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Delta faucet's avant communication strategic & creative presentationv1


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Delta faucet's avant communication strategic & creative presentationv1

  1. 2. Intellectual Property Right This presentation and all its contents (with the exception of externally copyrighted logos, photographs & illustrations) represent intellectual & creative articulations by Avant Communication, which remains their property in accordance with the laws of the UAE. The contents herein owned by Avant Communication cannot, and should not, be used by any other party without fair and mutually agreed financial consideration.
  2. 4. Delta Faucet Company Pitch Overview
  3. 5. Delta Pitch Overview Delta wishes to expand to the MENA region, establish a regional hub in Dubai and: - Develop a more powerful brand presence in the market - Increase market share and generate revenue To ensure the greatest returns on your business investments, Delta must position and promote their brand & products correctly in order to succeed in a competitive market. Therefore Delta must partner with an experienced and professional brand building agency that can offer: - Brand & media strategies - Creative and design expertise (English & Arabic) - Knowledgeable and prompt service
  4. 6. Delta Pitch Overview - Avant Communication has helped many clients establish themselves in the Middle East and gain significant returns on their marketing investments. - The purpose of this pitch is to therefore highlight our creative strategies and design capability as an agency in the hope our two organizations may work together in the near future.
  5. 7. Delta’s Marketing Requirements
  6. 8. Delta’s Marketing Requirements 1) Market Research To understand your customers, Avant Communication can provide market research to help Delta: - Define target audience - Gauge competitor awareness, usage & preference - Media effectiveness etc 2) Brand Positioning Avant Communication can help Delta determine the correct brand positioning that: - sets you apart from your competitors - adds value to your products in the eyes of your Target Audience.
  7. 9. Delta’s Marketing Requirements 3) Brand Awareness We can develop strategic and creative Through The Line (TTL) marketing communication that: - Clearly highlights Delta’s products and their benefits for your Target Audience. - Advise you on strategic branding opportunities, PR, and media channels effectively to promote Delta to your Target audience. End Result Correct brand positioning, increased brand awareness and added value of advertising communication shall attract new customers & revenue.
  8. 10. Delta’s Target Audience Target Market MENA, LSM 7 - 10 Primary Target Audience Arabs Secondary Target Audience Western, Asian & African Expatriates Age 21 + Education / Class Medium to Upper Personality Characteristics Practical / functional to extravagant
  9. 11. Concept Driven Advert Campaigns
  10. 12. Print Campaign 1
  11. 13. Creative Rational Consumer insight Arabs are very proud of their heritage and achievements. Intrinsic truth of the brand Delta is continually working to develop better faucets. Selling idea The faucets developed by Delta are inspired by elements taken from Arabia.
  12. 17. Result Readers feel like Delta developed faucets purely based around the Arab market’s needs. This allows us to gain rapport with the target audience and gain their trust. Arabs will often consider a high quality product designed especially for them, above an international product that they feel no connection to.
  13. 18. Print Campaign 2
  14. 19. Creative Rational Consumer insight Visuals of nature mesmerise the Middle East audience, as many of these countries are covered in desert. (Ref. Emirates Holidays) Intrinsic truth of the brand Delta faucets incorporate technology that is intuitive to enhance the user experience. Selling idea Nature has perfected some technologies and Delta is now bringing home.
  15. 23. Visual Driven Advert Campaigns
  16. 24. Concerns about the market - Many nationalities and languages - The audience is not as evolved as in other markets in terms of their grasp for advertising. What are the benefits of a visual driven ad? - It often simplifies concepts and copy making the ad accessible to a wider audience
  17. 25. Print Campaign 3
  18. 26. Creative Rational Consumer insight Visuals of nature mesmerise the Middle East audience, as many of these countries are covered in desert. Intrinsic truth of the brand Delta faucets incorporate technology that is intuitive to enhance the user experience. Selling idea Delta offers the most natural water technology.
  19. 30. Print Campaign 4
  20. 31. Creative Rational Consumer insight The Middle Eastern audience places a lot of focus on fashion. Woman use handbags, make-up and shoes to express their personality since they are covered in Abayas. Men wear kanduras and for that reason the brand of watches and cell phones they carry are carefully selected. Intrinsic truth of the brand Brizo is purely focussed on style and elegance. Selling idea Let’s use celebrities to endorse Brizo. Celebrities are associated with fashion and setting trends.
