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7 Ways to Stay Organized at Work


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Staying organized is an ongoing task, but when trying to find ways to stay organized during the busiest times, it may seem like the difficulty level almost always gets bumped up a notch. Here are 7 tips to help get you more organized at work.

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7 Ways to Stay Organized at Work

  1. 1. 7 Ways to Stay Organized at Work Organizing your work space does not have to take days or hours; it can be done within minutes. In fact, maintaining an organized work environment is much more effective if treated as an ongoing project, instead of a massive burden. Here are a few tips on how to keep your work space organized:
  2. 2. Designate a Physical Inbox 1© Avery Eisenreich You need a physical inbox to put all your incoming papers. Otherwise, they will scatter all over the existing documents on your desk.
  3. 3. Have a Trash Can Within Reach 2© Avery Eisenreich If you have to stand up from your desk or walk a few steps to reach the garbage can, then it is too far away. Make sure that you can easily and quickly reach the trash without getting up from your chair.
  4. 4. Schedule Regular Cleaning Time 3© Avery Eisenreich If you have not cleaned your desk in a month, it could take you a few hours to clean it up. However, if you do it daily, it will only take you minutes. Avoid compounding your organizing time by scheduling a designated regularly.
  5. 5. Never Put Trash Down 4© Avery Eisenreich Whether it is a piece of paper or a food wrapper, never procrastinate to throw away trash. Get in the habit of holding it in your hand until it is in the proper bin. You don’t want to put trash on your desk and forget about it.
  6. 6. Scan It 5© Avery Eisenreich Clear that paper clutter, by scanning it into soft copy or PDF. Buying a scanner will attain and maintain peace and organization on your desk.
  7. 7. Keep a Master Planner 6© Avery Eisenreich Having a planner is one of the most important ways to stay organized. Writing down meeting, due dates, appointments etc. will make you less likely to forget things and procrastinate. As well, you will benefit from your information being stored in one place and being easily accessible.
  8. 8. Create a To-Do List and Follow It 7© Avery Eisenreich You should keep a daily (and, if possible, weekly and monthly) to-do list. The key is to focus on following through with the tasks until completion.
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