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Futureproofing Your Organization: Being Digital in the Real World


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Futureproofing your organization being digital in the real world

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Futureproofing Your Organization: Being Digital in the Real World

  1. 1. Futureproofing YourOrganization: Being Digital In The Real World Rhonda Vetere CTO, The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. Empowering Beyond Summit 2017 Digital Singularity: Where Technology &The Human Experience Converge 07 March 2017 Confidential Ver.: 1.1 Revised: 27-Feb-17
  2. 2. The Challenge –Thriving With Disruption • • Nothing Is Ever Future Proofed! All Things Change – Disruption Is Everywhere & Morphs Constantly • • Sustaining Disruption – What Are The Rules Of The Game? Disruptive Disruption – What Game Are We Playing? • Future Proofing Once Meant Adopting Strategies To Withstand The Test Of Time • No Longer Sufficient • • Accept Today’s Complex & Evolving Ecosystem There Will Be Winners & There Will Be Losers 2
  3. 3. Put Your Consumer First • • Put Your Consumer First! Adopt Cultural Values, Strategies, Processes, & Technologies To Enable Consumer Autonomy Understand & Respect Your Consumer’s Expectations & Point Of View Deliver Your Consumer A Digitally Defined Experience – A Digital Journey Enable Your Consumer To Shape Their Own Custom Experiences – Co-innovate Together! • • • 3
  4. 4. Being Digital Means Being More Human • • • • • Being Digital Means Being Personal! Put People First – Technology Comes Later Understand Your Consumer’s True Expectations Know Your Competitive Landscape Embrace Data-Driven Decision-Making • Develop & Leverage Business Intelligence & Analytics Capabilities • Leverage Technology That Delivers Your Consumers Services Pleasing To Them Make Your Organization Digital To The Core!• 4
  5. 5. Being Digital To The Core • Embrace A Digital Mentality About Everything • Apply To EveryAspect Of Your Consumer's Journey, & All You Do: Your Culture, Business Model, Operations, Processes • Put Your Consumer First & Foremost • Commit To A Consumer Centric Strategy Adopt Consumer Autonomy Strategies • Create Value For Both Your Consumer & Organization – Allow Your Consumer To Take Command • Foster Consumer Autonomy Capabilities – Enable Your Consumer To Shape & Design Their Own Experience Act As If Your Organization Were “Digital Native” • Behave As If “Pre-Digital” / Legacy Methods Never Existed • • 5
  6. 6. Being Digital In The RealWorld • Put Your Consumer First • UnderstandYour Consumer’s True Expectations; Technology Comes Later Embrace Consumer Centric Strategies & Consumer Autonomy To Promote Brand Value & Brand Name • Enable Your Consumer To Shape & Design Their Experience Be Digital To The Core – In Everything You Do Embrace Data-Driven Decision-Making Remember Nothing Is Ever Future Proofed • All Things Change – Expect Disruption Start Today – Drive An Agile, Innovative, & Creative • • • • • Digital Culture! 6