Aventis business leaders talk what i didnt learn in business school


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Aventis CEO & Business Leaders Breakfast talk by Dr Trish Clifford, Columbia university , former director of global strategy of mckinsey consultancy

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Aventis business leaders talk what i didnt learn in business school

  1. 1. AVENTIS BUSINESS LEADERS TALK 16th November 2010 | Time: 9..00am to 12.00pm
  2. 2. Speaker: Dr Trish Gorman Clifford Dr Clifford was the Director of Global Strategy Learning at McKinsey & Company and currently helps mid- and upper-level managers strengthen their strategic capabilities through consulting and other learning experiences. She currently serves as adjunct professor at London Business School and Duke Corporate Executive Education She has held full-time faculty positions at the University of Connecticut and at Columbia University Executive Education, and was Academic Director of the Global Consulting Practicum at Wharton. She has published articles in Harvard Business Review and the McKinsey Quarterly and has conducted hundreds of workshops on strategy development, option generation and evaluation, organizational alignment, and related topics.
  3. 3. What I Didn’t Learn in Business School : How Strategy Works in the Real World Aventis School of Management Patricia (Trish) Gorman Clifford, MBA, PhD November 16, 2010
  4. 4. What Do People Learn in Business School? • Top 5 Answers  Financial Analysis  5 Forces  Team Building  Doing Cases  Networking
  5. 5. What do People Learn in Business School? • The things most associated with Business School by those who did not attend • Top 5 Answers – General Management Skills – Marketing – Finance – Cases – Networking
  6. 6. Perception v. Reality? Overlap in Top 5 Answers – General Management Skills – Marketing – Finance – Cases – Networking
  7. 7. Today’s Agenda • The Book: A Strategy Story • The Problem • Strategy in the Real World • Never Stop Learning
  8. 8. Today’s Agenda • The Book: A Strategy Story • The Problem • Strategy in the Real World • Never Stop Learning
  9. 9. The Book: A Strategy Story • Consulting team at elite firm • Haven’t worked together before • New and potentially important client relationship • The Team – Justin Campbell, Jr. Associate – Livia Chambers,AP – Vivek Chatterjee, Sr. Associate – Gordon Lee, EM – Ken McCombs, ED
  10. 10. The Book: A Strategy Story • The Client: HGS, global plastics and packaging materials firm • The Researchers – Jerry Tucker, Lead Researcher and “inventor of Plastiwear” – Leonard Kibrick, leader of Development Team • The Decision Makers – Carl Switzer, CEO – Scott Beckett, VP Oil and Gas Products – Bob Hutchins, VP Packaging – Shirley Rickert, CFO – Walter Albright VP R&D – Bill Dixon, Corporate HR
  11. 11. The Book: A Strategy Story • Narrative with Beginning, Middle and End • Engaging and memorable • Characters with motivations and emotions • Tools are applied in context • Messy, incomplete data • Ability to reflect complexity in topics • Ability to iterate and selectively reveal information • “Like a long and winding case” Why a story?
  12. 12. Today’s Agenda • The Book: A Strategy Story • The Problem • Strategy in the Real World • Never Stop Learning
  13. 13. The Problem • The Client stumbled upon an innovative compound • They haven’t yet converted this innovation to a marketable product…in 3 years • Characteristics of fabric made with this compound – Stainproof – Wrinkleproof – White – Nice drape and hand feel – Virtually indestructible What’s the problem?
  14. 14. The Problem • Lack of courage • Lack of direction • Lack of funding • Lack of focus What’s the problem?  Who to sell to  How to create value  Whether they’ll make money  Competitive advantages  When to start Strategy Leadership
  15. 15. The Problem • Unclear who should make the decision • Uncertain outcome • Questions about the future What’s the problem?  Differences of opinion  Where (in the firm) will the new business be  Who wins and who loses  What is success Organizational Dynamics Risk and Uncertainty
  16. 16. Today’s Agenda • The Book: A Strategy Story • The Problem • Strategy in the Real World • Never Stop Learning
  17. 17. Strategy in the Real World Justin is in a team room with a stack of materials to read and a full email queue • He applies many Strategy and Management Tools  Net Present Value Analysis  Industry Analysis (using 5 Forces)  Market Sizing Estimates  Value Chain Analysis  Stakeholder Analysis  VRIO  Option Evaluation Worksheet
  18. 18. Strategy in the Real World Justin… Sets priorities by a priori workplan Relies on 5 Forces – done by the client Wants NPV to give him a clear answer – and it doesn’t Expects data to be available and conclusive Seeks a quick, definitive answer Poor assumptions block his progress
  19. 19. Strategy in the Real World • Wrong tools get you wrong outputs • Asking the wrong question gets you the wrong answer • Even the right tools can result in sub-optimal outcomes – Tools can be an excuse to stop analyzing ..to stop thinking – Tools can end a conversation – Tools and approaches give outputs, not strategies Strategy does not flow from analysis !
  20. 20. Today’s Agenda • The Book: A Strategy Story • The Problem • Strategy in the Real World • Never Stop Learning
  21. 21. Never Stop Learning Justin is least experienced on a diverse team with a tight deadline – He believes there is an answer, and he will find it – Justin thinks he needs to make a good impression – He is less interested in framing the right question than in pleasing senior people – Justin doesn’t take the time to consider other perspectives on the project
  22. 22. Never Stop Learning What Justin didn’t learn in business school: • Rushing to the wrong answer is a big time sink • Some activities take time, but make time • Working independently from the team can be very inefficient • Some activities are path dependent. Others can be opportunistic
  23. 23.  We spend much of our time describing  Make meaning from what you observe: What’s happening?  Shifting to Why? Questions changes the strategic conversation  What matters most? Ask Why? Never Stop Learning
  24. 24. Key Takeaways • Strategy does not flow from Analysis • Avoid correctly answering the wrong question • Let a Hypothesis lead you into the Data • Humans are not Human Resources • Look at Strategic analyses through an Organizational lens
  25. 25. Key Takeaways • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should • Just because you’ve finished school, doesn’t mean you’re done learning
  26. 26. Contents  Chapter 1: A Simple Problem  Chapter 2: A New Shirt  Chapter Three: A Moving Target  Chapter Four: A Working Lunch  Chapter Five : A Valuable Chain  Etc. Each Chapter advances the story and contains strategy and organization tools and approaches
  27. 27. What I Didn’t Learn in Business School: How Strategy Works in the Real World By Jay Barney and Trish Gorman Clifford Harvard Business Press 2010 Trish Clifford Trish@managetolearn.com www.whatididntlearn.com Questions? Comments?
  28. 28. Aventis School of Management is a leading Graduate School which is an affiliated member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and European Council for Business Education (ECBE). Unlike most business schools which rely heavily on academic research, Aventis’s rich industrial heritage sets it distinctively apart through its unwavering commitment towards delivering practical driven curriculum.
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  33. 33. Executive Education Programs
  34. 34. Corporate Training & Conferences Aventis organizes over 60 seminars, workshops, in house corporate training and conferences annually , reaching out to over 2,000 PMETs and Business Leaders
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