Social Media: the New Customer Service Channel


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Social media empowers customers like never before. Complaints that would not have been heard suddenly get broadcast around the world. Learn how your business can best deal with this new world. This slide deck was presented at the Technology Services World conference in October 2013 by Carl Knerr of Avaya and John Ragsdale of TSIA as the starter for a workout session with the audience on the topic

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  • References:Knapp: Big Companies Aren’t Using Social Media For Customer Service. Retrieved November 24, 2012, from Forbes: Their Twitter accountGartner: Gartner Predicts That Refusing to Communicate by Social Media Will Be as Harmful to Companies as Ignoring Phone Calls or Emails Is Today. Retrieved November 23, 2012, from Gartner:
  • Source: Avaya Social Media Manager marketing materials
  • Social Media: the New Customer Service Channel

    1. 1. Social Media The New Customer Service Channel Carl Knerr | Avaya John Ragsdale | TSIA 10.22.2013
    2. 2. About Today’s Session • Facilitated group discussion and interaction • Your participation is key! • Ask questions and share your experiences, opinions, and issues • When speaking, please state your name, role, and company • Tweet your thoughts on the session real-time using #TSW13 2 #TSW13
    3. 3. Social Media Primer Network Users (M) Facebook 1,260 Twitter Foursquare Daily Volume Characteristics Donuts 4.5B „likes‟ • Mix of media I like donuts 500 500M tweets • • • Fully public by default Max of 140 characters Mostly text-based I‟m eating a #Donut 40 5M check-ins • • Location-based Frequent visitors become “Mayor” This is where I eat donuts ? posts • • Professional Networking Stream of businessrelated articles My skills include donut eating 4M users • Pin a picture/site from anywhere on the web Organize by “boards” Here‟s a donut recipe LinkedIn 238 Pintrest 70 • Instagram 150 YouTube 1,000 Google+ 343 40M photos • Photos-only. Heavy use of “filters” Here‟s a vintage photo of my donut 1B video views • #1 video sharing site Here‟s a video of me eating a donut ? posts • • Very FB like; Great UI Little adoption I‟m a Google employee who eats donuts (joke) 3 #TSW13
    4. 4. Why we care about Customer Service In B2C … 28% more leave after 3rd Service Mess Up 17% Leave after 1st Service Mess Up 45% more leave after 2nd Service Mess Up Given that it costs 3x more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one, getting it right the first time is crucial 4 #TSW13
    5. 5. Why Social Matters 5 #TSW13
    6. 6. 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer contacts the supplier. - SFDC Failure of a company to respond to a social media user can lead to a 15% increase in the brand‟s churn rate – Gartner Of the actionable social media interactions a company receives, 80 percent are related to service, with only 20 percent related to marketing - Knapp Organizations that ignore their customers on social media will have the same negative perceptions companies experience today when they ignore customer‟s minimum expectations of email and phone support. - Gartner 6 #TSW13
    7. 7. 1.2 M Twitter Followers 7 #TSW13
    8. 8. Kevin Smith 1.6M Twitter Followers Won‟t Supports Fly with Southwest Southwest Poor Customer Service “Too Fat to Fly” 8 #TSW13
    9. 9. Jayne Gorman: Travel Blogger 5,000 Followers On Twitter 9 #TSW13
    10. 10. 10 #TSW13
    11. 11. 11 #TSW13
    12. 12. Hot Topics & Trends • Are you using SM channels for service? • SM users demand the fastest response times – Expectation is 5 minutes – Zappos is best at 54 mins; LL Bean is 4 hours • • • • Separate support and marketing channels? Who owns/coordinates social media presence? Prioritize responses based on Klout? Integration with Contact Center Technology & Processes 12 #TSW13
    13. 13. Ten Recommendations 1. Go With #Speed 2. #Engage a Social Media Manager 3. #Collaborative Strategy 4. Selectively #respond 5. #Prioritize responses 6. #Integrate with #CRM, & #ContactCenter 7. Don‟t be mistaken for a #robot 8. #Segregate your presence 9. #Market your #CustomerService 10.Don‟t #overcommit 13 #TSW13
    14. 14. Annual TSIA Social Media Survey • Addresses use of social media channels for supporting customers • Launching in December • What would you like to see? – – – – Channels in use SLAs Staffing ??? • Send input to 14 #TSW13
    15. 15. How was the session? Look for your email invitation to fill out the Session Evaluations. #TSW13
    16. 16. Contact Information Name: Carl Knerr Title: Services Director Email: Twitter: @CarlKnerr Read more at Name: John Ragsdale Title: Vice President, Technology Research Email: Twitter: @John_Ragsdale Blog: 16 #TSW13
    17. 17. Backup Slides 17 #TSW13
    18. 18. Funnel to Contact Center 18 #TSW13