University of Jyväskylä MBA effectiveness evaluation research


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Research results summary about the MBA programmes learning outcomes and effectiveness.

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University of Jyväskylä MBA effectiveness evaluation research

  2. 2. University of Jyväskylä<br /><ul><li> Total incomeca.200 millioneuros
  3. 3. Staffabout 2 600 over 16 000 fulltimestudents, in total 40000 students
  4. 4. 7 faculties: </li></ul>- Humanities<br /> - Information Technology - Education <br /> - Sport and Health Sciences - Mathematics and Science - Business and Economics <br /> - Social Sciences<br />
  5. 5. The Advanced Management Education Centre (AVANCE)<br /><ul><li>Established 1984, MBA since 1989
  6. 6. University´s MBA programme for executives and tailored management educationprogrammes for organizations
  7. 7. Fulltimeuniversityteam + widenetworks
  8. 8. Nationwide operations, focused on Helsinki area</li></li></ul><li>FOR EXECUTIVES<br /><ul><li>Parttime programme, 100 ECTS credits
  9. 9. Ca. 250 students at the moment, among the biggest in Finland
  10. 10. Individualtutoring and coaching
  11. 11. Studyinglinked to participant´sorganization´sstrategicdevelopment</li></li></ul><li>AVANCE MBA CONCEPT<br />New perspectives for business development and leadership<br />Using the knowledge and frameworks for strategicdevelopment<br />MBA-thesis as a tool for creatingfuturesuccess<br />
  12. 12. AVANCE MBAEffectiveness evaluation research 2010<br /><ul><li>www-questionnaire for all 2009 graduates, graduates from open enrollment general MBA in total 49. (Total amount of graduates in 2009 was 73, but only graduates for general Avance MBA were included in this research)
  13. 13. 69% answered (34 MBAs)
  14. 14. Respondent profile: 88% on age scale 36-55 years
  15. 15. Structure of the research:</li></ul>Framing the big picture and main learning achievement with open question<br />Evaluation of learning results and working capacity as a professional manager <br />Programme concept and strategic strenghts<br />Alumni and partnership perspectives<br />
  16. 16. Result highlights and key issues: Big picture<br />Open question: ”When you think back your MBA studies, which things made it especially meaningfull for you?”<br />Open question analysis, mentions of most significant things combined (number of mentions) <br />Networks and learning in interaction, exchange of ideas and views (16)<br />Gaining new knowledge and frameworks, theory (8)<br />Implementation to work and organizational development (8)<br />Personalized learning ( tailoring, modular structure) (3)<br />Conclusions<br />From results: Networking and learning in internation is the most important thing when graduates evaluate their MBA experience!<br />For development: Modular Avance concept is an excellent starting point to develop this even further (methods during seminar days, ICT-tools etc)<br />
  17. 17. Result highlights and key issues: Development of learning skills<br />In total 19 questionsfrom 3 perspectives:<br />Professional networkdevelopmentduring MBA studies<br />Development of learningskillsduring MBA studies<br />Development of self-knowledge and self-managementduring MBA studies<br />Resulthighlights:<br />Networking: <br />Importance of effectivenetworkingduring MBA studieswasgraded on average 4.2 (scale 1-5) <br />88% formedfriendlyrelationsduringMBA-studies<br />68% producedideasabout business relationswithotherstudentsduring MBA studies<br />Learningskills: <br />Importance of developinglearningskillsduring MBA studieswasgraded on average 4.1 (scale 1-5) <br />Mostsignificantdevelopmentwasevaluated in literature and motivation to read business books: 3,8 (question: ”my desire to read business bookshasincreased” Scale 1-5, 1= not at all, 5=very much)<br />Self-Management: <br />Selfawarenessincreased the most (3,9 on scale 1-5) <br />
  18. 18. Functionality and value of differentlearningmethods in MBA studies<br />3,9<br />4,2<br />4,1<br />4,6<br />4<br />Coursemodules and seminars<br />Literature<br />Finalthesis (Doer´sapproach)<br />Finalthesis (Researchersapproah)<br />Tutoring<br />Resulthighlights and keyissues: Methods of the programme<br />Results and observationsfrom 1-5 scaling:<br />MBA finalthesis as researchprojectgot the top grade, majority of studentswhocompletedthesis in thiswaygraded 5!<br />
  19. 19. Question 2: ”Evaluate how well these came through during your personal MBA studies ”<br />Question 1:<br />”The following are Avance MBA programmes strategic strenghts defined by the programmes management. Evaluate how important you consider them to be”<br />Personalized learning<br />Connecting MBA studies with students organizations development work<br />Learning in interaction<br />4,3<br />4,5<br />4,1<br />3,9<br />3,9<br />3,5<br />Result highlights and key issues: Strategic strenghts of the programme<br /> Innovative starting point: Ask your customers whether you have the right strategy! That´s what we did:<br /><ul><li>Conclutions
  20. 20. Programmes strategicpositioningseems to fitcustomerneedsverywell
  21. 21. Developinglearning in interaction and networkingevenfurtherhaspropably the biggestpotential</li></li></ul><li>Resulthighlights and keyissues: Partnershipaftergraduation<br />Strategicbackground for this set of questions:<br />Quality of the programme and itspersonnel is measuredalsoby the willingness of the graduates to continuecooperationaftergraduation<br />Quality of the programme is created in interactionwith the currentstudents and alumni<br />Results in a nutshell:<br />73% arewilling to offertheirexpertice on programmesdevelopmentaftergraduation<br />58% arewilling to givelecturepresentationthemselvesorhost a companyvisit in theirorganization<br />44% arewilling to develop management educationcooperation on organizationallevelwith Avance and theircompany (tailoredin-house management educationetc)<br />100% werewilling to recommend the programme for theirco-workers and friends!<br />
  22. 22. Contact information<br />Pasi Aaltola<br />Programmes Manager, MBA Director<br />AVANCE <br />Advanced Management Education Centre <br />Continuing Education Centre<br />University of Jyväskylä<br /><br />mobile: +35840 5134682<br />Street address: Matarankatu 6<br />Postal Address: P.O. box 35<br />FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä<br />Finland<br />