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75% of the top 20 global banks use
Avaya products and services4


Customers that indic...
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Infographic: 75% of the top 20 global banks use Avaya products and services


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In this infographic, learn why unified communications and customer experience management and contact center solutions from Avaya are so popular with the largest banks in the world. Or learn more at

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Infographic: 75% of the top 20 global banks use Avaya products and services

  1. 1. Finance 75% of the top 20 global banks use Avaya products and services4 9.6% 8.7% 7.7% ’12 ’11 ’10 Customers that indicate they switched their primary banking institution during the past year to a new provider.2 The needs and requests of your high-net-worth customers are often complex, so a customer’s first contact with your organization is critical. For every additional contact needed to complete a transaction, customer satisfaction scores typically drop 20 points.5 Banking 95% of consumers associate the level of service they receive in the branch with the overall impression they have of the financial services provider.3 1/2 of customers, regardless of bank size, who said fees were the main reason to shop for another bank also indicate that their prior bank provided poor service.2 1/3 is the potential cost to a financial services firm that loses a mobile device containing customer data. The cost of noncompliance can be staggering, even for a single lapse in compliance with PCI standards.6 Insurance A recent study showed that an increasing number of bank customers use the Web for basic bank transactions and rely on the bank branch or contact center for complicated issues.1 of customers of big and large regional banks cite fees as the main shopping trigger.2 19% of customers indicate promotions were the reason they selected their new bank.2 Claims service sells insurance.7 257million smartphones will be in use by U.S. consumers by 2016.9 2/3 Bad claims experience is cited more often than rates as cause for leaving current providers.8 Mobile applications are growing in usage and significance.8 Interactions are expected to be immediate—customers will not wait for information.8 Customers want to decide when and what information to pull rather have it pushed.8 73% of Millennials leave after one bad experience, and 85% tell others about their poor experiences.10 Mobile Device Adoption Explodes of insurance customers are satisfied or highly satisfied with Web or mobile experiences.8 11 66 105 126 50% 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree. of customers planning to purchase insurance intend to buy from their existing provider.11 ‘10 43% ‘12 ‘14 ‘16 126 million tablets will be in use by U.S. consumers by 2016. of customers intend to renew or buy online vs. through agents.11 92% of consumers form an opinion about a company’s image through their interaction with the contact center.10 Learn more at (1) BT Global Services and Avaya research, February 2012. (2) "U.S. Bank Customer Switching and Acquisition StudySM," J.D. Power and Associates, February 2012. (3) "Leveraging the Branch in a Changing Financial Marketplace,” Synergistic Research, August 2009. (4) Fortune Global 500, 2009. (5) Avaya-observed client data in the financial services industry. (6) "Unified Communications Security: A Best-in-Class Strategy to Unleash Value,” Aberdeen Group, February 2011. (7) Tower Group. (8) "Forrsights Budgets and Priorities Tracker Survey, Q2 2010," Forrester Research. (9) "Mobile Is the New Face of Engagement," Forrester Research, February 2012. (10) Benchmark Research, Convergys, Customer Focus Inc. (11) "Accenture Multi-Channel Distribution Insurance Consumer Survey, April 2010."