  21. 32. Creative Rational Selling idea (Continued) Celebrity endorsement is a very successful sales tool in the Middle East (e.g. George Clooney for Omega, Leonardo DiCaprio for TAG Heur, Sharukh Khan for Fair & Lovely. We will use local celebrities from a cross section of film and music e.g. Nancy Ajram, Omar Sharif and Khalid Abdalla.
  22. 36. Delta TV Commercials
  23. 38.
  24. 45. Ambient Media
  25. 46. Ambient Media What is ambient media? Ambient media is defined as using non-traditional methods of advertising to reach consumers whenever and wherever they happen to be, presenting it to consumers in an appropriate environment. Why ambient media? The Middle East is opening up to ambient media. Especially during the holy month of Ramadan when some companies spend 50 - 60% of their annual budget, it is important to use alternative media vehicles to supplement traditional print, TV and radio.
  26. 47. Ambient Media Why ambient media? (Continued) A recent study by Ogilvy Action revealed that 38% of purchase decisions are unplanned and that as much as 68% of consumers are perennial brand switchers, swayed by price cuts, promotions, curiosity and even mood, leaving only 5 % truly loyal to a single brand. Ambient media allows you to capture many new customers. Selwa Alireza, senior writer, Leo Burnett, says: "Although companies in the Gulf are still using the more conventional types of media to stop consumers, by far the newest media movement I have seen, which has shown to have the best effect and the greatest amount of stopping power, is ambient media."
  27. 48. Ambient Media Mall activation During the long summer months residents of the GCC spend all their free time indoors. Going to the mall is the number 1 favourite activity. Let’s capture their attention while their there.
  28. 49. Escalator
  29. 50. Floor Projector Share the message of an interactive water experience with Delta.
  30. 51. Toilet Hose All toilets are fitted with ablution hoses. Muslims are required to cleanse themselves with water every time they use the bathroom. We have a captive audience in washrooms and by using the hose as a basis for our concept we are guaranteed that customers will see the ad. It’s also the perfect location as Delta is used in the bathroom and also in the kitchen.
  31. 54. Ablution Facility As part of the prayer ritual, Muslims are required to cleanse their hands, face and feet before they go to prayer. Mosques and even prayer rooms at malls have an ablution facility. These facilities are usually very rudimentary and create a perfect opportunity to advertise the luxury of Delta.
  32. 56. Gym Showers Gym showers are very basic and offer the ideal location to advertise Delta’s luxury. We have a captive audience so we’re assured the ad will be seen. Secondly we are advertising the product in its “home environment”. Delta is used in the kitchen and bathroom.
  33. 58. Beach Activation Most beaches here do not have beach showers. It creates an opportunity for Delta to set up a branded activity at beaches. Set up showers for males and females to rinse themselves after a swim in the sea. They can experience Delta’s technology firsthand.
  34. 59. Viral Adverts We suggest that Delta produces a viral video to impact the market. What is viral marketing? A marketing technique that uses pre-existing social networks  to increase brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self- replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of a virus or computer viruses. Why viral marketing?   Saudi population = 27 million of which 65% is under 25 years old. Impacting the Saudi market needs a younger approach. Traditional advertising is no longer enough.
  35. 60. Viral Adverts Why viral marketing?  (Continued) Memac Ogilvy PR, Riyadh says the most popular type of media requested by their clients is SMS messaging and outdoor advertising which has proven to be the most effective in reaching the audience in the Kingdom, which is young and nearly always on the move. This young audience is growing by 4% a year. Middle Eastern nationals are very gadget savvy and love their mobile devices.
  36. 61. Viral Adverts Examples of viral ads from VW The best virals are the ones that mention the product, but doesn’t harp on the benefits. http:// What can Delta do? Glasses “sing” when you fill them with water and run your finger around the edge. Create a viral with two Arab nationals who fill glasses from Delta faucets and do a duet. http://
  37. 62. Roll-up Banners