and skin care therapists complete a rigid skill certification process and continue advanced education to ensure consistent quality, which makes them experts in their field. We all work together as a team so more than one of us may work with you at a time, which allows us to truly offer you a more personalized experience. At Lorinda’s we take the time to match each of our guests with the designer who can best serve each individual’s needs. Welcome to Lorindas Salon Spa Store! Whether it is to cover gray, brighten, deepen, highlight, or add Since 1984 Lorinda Warner, with founder Cindy Royce and team, have been help- shine, dimension, or sophistication, our hair color and cutting ing guests look and feel their absolute best. Lorinda’s Salon Spa Store is a full service services will be certain to enhance your personal style, strength- salon that is committed to working with each guest to achieve the beauty and value en your facial features, and complement your look. that far exceed their expectations. The one on one experience that guests receive will leave them wanting more. Our spa services are the best anywhere, offering the ultimate in
  9. 9. 16 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 17Review restaurant La Palmera Mill creek 15224 Main St It is no wonder La Palmera is loved by their neighbors, they offer daily lunch and drink specials not to mention an incredible happy The main dish was a platter of three entrees - Arroz con Pollo (Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables), Carne Asada (Skirt Steak), and hour that will leave a smile on your face. The lounge area accom- Camarones a La Diabla (Prawns in a hot sauce). This plate is only Ste 202 modations allow you to eat, drink and relax while watching your made on request or for special guests. If your interested in ordering Mill Creek, WA 98012 favorite sport on the big screen TV. this plate, talk to Hector in advance to enjoy this amazing entree (425) 379-5100 with friends and family. Hector, owner of La Palmera greeted our group warmly. The hospitality and attention to detail from Hector and his staff As if we were not spoiled enough, our dessert arrived--Sopapillas made this evening truly memorable. with Ice Cream to dance on our tongues. Such a treat to dine with Hector and the La Palmera family, I know we will all be back! La Palmera Mill Creek is nestled in Mill Creek Town Center. With the atmosphere and hospitality already creating a fabulous This cozy and inviting mexican restaurant has much to offer their guests. mood, we were served an amazing variety of Mexican cuisine. The evening started with warm tortilla chips, fresh salsa, pico de La Palmera Mill Creek is nestled in Mill Creek Town Center, this cozy and gallo, and bean dip getting our mouths watering for more fresh and inviting Mexican Restaurant has much to offer their guests. La Palmera has spicy dishes. In unison we received our Jumbo Cadillac Margarita DISCLAIMER: The business reviewed in this section been in Mill Creek for over 12 years and has won numerous awards and on the Rocks and Jumbo Strawberry Margaritas, both a huge, provided products and/or services free of charge in acknowledgments for their outstanding service and cleanliness-- including impressive, tasty drink! Next a beautiful platter of chicken taquitos exchange for this review. and chicken quesadilla appetizers arrived and were amazing. “Cleanest Restaurant” from Snohomish county’s Health Department and won Best of Western Washington two years running by King 5 Magazine!
  10. 10. 18 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 19 Where are you from? Originally from Chicago, Moved to Mill What are your favorite tV Shows? Seinfeld reruns, American Creek from Texas, where we lived for 17 years. Idle, that 70’s show, Two and Half Men How long have you lived in your neighborhood? 13 years What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood? Socializing w/neighbors, peacefulness, we love the very wooded Profession(s): Mark, Sales Engineer, Telecommunications area we live in. Industry. Debbie, Interior Designer, Co-owner Inspire Interiors, LLC Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Skiing, Snowboarding, biking, hik- ing and walkingPhotography by: Chelsi Greenwood Photography Favorite Play Area/Park/Hang Out: We visit Mill Creek Town Center for coffee, dining, and shopping Familyspotlight Favorite restaurants: Kafe Neo, Thai Rhapsody, Daniels, Met Grill, Maggiano’s Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii, Mexico Favorite Sports teams: All Chicago sports teams Family names: Mark Monteggia Favorite Family Dinner: Shrimp Diane, Steak Debbie Monteggia Nicholas Monteggia 21, Student Kids? What activities are they involved with? Nick Eagle Scout, Jessica Monteggia 18, Student Jessica, Cheerleading, Dance, Piano Pets: Dogs: Sparky 11 yrs, Rocco 2 yrs. Mia 2 ½ yrs. How are you involved in the community? We like to visit local Outdoor Pets: Squirrel: Name-Chip and his buddies restaurants and merchants to support their businesses. We are social members at the Mill Creek Country Club. Street: 30th Ave SE What do you like to do to relax? Ride bikes, walk, spa, read Mill Creek, WA 98012 What music do you listen to? Jazz, Country, 60’s oldies
