Top 20 Travel Tools for Nerds on the Go


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San Diego speaker Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend, shares free and bargain tech tools for easy travel.

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  • I would also recommend Spyglass – it’s a great navigational toolkit for different purposes. It’s top-notch for off-road and on-road navigation, hiking and traveling. It’s crammed with all that necessary data like gps coordinates, current azimuth, altitude, speed, potential arrival time to your target and much more. It can read pre-downloaded maps later when offline and provides you with extremely precise information.
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Top 20 Travel Tools for Nerds on the Go

  1. 1. 20 Top Tr avelTools forNer ds on theGO!
  2. 2. Beth ZiesenisYour Nerdy Best Friend Author. Speaker. Nerd. Twitter @askbethz
  3. 3. Housekeeping• Please use the chat feature • If you don’t have audio, please call (512) 400-4809/access code 100 1153• Answer questions at the end of each section and at end• Any immediate questions? Twitter @askbethz
  4. 4. Road Warrior Tools • In the air • On the road • At your destination • Not free but awesome • Your favorites Twitter @askbethz
  5. 5. In The AirTwitter @askbethz
  6. 6. When is the right time to buy a ticket?Bing’s travel tools include Price Predictor,which helps you determine if it’s a goodtime to buy or if you should wait. Online iPhone/iPad Android Twitter @askbethz
  7. 7. Tripit aggregates your travel plans,giving you access to critical itinerarydetails from mobile devices and more. iPhone/iPad Android BlackBerry Windows Phone 7 Twitter @askbethz
  8. 8. Register with Planely to network on thego. Use your TripIt account to log youritinerary, integrate Facebook andLinkedIn to find contacts and open yourmind! You just might meet someone youwant to get to know. Online Twitter @askbethz
  9. 9. Hoping to get some work done while youfly? HasWifi will tell you if your plane islikely to have wireless access. Online Twitter @askbethz
  10. 10. Use SeatGuru to find the best seats andhidden legroom in any plane. App alsoshows flight status. Online iPad/iPhone Twitter @askbethz
  11. 11. GateGuru is a mobile app that helps youdiscover how long the security line is,what types of stores are available andwhere the best food is in airports aroundthe country. iPhone/iPad Android Twitter @askbethz
  12. 12. On The RoadTwitter @askbethz
  13. 13. GasBuddy reveals the gas stations withthe cheapest gas around and helps younavigate from your current location. iPad/iPhone Android Windows 7 BlackBerry Twitter @askbethz
  14. 14. Book a taxi on your smartphone via TaxiMagic, and you can track its arrival, pay bycredit card and receive an e-receipt forexpenses. iPhone Android BlackBerry Palm Twitter @askbethz
  15. 15. Use Yelp Mobile to discover nearbyrestaurants and services. iPhone/iPad/iTouch Android BlackBerry Windows Phone 7 Palm Pre Twitter @askbethz
  16. 16. You Have Reached Your Destination Twitter @askbethz
  17. 17. Download LodgeNet Mobile to use yoursmartphone or tablet as a remote controlfor your hotel television. iPhone iPad Android smartphones Twitter @askbethz
  18. 18. Sign up for Expensify to scan andcategorize receipts on the go. FREE! iPhone & iPad Android BlackBerry Palm Online Twitter @askbethz
  19. 19. Dropbox lets you have access to yourfiles anywhere, any place, any how. iPhone/iPad/iTouch Android BlackBerry Online Twitter @askbethz
  20. 20. Remember the Milk organizes your to-do list on the go. iPhone/iPad Android BlackBerry Other devices via mobile site Twitter @askbethz
  21. 21. Springpad organizes notes and more intovirtual notebooks accessible on the go. iPhone/iPad Android Other mobile devices via mobile site Twitter @askbethz
  22. 22. Similar to Springpad, Evernote organizesnotes and more into virtual notebooksaccessible on the go. iPhone/iPad Android BlackBerry Windows Phone 7 Twitter @askbethz
  23. 23. Install Shoeboxed Business CardReader to quickly scan business cardsand exchange info with new contacts. iPhone iPad Twitter @askbethz
  24. 24. Ever forget your business card? Set upan account with Contxts to enable avirtual business card you can share viatext. Online Any phone that can text iPhone/iPad Android Twitter @askbethz
  25. 25. Not Free, But Oh So Handy sells miniature versions ofthousands of products.360-Degree Spinner Suitcases let youpush your luggage rather than pull, savingwear and tear on your shoulders and arms.Easy Pass Carry-On Luggage – the zipkind, transform your pre-security computerjuggles to easy, breezy walkthroughs. Twitter @askbethz
  26. 26. Your Favorites!myPark: Never lose your car again or geta parking ticket because you lose track oftime.RoadNinja: Find restaurants, directionsand local coupons as you travel on yourway.FastMall: Navigate shopping malls withease – find bathrooms, get directions, finddiscounts.Checkbook: Replace your papercheckbook with an easy-to-use financialorganizer.CHP Traffic: Californians can find up-to-the-minute traffic news.PrintToKindle: Install a PrintToKindledriver on your PC to be able to send anydocument to your device as a PDF. Twitter @askbethz
  27. 27. Thank You!Beth ZiesenisYour Nerdy Best