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The Avalon Media System: Open Source Audio and Video Access for Libraries and Archives


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Presented at the session OSDPA (Open Source Digital Preservation and Access): One Body, Many Heads: Preservation and Access From Project Hydra on October 9, 2014 at the Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference (October 8-11, 2014) by Jon Dunn of Indiana University

View the recording of Jon's presentation:

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The Avalon Media System: Open Source Audio and Video Access for Libraries and Archives

  1. 1. The Avalon Media System Open Source Audio and Video Access for Libraries and Archives Jon W. Dunn Indiana University Libraries AMIA – October 9, 2014
  2. 2. Avalon Project Objectives Goal: Create an open source system to enable libraries and archives to provide online access to video and audio collections • Digital audio/video management and delivery system, focused on needs of libraries and archives • Follow an agile, open source development model • Leverage existing technologies, where feasible • Communicate and market the project broadly to increase awareness and grow the community of users and developers
  3. 3. Project Overview • Funded in part by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services • Original name: Variations on Video • Planning grant: – August 2010 – July 2011 • Implementation grant: – October 2011 – September 2014 September 2015 • Partnership between libraries at Indiana University and Northwestern University
  4. 4. Project Partners and Advisors
  5. 5. Release History • 0.1 – July 2012 • 0.5 – October 2012 • 1.0 – May 2013 • 2.0 – October 2013 • 3.0 – May 2014 • 3.1 – July 2014
  6. 6. Avalon Architecture Avalon Media System ILS LMS, websites Authentic-ation Archival Storage Hydrant Rails App Desktop, Mobile All Users Browser, Drop box Search Browse View Ingest Describe Manage Integrations Collection Managers Authoriz-ation Media Player (Matterhorn Engage) Omni- Auth Can- Can Ruby-horn Hydra Head Black-light  Avalon code – consists of Hydrant Rails App and the Rubyhorn gem. Other pieces are leveraged. Users Fedora Solr Matterhorn Media Server
  7. 7. Faceted browse via Blacklight
  8. 8. Desktop/Mobile Player
  9. 9. Manage Content
  10. 10. Add item: Upload, Dropbox, or Batch
  11. 11. Descriptive Metadata: MODS
  12. 12. Access Control
  13. 13. Permanent URL minted on Publish
  14. 14. Current development process • A single, blended team • Agile Scrum process • Code in public GitHub • Face-to-face meetings at least 2x/year • Daily standups, IRC
  15. 15. Ariadne Rehbein Project assistant Brian Keese developer Leah Lee developer Development Team Shelby Silvernell testing and prod support Jim Bottino DevOps
  16. 16. Community and future directions • Multiple implementations currently underway • Working on new features, including: – Structural metadata – Transcripts and captioning • Starting to deal with code contributions • Working with Hydra community – Leverage common features across “heads” – HydraDAM and Avalon, other preservation-specific integrations • Sustainability/governance/business model • Exploring hosted options
  17. 17. Avalon Pilots at Indiana University
  18. 18. Avalon in the IU Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) • 8.4 petabytes of audio and video data over 5 years • Avalon serving as key access component – Integrations: • Metadata: MARC/ILS, EAD/XTF • Authentication: CAS • Authorization: Active Directory • Learning Management: Canvas, Sakai • Media streaming: Adobe Media Server • Side-by-side with trusted repository for preservation – Bit storage in existing hierarchical storage management system – Hope to leverage HydraDAM work – Exploring out-of-region options
  19. 19. More on Avalon • • Avalon e-mail list: E-mail to subscribe @avalonmediasys