RushCard Raises Customer Satisfaction


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Rushcard's customer service demands grew rapidly with their business. Wanting to bring part of their customer service back to the states, they began to look for the right options and platforms to best suit their needs.

In this case study, learn how the Avaya-powered on-shoring strategy is paying off for Rushcard.

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RushCard Raises Customer Satisfaction

  1. 1. RushCard Raises Customer Satisfaction Avaya-Powered On-Shoring Strategy Pays off for RushCard Ten years ago, businessman and record producer Russell Simmons noticed that friends and family members paid heavy fees for transactions such as cashing checks or buying money orders. They struggled to get ahead, but bad credit held them back. Simmons responded by starting RushCard, a prepaid Visa debit card for the millions of Americans that are unserved or underserved by the banking system. RushCard gives cardholders an easier way to shop, pay bills and use ATMs, and tools to manage their money – to help them ultimately achieve their personal and financial goals. RushCard has grown rapidly, as have the demands on its customer service operations. RushCard’s 24/7 contact center assists thousands of customers with opening new accounts, updating account information or checking the status of accounts. RushCard partners with third-party contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) providers to deliver its service. Until recently, all partners were located offshore. As RushCard looked at enhancing service delivery, especially for its best customers, it evaluated bringing part of its customer support back onshore. “Our strategy is centered around delivering the best service possible to customers,” said Mitch Mann, senior director of customer service, RushCard. “A strong member experience depends on having well-trained agents and efficient call handling. We wanted to explore the option of bringing some of our customer service back onshore.” 100% Uptime RushCard found a solid partner in Missouri-based NeoVox Global. The company’s contact center experience, reputation, approach to training and technology infrastructure set it apart. NeoVox runs all clients on a rock-solid Avaya platform – boasting 100 percent uptime for call-handling during its time with Avaya. “We liked NeoVox’s mindset around customer service,” Mann said. “They have invested heavily in best-of-breed technology to do it right. When considering NeoVox, the fact that they had 100% uptime on the Avaya platform was definitely a factor.” | 1 Challenges • Customer service is an integral part of RushCard’s strategy and mission, thus the company sought to improve key performance indicators such as customer satisfaction, call handling times and call-resolution rates. • RushCard wanted to find a reliable U.S.- based contact center provider to bring part of its service on shore. Value Created • Agents answer calls 132 seconds faster. • Customer satisfaction scores increased by more than 12 percent, to scores of over 90 percent. • With the ease of the Avaya solution, NeoVox trains new RushCard agents in just a couple of hours. • First-call resolution increased by 12 percent • Agents handle calls 47 seconds faster, on average.
  2. 2. For NeoVox, the choice of Avaya was a matter of track record. Brian Malcolm, VP of operations at NeoVox, had used Avaya for more than a decade at previous companies. “I was very familiar with Avaya, so we chose it for NeoVox for its performance, ease of use and reporting,” Malcolm said. “We love the fact that we can handle email, chat and calls in the exact same way and report on them the same way. We also feel like Avaya gave us a great name to be able to sell along with our call center.” In particular NeoVox, was attracted to Avaya IQ for real-time, visual reporting. Avaya IQ provides dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics that NeoVox can track and customize for each of its clients. “From a client perspective, one of the selling points of NeoVox is that we offer our clients an interface to real- time reporting through Avaya,” said Will Westmoreland, VP – sales, NeoVox Global. “That’s a real challenge in the industry. Most of our clients have come from other providers that have not been able to provide that solution for them. Providing clients with a reporting mechanism that they can access is important.” Faster Agent Ramp-Up NeoVox rolled out the Avaya Aura® Platform to support all clients, with Avaya Aura® Contact Center, Avaya IQ, Avaya session border controllers, and Avaya soft and hard phones. For RushCard, NeoVox provides phone and email support for RushCard’s inbound customer service, inbound applications, high-value customer support and offline work such as customer correspondence. Customers call a single number for RushCard, identify their issue in the IVR and are then routed to the appropriate NeoVox representative or another contact center partner, based on the type of issue. NeoVox is known for its strong hiring and behavior-based coaching, and the Avaya platform has been instrumental in supporting these efforts. For one, the ease of using the Avaya platform expedites training new agents. NeoVox finds that a two- hour crash course is all agents need before they begin taking live calls. “Agents are first and foremost comfortable in navigating the phones,” said Steve Warfield, director of customer service at NeoVox. “About 50 percent of our call center reps have experience in other call centers. Without exception, all comment about the ease of use of the technology compared to previous environments they have worked in.” Since the Avaya solution includes skills-based routing capability, RushCard customers reach those agents with the appropriate expertise. In addition, NeoVox can flexibly change routing based on demand. If call volume spikes, NeoVox expands the skills associated with certain agents to increase the pool of agents taking calls. Features such as “whisper” reduce call handling time by giving agents a heads up about the type of call coming in. If it’s a new applicant, they can have the application form up and ready. Real-Time Reporting, Real-Time Decisions Reporting with Avaya gives NeoVox and RushCard real-time and historical insight into the NeoVox call center. NeoVox configures a web-based 2 | “We liked NeoVox’s mindset around customer service. They have invested heavily in best-of- breed technology to do it right. When considering NeoVox, the fact that they had 100% uptime on the Avaya platform was definitely a factor.” — Mitch Mann, Senior Director of Customer Service, RushCard
