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Google Experiments in 5 Easy Steps (using Joomla)


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How to create Google Analytics Content Experiments in five easy steps!
Presented to Chicago Joomla Users Group in January, 2013

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Google Experiments in 5 Easy Steps (using Joomla)

  1. 1. Google Analytics Content Experiments (for Joomla CMS) in Five Easy Steps Joomla Chicago Users Group January 9, 2013 Presented by Avery Cohen Nick Martinelli©2012, Metrist Partners – may not be used without permission
  2. 2. Why Google Content Experiments? 1. Everybody likes a winner 2. Helps your customer become the winner 3. Your website will make more money 4. And that makes you a winner 5. It’s easy Don’t take my word for it; check out
  3. 3. Google Content Experiments in Five easy Steps1. Set a Goal & establish it in Google Analytics2. Create two versions of the page you want to test – and don’t stop at two!3. Create the experiment in Google Analytics4. Add experiment JavaScript to the Original Page – thank you CMS!5. Monitor the test results - and keep improving!
  4. 4. Step 1 Set a GoalProgram goals:• Lower bounce rate by 20%• Double new member registration rate• Increase sales by $1,000/dayA/B test goal: Can we• Reach the purchase make a better “thank you” page first impression than this?
  5. 5. Step1 Create the Goal in Google Analytics
  6. 6. Step1 Create a Goal in Google Analytics
  7. 7. Step2 Create Alternative Page for “A/B” TestMake a difference• Tone of the page• Page layout• Information: – unique value propositions – Offers or enticements Can we• Calls to action make a better first impression than this?
  8. 8. Step 3 Create an ExperimentGoogle Analytics Content Experiment
  9. 9. Step 3 Create an Experiment• Google Analytics Content Experiment
  10. 10. Step4 Add Code to Original Page
  11. 11. Step4 Joomla Plug-In for Google Experiments (formerly Google Website Optimizer) 2. Add Google 1. Chose Options Experiment Code - free version supports one experiment.
  12. 12. Set up the Joomla Plug-In for Google Experiments 3. Create Tag Label {Google Experiment|
  13. 13. Add Plug-In Tag to Original Page Create a new module to contain plug-in code to load experiment. – next to the module title Type in the tag label into the module body {GoogleExperiment} – in the module body where the plugin syntax is typed in. That’s all that goes in the module
  14. 14. View Page Source to Confirm Code Google Analytics Content Experiment code is the first thing in the <head> section! And it ONLY appears on the Original (“A”) Version of the page being tested!
  15. 15. Verify the Experiment in Google Analytics
  16. 16. Step5 Your Experiment is Running
  17. 17. Step5 Monitor and Keep Testing!
  18. 18. Thank you.Avery J. Cohen Nick MartinelliMetrist Partners Joomla RockersChicago, www.joomlarockers.com312-772-5945