  11. 11. 20 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence 21 neW fountain of youththeMill Creek Skin & Laser is a boutique style skin and laser clinic Dr. Lin is originally from New York, where he practiced for overoffering the best quality care in laser and cosmetic skin treat- ten years before moving to the Pacific Northwest to be closer toments. We specialize in an array of services including inject- family. He opened Mill Creek Skin & Laser in 2006. Safetyables, coolsculpting, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and expertise is paramount here, therefore our estheticiansRosecea, Acne Treatment, Spot removal, spider vein and stretch require at least 5 years in the industry before joining us, and aremark removal. To complement our laser services, we also pro- then subject to an additional intensive training course with Dr.vide a range of high-end beauty therapy and anti-aging treat- Lin to ensure his protocol is strictly adhered to.ments including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, waxing and At Mill Creek Skin & Laser, we utilize only the latest tech-facials. Additionally, we provide customized treatment plans to nology and laser equipment to ensure that our clients achievefit your budget and skin care needs. the best possible results. We have a wide selection of lasers to choose from that target a variety of skin concerns. We takeOur skin care lines include Obagi, Vivite, Skin Medica and pride in owning cutting-edge, top-of-line Gold Standard lasers,Murad. We also offer a large selection of Jane Iredale Mineral which are continually updated as technology progresses. WeMakeup, which is highly recommended by the Skin Cancer are passionate about proven treatments, backed by substantialFoundation. research. As such, Dr. Lin often goes back to Harvard to meet with his colleagues to review and test the latest lasers and procedures available to determine what works and if it is something our clients would truly benefit from. Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center FOR MEN AND WOMEN is located on the north end of Now o ering: the beautiful Mill Creek Town A s s e e n o n D r. O z : C o o l s c u l p t i n g b y Z e l t i q Center across the street from LA Fitness. Mill Creek Skin & Laser is committed to providing the utmost customer service and care to our clients. Consul- tations are complimen- tary and hours are flexible. Please visit our website at where you can experience all we have to offer. We hope that you check us out soon. w w 15111 main street | suite a101 & a201 | Mill Creek, WA 98012 425.316.8200 | Hours: Tues-Sat 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
  12. 12. 22 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 23 Kids Beat Acorn Pumpkins yard 1. Remove the caps from a handful of acorns month OF THE 2. Coat each one with orange acrylic paint, adding a bit of brown to the acorns point for a stem 3. Let the paints dry, then add a jack-o-lantern face with a black permanent marker caution: As several readers who made this craft found out, some acorns are infested with weevils. The weevils feed on the nutmeat What is your first and last name? Your Spouse’s? James & Kay while they develop over the summer, and when the acorns hit the ground in the fall, these insects know its time to start chewing their Stibich way out and into the ground -- or your home. A solution: before you start the project, bake the acorns in a slow oven to kill the weevils. Just be careful not to burn the acorns! Who takes care of your lawn? Classic Landscape (recently) If you take care of it, what are your secrets? Hard work and proper plant and flower placement Enjoy Your Yard Again! We Can Help! If you take care of it, is it a hobby? It is my complete JOY! Halloween Do you have a landscaper care for your lawn? I have taken pride in doing all of the landscape care and maintenance of the yard. Word Search How long did it take for your lawn to become so beautiful? It is an ongoing process. What type of trees and shrubs do you have? Multiple types of plants, shrub and trees. What type of flowers or plants do you have? Geraniums and a mix of many different flowers. Do you have natural area(s) or flower bed(s)? Mixed · · · · Your Profession(s): Boeing , Your street address: The Parks Neighborhood How long have you lived in your neighborhood? We have lived here 13 years and love Mill Creek! Publishers Note: What fun I had meeting with James, Kay and Amy! They have the sweetest little puppy gangster (you can read his story in precious pet section). While , • . . visiting I found out that James and Kay just celebrated their 30th Anniversary, not - - surprising as I was overcome with the overwhelming feeling of love between the two of - - them. Thank you James and Kay for allowing us to feature your beautiful yard!
  13. 13. 24 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence October October The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 25 Resident Recipe Caramel Apple Monsters Caramel apples have always been a favorite, but when you use candies to make them monsters they become the life of the party. Ingredients 1 14-ounce bag individually wrapped caramel candies (about 50) 2 tablespoons milk 4 to 6 medium apples (see guide, page 123) Craft sticks Assorted candies Car Month 1. Place the unwrapped caramels in a shallow microwave-safe bowl. 2. Mix in the milk and microwave on high for 2 minutes, stir ring after 1 minute (the caramels will keep their shape as they soften, so be sure to stir them). of the 3. When the caramels are melted, remove the dish from the microwave with potholders and stir the sauce until smooth. 4. Set aside to cool slightly. 5. To thoroughly coat an apple, roll it in the caramel sauce, then hold it upright so the sauce slides down the sides. WHEN YOU PURCHASE A SET OF 4 SELECT TIRES 6. Generously butter a baking sheet. Twist off the apple stems NO hassles, NO mailing, NO waiting! Do you have a classic, exotic or just plain cool car? and spear each fruit with a craft stick. JUST...INSTANT SAVINGS! 7. Roll one apple in the caramel sauce until its thoroughly (SEE STORE FOR DETAILS) Each month we will be highlighting a resident’s car in coated. Place it, stick pointing up, on the baking sheet. The Mill Creek Influence. 8. Working quickly, coat the remaining apples in the caramel sauce. The caramel coating will be gooey, so refrigerate the Highlighting your car is FREE and is offered exclusively to apple for 15 minutes or until the caramel is slightly hardened. residents of Mill Creek. 9. Holding the apple by the stick, use candy to turn it into a monster. Please visit To have your car featured in the next available monthly newsletter, to find the location nearest you! all it takes is an email to Avery at Refrigerate again until WE DO Professionally Trained Technicians Best Brake the caramel is hardened BRAKES! and the candy is set. Warranty Premium Quality Parts Makes 4 to 6. FREE BRAKE INSPECTIONS Over 30 Years SAME DAY SERVICE • FREE ESTIMATES Experience (ON MOST VEHICLES) PRICES GOOD THROUGH OCTOBER 31, 2011 BASE