Avaya Customer Case Study: Profeco (Mexican government)


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Avaya restructured the Contact Center at the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, with the contribution of its business partner CTE Mexico, where it transparently
integrated voice, e-mail and chat channels with the existing CRM, for the benefit of consumers.

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Avaya Customer Case Study: Profeco (Mexican government)

  1. 1. avaya.com.mx | 1ChallengeThe main challenge of theproject was to integratecommunication channelswith the institutionalCRM, Oracle’s e-businesssuite, which representeda technological challengebased on the evolution ofthe services to be providedto the citizens.SolutionSwitches Avaya NES 4526Avaya AURACommunication ManagerAvaya Call ManagementSystemAvaya Voice PortalAvaya WFOAvaya Interaction CenterAvaya Proactive OutreachManagerProportionalValueCitizen support platformswere extended, such aschat, e-mail and callsthrough the Internet, allof them consolidated inthe same infrastructurewhich, interconnected, willspeed up customer careservice for your institutionrequirements.ProfecoAvaya reaches out to consumersSmart consumptioncultureEfficient communicationperformanceIn 2010, together with the very activeparticipation of its business partnerCTE Mexico, Avaya managed torestructure, redesign and implementthe new Contact Center of theFederal Consumer Protection Agency(Profeco).The institution’s mission is to promoteand protect consumer’s rights,encourage smart consumption, fosterlegal equity and security in relationshipsbetween suppliers and consumers andmake its institutional performanceefficient.Technological challengeAccording to Engineer AlejandroPerez de la O, Profeco’s InformationTechnology Director, the main challengeAvaya restructured the Contact Center at the FederalConsumer Protection Agency, with the contribution ofits business partner CTE Mexico, where it transparentlyintegrated voice, e-mail and chat channels with theexisting CRM, for the benefit of consumers.
  2. 2. 2 | avaya.com.mx“Although the projectwas rather complex andreally aggressive, wemanaged to consolidateit within the establishedtime frame, and theexpectations requiredby the user area wereexceeded. CTE andAvaya proved theirprofessionalism at alltimes.”Alejandro Pérez de la O.Profeco’s Information Technology Directorof the project was to integratecommunication channels with theinstitutional CRM, Oracle’s e-businesssuite, which represented a technologicalchallenge based on the evolution of theservices to be provided to the citizens.“The goal of this project,” said engineerPerez, “was to extend citizen supportplatforms, such as chat, e-mail andcalls through the Internet, all of themconsolidated in the same infrastructurewhich, interconnected, will speedup customer care service for yourinstitution requirements.”The project’s coreDafne Meymar Gómez, CTE Mexico’sDirector, stated: “All the technologyused in the project belongs toAvaya, and it included data network,IP telephony, ACD, Reporting, IVR,Quality Recording, Dialing and Multi-channel Management solutions.”In this way, Avaya NES 4526switches were implemented, inorder to provide the dependability,safety, performance and qualityneeded by the Profeco networkto the infrastructure. The project’score was formed by Avaya AURACommunication Manager, whichprovides the redundant IP telephonyservice to the whole building, aswell as communication through theONE network with the existing TDMequipment at headquarters.Mr. OrchestraMost interactions performed byconsumers with the institutionare held through voice channels,which are enabled by Avaya’sAURA Automatic Call Distribution,which allows routing and assigningpriorities based on skills andfunctions of each consultant atProfeco.Another advantage of deployingthis technology is the wide varietyof operation reports with the AvayaCall Management System, bothhistory and in real time. AvayaVoice Portal was added in the sameform to help Profeco consultantsto deal with many of the daily callsand routine functions. On the otherhand, Avaya WFO allows continuousimprovement to the contact centerthrough monitoring, recording andassessment of calls and screens ofthe 100 agents on duty.Consumer reminderIn order to manage all interactionsin the different channels, voice, chat,e-mail, SMS and fax, agents useAvaya Interaction Center. It is alsothe application to manage consumer
  3. 3. avaya.com.mx | 3Alejandro Pérez de la O.Profeco’s Information Technology Directorhistory and integration with Oraclee-business, through a screen popindependent from the channel used.With the new contact center, andthanks to Avaya Proactive OutreachManager, we expect to improveservice at citizen support centersreminding consumers of theirhearing dates at Concilianet or theirappointments at Procitel.Fast communicationAs part of this project, CTEdeveloped a micro site whichintegrates registration contractrecords, consumer public record,conciliation through electronicmeans and the business bureau.Furthermore, through this page theconsumer may start a chat session,and with a single click he may start aWeb IP call to the contact center.“The flexibility of these products,by integrating them to the differentplatforms, allows us to generateexecutive information which isused for decision making,” saidAlejandro Pérez de la O. “Althoughthe project was rather complex andreally aggressive, we managed toconsolidate it within the establishedtime frame and the expectationsrequired by the user area wereexceeded. CTE and Avaya provedtheir professionalism at all times.”More informationFor further information please call01 800 713 80 81 or (55) 52 78 7700www.avaya.com.mx“The flexibility of theseproducts, by integratingthem to the differentplatforms, allows usto generate executiveinformation whichis used for decisionmaking.”
  4. 4. Applications, Systems and ServicesApplications Systems ServicesVoice mailIntuity Audix LX andIA750IP telephonyServer Definity SciS8400Media Gateways CMC1and G650About AvayaAvaya provides SmartCommunications solutionswhich help companies totransform their businessto reach a competitiveadvantage in the market.Over 1 million companiesthroughout the world,including over 90 percent of Fortune 500companies, use Avayasolutions for IP Telephony,Unified Communications,Contact Centers andCommunicationsIntegrated into BusinessProcesses. Avaya’sProfessional Servicesprovide comprehensiveand support services tocompanies, from smallto large ones. For furtherinformation on Avaya visitthe Website:http://www.avaya.com.mxABOUT PROFECOThe mission of the FederalConsumer Protection Agency(Profeco) is to promote andprotect consumer’s rights,encourage smart consumption,foster legal equity and security inrelationships between suppliersand consumers and make itsinstitutional performance efficient.ABOUT CTECTE Consulting offerscommunications solutions whichimprove productivity, improvecustomer relationships and reduceoperating costs by guaranteeinghigh and fast return on investment.Our commitment is to exceedour customers’ expectationsthrough consulting, design, sale,implementation and support servicesat our offices in the cities of Mexico,Monterrey and Cancun.http://www.cte.com.mxMexico ventasmex@cte.com.mx(55) 50 01 60 00Monterrey ventasmty@cte.com.mx(81) 12 53 80 00Cancun ventascun@cte.com.mx(998) 500 10 00©2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya, Avaya’s logo and all brands identified with ®, TM or SM areregistered trademarks, trademarks or service marks belonging to Avaya Inc. and, consequently, may beregistered in certain jurisdictions. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.4 | avaya.com.mx