  3. 3. | 3 dashboard to show exactly those that RushCard wants to see – on one screen – such as call volume, hold times, handling times, abandon rates and customer satisfaction. Anytime, RushCard can drill deeper into analytics to trace the customer experience in full and pinpoint areas for improvement. They can see call patterns and identify root cause and effect. “Reporting is major in the RushCard relationship,” Westmoreland said. “RushCard has 100 percent visibility into the queue to see real-time data about their account. They have a comfort level that they’re getting billed correctly and we’re handling their customers how they want us to handle them.” “Because of Avaya’s ability to provide a system that allows us to handle large call volumes, and report accurately back to our client, we significantly reduced the amount of email follow- up time the client had to utilize during their peak season,” Westmoreland added. With such comprehensive reporting, NeoVox also reduces custom configuration costs and was able to roll out reporting immediately for RushCard. NeoVox and RushCard use that data to make decisions regarding call routing, training and staffing to improve the customer experience. NeoVox has fresh insight to influence its behavior-based coaching of agents. By addressing the root cause of representative performance, NeoVox can correct behaviors that drive poor performance. Raising CSAT, Call Handling Performance Since the move to NeoVox, RushCard has improved a number of key performance indicators: • Customer satisfaction scores increased by more than 12 percent, to scores of over 90 percent. (CSAT) • The rate of dissatisfied customers improved by more than four percent. (DSAT) • First-call resolution increased by 12 percent. (FCR) • Agents handle calls 47 seconds faster, on average. (AHT) • Agents answer calls 132 seconds faster. (ASA) “Every month with NeoVox, our customer satisfaction scores have improved. We are now at levels we have never seen before,” Mann said. “NeoVox has differentiated itself from a member experience perspective.” Just as important, RushCard has experienced zero downtime with NeoVox. “Uptime has been huge. We have had issues in the past with uptime with other contact centers, but so far NeoVox has been very stable,” Mann said. “Agents are first and foremost comfortable in navigating the phones. About 50 percent of our call center reps have experience in other call centers. Without exception, all comment about the ease of use of the technology compared to previous environments they have worked in.” — Steve Warfield, Director of Customer Service, NeoVox Global Avaya IQ dashboard
  4. 4. © 2014 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks identified by ®, ™, or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. 03/14 • CC7471 ABOUT NEOVOX Located in Carthage, MO, Business Process Outsource (BPO) service provider NeoVox Global provides Inbound/Outbound Customer Care, Inbound/Outbound Sales, Payment Processing, Order Acceptance / Processing / Fulfillment, and Lead Generation Services in their call center. NeoVox uses Avaya solutions to support multi-faceted customer interaction via inbound and outbound calls, web chat, and SMS/MMS to communicate and process customer transactions. See ABOUT RUSHCARD Russell Simmons cofounded Prepaid Visa® RushCard (managed by UniRush, LLC), one of the first prepaid cards, more than 10 years ago, revolutionizing the payments industry. During RushCard’s 10-year history, the company has established a long list of innovations: one of the first to offer Direct Deposit to a prepaid card; one of the first to offer check-writing capabilities for prepaid cardholders; and one of the first prepaid cards to offer comprehensive Online Money Tools that make it easier to track balances, create monthly budgets, and analyze spending. RushCard is proud to partner with The Bancorp Bank and Visa. About Avaya Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world. For more information please visit Applications, Systems & Services • Avaya Aura® Platform 6.0 • Avaya Aura® Contact Center • Avaya IQ • Avaya SBC-AE 500 • Avaya one-X® Agent • Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones 4 | “You rarely find call centers with two-plus years with 100 percent uptime. That’s a huge plus with Avaya,” Malcolm added. RushCard plans to send more calls to NeoVox – especially calls from new applicants – increasing its U.S. call center presence. “As we shift more calls to NeoVox, the Avaya platform will be key to ramping up new agents quickly and continuing to maintain and improve our high level of service,” Mann said. For NeoVox, the results with Avaya extend to its entire client base. “Our productivity and performance are built on Avaya,” Westmoreland said. “We recently on boarded two clients, and in the first 90 days we identified that their previous provider had not adequately serviced up to 50% of their call volume and had not reported this shortfall in monthly reporting. The honesty and integrity that we can establish with our clients, because of the suite of products that Avaya offers, has really helped us build a great reputation and brand name in the market.”