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Avaya Support Services


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Maintain optimal levels of protection and operations for your Avaya networking solutions with comprehensive hardware and software support services.

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Avaya Support Services

  1. 1. Support Services Matter Maximize Uptime Increase ROI Proactive Prevention Competitive Advantage CSAT 8.6% time to resolve service requests extended backlog 66% self service requests 229% If there’s an outage, the Avaya emergency recovery team swoops in to save the day! 90% 83% <15min 2X total outages resolved in <2 hours online chats resolved in <1 hour initial response time objective faster than nearest competitor 1 50% Avaya Support from 2011 2014 The industry has changed. For more information, go to 1 Avaya service-level objectives for response time are twice as fast as our nearest com - petitor when it comes to the highest-severity requests. Based on competitive analysis conducted by Avaya in July 2014. All other data from internal Avaya analysis conducted in 2014.